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In this episode, you will study . . .


adding emotion to statements (yes/no question form)
present perfect progressive verb tense

the sound of t between vowels (a lot of)

How do older Americans spend their time?
How does the U.S. government help senior citizens?


Are there organizations of retired persons in your country?

new-jersey It’s me. This is informal. In formal English, It is / is correct. Most Americans use the informal form, as Susan does.

Am I glad to see you! = I am so glad to see you! You can use the yes/no question form (a sentence beginning with an auxiliary and a subject) to add strong feeling, or emotion, to a statement.

How are things? = How are you?

have been talking.  This is the present perfect progressive verb tense. Use this tense when an action or condition begins in the past and it continues until now or there is a present result now. Here, feeling exhausted is the present result.


real: really. This is a nonstandard form. The standard word to use is very.

New Jersey: a state near New York State

get to: to have the opportunity to

restless: not able to rest; feeling that you need to do something

time on my hands: time with nothing to do

lamb chops
lamb chops

a lot of. The t in a lot of is between two o‘s. In American English, a t between two vowel sounds often sounds more like a d. This is one difference between American and British English pronunciation. In words like better, water, and later, there is a strong t sound in British English but not in American English.

mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes

lamb chops: a cut of meat from a lamb

put (my mind) to good use: to use (my intelligence) well


Use the present perfect progressive verb tense (have/has been + -ing verb) to refer to an action or condition that begins in the past and continues until now. Look at the example below. Then complete the exercises.


A. Complete each blank with the verb in parentheses. Use the present perfect progressive tense. The first answer is given.
1. Susan has been working (work) hard, so she is glad to spend some time with Grandpa now.
2. Grandpa isn’t working now. Since he moved to Riverdale, he  ______ (stay) home most of the time.
3. For the past few weeks. Grandpa _______ (think) about getting a job.
4. Susan and Grandpa are finishing their dinner now. Since she arrived at the Stewart home, she and Grandpa _______  (talk) about his problem; Susan ________ (try) to think of a solution.

B. Read the paragraph. Circle the correct verb tense in the parentheses on each line. The first answer is given.
Grandpa ((is feeling) / has been feeling) very restless now. He (isn’t feeling / hasn’t been feeling) very useful in recent weeks. Since earlier today, he (is wondering I has been wondering ) about what to do with all the time on his hands. He (isn’t looking / hasn’t been looking) for a full-time job right now. But for quite a while, he (is feeling / has been feeling) bored. All day, he (is having / has been having) trouble thinking of a way to put his mind to good use. 

 matter: a subject of discussion or concern

a big deal: something very important

runs: directs

founded: began; established

confident: sure of yourself; knowing what is good and bad for you

depend on: to know (someone) will help

construction trade: the business of building things

valuable: useful. Susan pronounces this word as val’ yoo a bel. Later, Mr. Marchetta says val’ ye bel. Both pronunciations are correct.

Sure can. = You certainly can. This is an informal expression.


Complete the following lines from Act 2. Use the words or phrases from the box below. You may need to read Act 2 again to find the answers.


1. Sam: You sound like something’s ______  you, Susan.
2. Susan: I need your _____  on a personal _____, but it’s not about me.
3. Susan: It won’t sound like _____, but it is.
4. Sam: But _______?
5. Susan: I can always _____ you, Sam.
6. Sam: I’m _________.
7. Marchetta: What’s _______ , Susan?
8. Marchetta: I have an idea that may ______  for him and help a lot of other people.


According to the script for Act II, which of the following statements are true? Circle the number of each true statement.

1. Susan is very worried about the sketches for the new doll book.
2. Grandpa is pleased to be living with his family.
3. Grandpa now has many opportunities to use his talents.
4. Grandpa has a lot of energy.
5. John Marchetta has helped Susan’s career.
6. Sam is Susan’s boss.
7. Grandpa used to work for John Marchetta.

a great deal: a lot

talk business: to talk about business. This is an idiom. Usually, the verb talk needs a preposition before an object.

That’s music to my ears. = It sounds great to me; that is what I want to hear.

brief: short

on-the-job training: experience while working

resume: a statement that gives a history of your work experience and education.

some: a wonderful. This is an informal use.

asset: a good thing to have

shopping malls: groups of many stores with ways for people to walk and with a large area to park cars

put (my experience) on the line: to test (my experience) by trying something

resolve: to find an answer (to a problem)

TOPS. Tops is an informal word that means «the best.» But here, TOPS means Talented Older People’s Society. This is an example of an acronym. An acronym is a word that is formed from the first letters of two or more words.

dues: the cost to be a member

major: large and important

fantastic: wonderful

brainpower: mental ability

site: location

foreman: someone in charge of a group of workers, especially in a factory or in a construction business

There are many organizations of retired persons in the United States. Some of the members of these groups volunteer their time to help people in a particular kind of business. Other groups of retired persons work for educational, social, religious, or political causes.

Are there organizations of retired persons in your country?
If so, what do the members of these organizations do?

contractor: a person or company that is paid to get materials and do construction work

with my own two hands: without help; by myself

practically: almost

Welcome aboard! = Welcome to our group.

inspiration: someone or something that strongly affects your action or thinking in a positive way

to have me around: for me to be with you

be of some help: to help a little

air-conditioning units: large machines that cool the air

redesigning: designing again

earned your weight in gold: helped very much. You can use this idiom when someone does great work.

owe: need to pay back

back on the job: returning to work

In the United States, the number of older people (senior citizens) in the population has been increasing. In 1900, 4% of the population was 65 or older. By the year 2030, about 16% of Americans will be senior citizens. The federal government offers help to older people. It gives them some money for food, housing, and health care.

Does your nation’s government offer special help to older people? If so, what does your government do for them?


Choose the correct answer to each question about Grandpa’s work experience. Circle a, b, or c. Use the script for Act 3 to help you.

1 How long did Grandpa say he was in the construction business?
a. all his life
b. forty-three years
c. since his wife died

2. About how long did he say he had his own company?
a. more than twenty-one years
b. more than forty-three years
c. for a few months

3. What kinds of construction jobs did he say he had?
a. big
b. small
c. tiring

4. Which didn’t he say he built?
a. schools
b. shopping malls
c. factories

5. When did he retire?
a. after he moved to New York
b. after his wife died
c. soon after he started his own company

feelComplete each sentence with a word or phrase from the box. Write your answers on the blank lines.

Susan felt _______ after speaking to salesmen all day.
Grandpa felt _______ because he had so much time on his hands.
Sam felt ________ to help Susan with her problem.
Susan felt more ______ after Mr. Marchetta gave her a chance to use her talents.

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