12 и 13 серии — The One After the Superbowl, Part One and Part Two

"Эпизод после Суперкубка, часть 1." Росс отправляется в Сан-Диего, чтобы навестить свою обезьянку Марселя, и узнает, что тот стал звездой кино. Джо встречается с сумасшедшей девушкой, которая считает, что он на самом деле доктор Дрейк Рэморе. Фиби поет правдивые песни для детей в библиотеке.
"Эпизод после Суперкубка, часть 2." Моника и Рэйчел ссорятся из-за Жана-Клода Ван Дамма, который снимается в одном фильме с Марселем. Чендлер сталкивается с одноклассницей, которая хочет ему отомстить.
acknowledgeпризнавать1. Declare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of. Syn: admit. 2. Report the receipt of. Syn: receipt.
admirerпоклонникA person who backs a politician or a team etc. Syn: supporter, protagonist, champion, ...
admitпризнаватьDeclare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of. Syn: acknowledge.
allowпозволять1. Make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen. Syn: let, permit. 2. Consent to, give permission. Syn: permit, let, countenance.
ambassadorпосолA diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another. Syn: embassador.
assistantпомощникA person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose. Syn: helper, help, supporter.
at allвообще; совсем
at leastпо крайней мере
attitudeотношениеA complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Syn: mental attitude.
auditoriumаудиторияThe area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits.
back upсоздавать резервную копию; подкреплять
barnyardскотный дворA yard adjoining a barn.
bastardублюдокInsulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous. Syn: asshole, cocksucker, dickhead, ...
beat upизбивать
beltремень1. A band to tie or buckle around the body (usually at the waist). 2. Endless loop of flexible material between two rotating shafts or pulleys.
bisexualбисексуалA person who is sexually attracted to both sexes. Syn: bisexual person.
bleachотбелитьRemove color from. Syn: bleach out, decolor, decolour, ...
blindслепой1. Unable to see; "a person is blind to the extent that he must devise alternative techniques to do efficiently those things he would do with sight if he had normal vision"--Kenneth Jernigan. Syn: unsighted. 2. Unable or unwilling to perceive or understand.
blowingдутьёProcessing that involves blowing a gas.
borrowзанимать; заимствовать1. Get temporarily. 2. Take up and practice as one's own. Syn: adopt, take over, take up.
bowlчаша1. A round vessel that is open at the top; used chiefly for holding food or liquids. 2. A concave shape with an open top. Syn: trough. 3. A dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods.
bribeвзяткаPayment made to a person in a position of trust to corrupt his judgment. Syn: payoff.
bunбулочкаSmall rounded bread either plain or sweet. Syn: roll.
bunchкуча1. A grouping of a number of similar things. Syn: clump, cluster, clustering. 2. An informal body of friends. Syn: crowd, crew, gang.
buttприкладThick end of the handle. Syn: butt end.
butterмаслоAn edible emulsion of fat globules made by churning milk or cream; for cooking and table use.
call inотзывать; требовать назад
camouflageкамуфляж1. An outward semblance that misrepresents the true nature of something. Syn: disguise. 2. Fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background. Syn: camo. 3. Device or stratagem for concealment or deceit. 4. The act of concealing the identity of something by modifying its appearance. Syn: disguise.
capableспособный(Usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability.
capuchinкапуцин1. A hooded cloak for women. 2. Monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl. Syn: ringtail, Cebus capucinus.
cartoonмультфильмA humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine. Syn: sketch.
castброситьPut or send forth. Syn: project, contrive, throw.
caveпещераA geological formation consisting of an underground enclosure with access from the surface of the ground or from the sea.
chinподбородокThe protruding part of the lower jaw. Syn: mentum.
chokeдушитьBreathe with great difficulty, as when experiencing a strong emotion.
clenchсжимать1. Squeeze together tightly. 2. Hold in a tight grasp. Syn: clinch.
comaкомаA state of deep and often prolonged unconsciousness; usually the result of disease or injury. Syn: comatoseness.
come onприходить; начинаться; давай!; пошли!
complaintжалоба1. An often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining. Syn: ailment, ill. 2. An expression of grievance or resentment. 3. (Formerly) a loud cry (or repeated cries) of pain or rage or sorrow.
convinceубеждатьMake (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something. Syn: convert, win over.
cookyкухарка1. The cook on a ranch or at a camp. Syn: cookie. 2. Any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term). Syn: cookie, biscuit.
cordшнурA line made of twisted fibers or threads.
couchдиван, кушеткаAn upholstered seat for more than one person. Syn: sofa, lounge.
crackerвзломщикA thin crisp wafer made of flour and water with or without leavening and shortening; unsweetened or semisweet.
crushдробить; сокрушать; уничтожать1. Come down on or keep down by unjust use of one's authority. Syn: oppress, suppress. 2. To compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition. Syn: squash, squelch, mash, ... 3. Come out better in a competition, race, or conflict. Syn: beat, beat out, shell, ...
damnпроклинатьWish harm upon; invoke evil upon. Syn: curse, beshrew, bedamn, ...
dareсметь1. Take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission. Syn: make bold, presume. 2. To be courageous enough to try or do something.
darknessтьма1. Absence of light or illumination. Syn: dark. 2. An unilluminated area. Syn: dark, shadow.
dealсделкаA particular instance of buying or selling. Syn: trade, business deal.
denizenжитель1. A person who inhabits a particular place. Syn: inhabitant, habitant, dweller, ... 2. A plant or animal naturalized in a region.
dishблюдо1. A piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or serving food. 2. A particular item of prepared food.
donateжертвоватьGive to a charity or good cause.
dudeчувак1. An informal form of address for a man. Syn: fellow, buster. 2. A man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance. Syn: dandy, fop, gallant, ...
elevatorлифтLifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building. Syn: lift.
encloseзаключать1. Enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering. Syn: envelop, enfold, enwrap, ... 2. Close in. Syn: hold in, confine.
end upобрывать(ся); заканчивать(ся); завершать(ся)
enigmaзагадкаSomething that baffles understanding and cannot be explained. Syn: mystery, secret, closed book.
entertainmentразвлечениеAn activity that is diverting and that holds the attention. Syn: amusement.
escapeубежать1. Run away from confinement. Syn: get away, break loose. 2. Fail to experience. Syn: miss.
espressoэспрессоStrong black coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.
exceptionисключение1. A deliberate act of omission. Syn: exclusion, elision. 2. An instance that does not conform to a rule or generalization; "all her children were brilliant; the only exception was her last child".
exciteвозбуждать1. Arouse or elicit a feeling. 2. Act as a stimulant. Syn: stimulate.
eyebrowбровьThe arch of hair above each eye. Syn: brow, supercilium.
eyelashресницаAny of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids. Syn: lash, cilium.
fall downрухнуть; пасть ниц
fall inзападать; вваливаться; впадать
fall offуменьшаться; ослабевать; отпадать
fanвеер; вентилятор1. A device for creating a current of air by movement of a surface or surfaces. 2. An enthusiastic devotee of sports. Syn: sports fan, rooter. 3. An ardent follower and admirer. Syn: buff, devotee, lover.
flesh-eatingплотоядный(Of animals) carnivorous. Syn: meat-eating, zoophagous.
flickфликA light sharp contact (usually with something flexible).
flickслегка ударить, стегнуть1. Flash intermittently. Syn: flicker. 2. Throw or toss with a quick motion. Syn: jerk. 3. Look through a book or other written material. Syn: flip, thumb, riffle, ... 4. Cause to move with a flick. Syn: flip.
fool aroundдурачиться
gestureжестMotion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling.
get atиметь в виду; намекать
get awayуйти; удрать; ускользнуть
get offотправлять(ся); выходить
get outуходить; выходить; вынимать
gravityвес1. (Physics) the force of attraction between all masses in the universe; especially the attraction of the earth's mass for bodies near its surface; "gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love"--Albert Einstein. Syn: gravitation, gravitational attraction, gravitational force. 2. A manner that is serious and solemn. Syn: graveness, sobriety, soberness, ...
grindмолоть1. Press or grind with a crushing noise. Syn: crunch, cranch, craunch. 2. Make a grating or grinding sound by rubbing together. Syn: grate.
grow upвзрослеть; становиться взрослым; вырастать
grownupвзрослыйA fully developed person from maturity onward. Syn: adult.
gutsкишкиFortitude and determination. Syn: backbone, grit, moxie, ...
handbagсумкаA container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women). Syn: bag, pocketbook, purse.
hangвешатьBe suspended or hanging.
hang outтусоваться; проживать
happinessсчастье1. State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Syn: felicity. 2. Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being.
heatтеплоA form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature. Syn: heat energy.
hold onдержать(ся); ожидать; "подожди"
hook upподключать; монтировать (свет, газ, телефон)
humpгорбить(ся)1. Round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward. Syn: hunch, hunch forward, hunch over. 2. Have sexual intercourse with. Syn: sleep together, roll in the hay, love, ...
incredibleневероятныйBeyond belief or understanding. Syn: unbelievable.
informativeинформативный1. Serving to instruct or enlighten or inform. Syn: instructive. 2. Tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance. Syn: enlightening, illuminating. 3. Providing or conveying information. Syn: informatory.
jerkтупица, рывок1. A dull stupid fatuous person. Syn: dork. 2. An abrupt spasmodic movement. Syn: jerking, jolt, saccade.
jungleджунгли1. A location marked by an intense competition and struggle for survival. 2. An impenetrable equatorial forest. 3. A place where hoboes camp. Syn: hobo camp.
kickпнуть1. Drive or propel with the foot. 2. Thrash about or strike out with the feet. 3. Strike with the foot.
latelyнедавноIn the recent past. Syn: recently, late, of late, ...
lickлизать1. Beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight. Syn: cream, bat, clobber, ... 2. Pass the tongue over. Syn: lap.
life-givingживотворящийGiving or having the power to give life and spirit; "returning the life-giving humus to the land"- Louis Bromfield. Syn: vitalizing.
look atсмотреть на; рассматривать; одумывать
look downсмотреть вниз или свысока
look likeбыть похожим
loungeгостиная1. An upholstered seat for more than one person. Syn: sofa, couch. 2. A room (as in a hotel or airport) with seating where people can wait. Syn: waiting room, waiting area.
macawараLong-tailed brilliantly colored parrot of Central America and South America; among the largest and showiest of parrots.
madnessбезумиеObsolete terms for legal insanity. Syn: lunacy, insaneness.
make outпонять; различить; разобрать(ся); делать вид
make upпомириться после ссоры; составлять; компенсировать; гримировать(ся)
makeupмакияжCosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance. Syn: make-up, war paint.
meadowлугA field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay. Syn: hayfield.
meanсреднееAn average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n. Syn: mean value.
messengerпосланникA person who carries a message. Syn: courier.
mightyмогучийHaving or showing great strength or force or intensity; "the pen is mightier than the sword"- Bulwer-Lytton.
miracleчудоAny amazing or wonderful occurrence.
miseryмучение; несчастьеA state of ill-being due to affliction or misfortune. Syn: wretchedness, miserableness.
monkeyобезьянаAny of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians).
move onпродолжать движение; двигаться дальше; сменить тему
muscleмышцаOne of the contractile organs of the body. Syn: musculus.
mustacheусыAn unshaved growth of hair on the upper lip. Syn: moustache.
neurosurgeonнейрохирургSomeone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain). Syn: brain surgeon.
no longerбольше не
nocturnalночнойBelonging to or active during the night.
operationдействие1. The state of being in effect or being operative. 2. A business especially one run on a large scale.
outbreakвспышка; восстаниеA sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition). Syn: eruption, irruption.
panсковородаCooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel. Syn: cooking pan.
pass onумереть; передавать (по наследству); отказаться
performerисполнительAn entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience. Syn: performing artist.
pigeonголубьWild and domesticated birds having a heavy body and short legs.
pimpсутенёрSomeone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce). Syn: procurer, panderer, pander, ...
pinkрозовыйOf a light shade of red. Syn: pinkish.
possumопоссумNocturnal arboreal marsupial having a naked prehensile tail found from southern North America to northern South America. Syn: opossum.
publicityгласностьA message issued in behalf of some product or cause or idea or person or institution. Syn: promotion, promo, promotional material, ...
pull upостанавливать(ся); осаживать; делать выговор
purpleфиолетовыйOf a color intermediate between red and blue. Syn: violet, purplish.
purseкошелёкA container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women). Syn: bag, handbag, pocketbook.
racquetballбадминтон1. The ball used in playing the game of racquetball. 2. A game played on a handball court with short-handled rackets.
raisinизюмDried grape.
refuseотказыватьсяShow unwillingness towards. Syn: decline.
regularстандартный; постоянный; регулярный1. In accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle. 2. Often used as intensifiers. Syn: veritable.
reservationбронированиеA district that is reserved for particular purpose. Syn: reserve.
rockкачать(ся)Move back and forth or sideways. Syn: sway, shake.
run awayубегать; удирать
sawпила1. A condensed but memorable saying embodying some important fact of experience that is taken as true by many people. Syn: proverb, adage, byword. 2. A power tool for cutting wood. Syn: power saw, sawing machine. 3. Hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting.
sceneсцена1. The place where some action occurs. 2. An incident (real or imaginary).
scheduleграфик1. A temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to. Syn: agenda, docket. 2. An ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur.
screenэкран1. A white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing. Syn: silver screen, projection screen. 2. A protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight. Syn: blind.
shepherdпастух1. A clergyman who watches over a group of people. 2. A herder of sheep (on an open range); someone who keeps the sheep together in a flock. Syn: sheepherder, sheepman.
shinyблестящийReflecting light. Syn: glistening, glossy, lustrous, ...
shrimpкреветка1. Disparaging terms for small people. Syn: runt, peewee, half-pint. 2. Any of various edible decapod crustaceans. Syn: prawn. 3. Small slender-bodied chiefly marine decapod crustaceans with a long tail and single pair of pincers; many species are edible.
shut offвыключать; отключать
sightзрение1. An instance of visual perception. 2. Anything that is seen.
sightlessслепойLacking sight. Syn: eyeless, unseeing.
skirtюбка1. Cloth covering that forms the part of a garment below the waist. 2. A garment hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women.
somedayкогда-нибудьSome unspecified time in the future.
spinalспиннойOf or relating to the spine or spinal cord.
starснятьсяFeature as the star.
steakстейкA slice of meat cut from the fleshy part of an animal or large fish.
stickвтыкать; застревать; придерживаться1. Put, fix, force, or implant. Syn: lodge, wedge, deposit. 2. Stay put (in a certain place); "We are staying in Detroit; we are not moving to Cincinnati". Syn: stay, stick around, stay put. 3. Stick to firmly. Syn: adhere, hold fast, bond, ...
suddenвнезапныйHappening without warning or in a short space of time.
supposeполагать; допускать1. Express a supposition. Syn: say. 2. Expect, believe, or suppose. Syn: think, opine, imagine, ... 3. To believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds. Syn: speculate, theorize, theorise, ...
swellраздуваться1. Increase in size, magnitude, number, or intensity. 2. Become filled with pride, arrogance, or anger. Syn: puff up. 3. Expand abnormally. Syn: swell up, intumesce, tumefy, ...
take offснимать; взлететь (самолёт и т. п.)
tasteразличать на вкусHave flavor; taste of something. Syn: savor, savour.
thongременьLeather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip. Syn: lash.
threesomeсостоящий из трёх
throw outвыбрасывать
track downвыслеживать; отслеживать
tuckуложитьFit snugly into. Syn: insert.
tunтунA large cask especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 butts or 252 gals.
tuneмелодияA succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence. Syn: melody, air, strain, ...
turn aroundразвернуться; повернуться
twinблизнецEither of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy.
underpantsтрусыAn undergarment that covers the body from the waist no further than to the thighs; usually worn next to the skin.
upside-downвверх дном, в беспорядке
vegetableовощEdible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant. Syn: veggie, veg.
victimжертва1. An unfortunate person who suffers from some adverse circumstance. 2. A person who is tricked or swindled. Syn: dupe.
virusвирус(Virology) ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts; many are pathogenic; a piece of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) wrapped in a thin coat of protein.
wingedкрылатый1. Very fast; as if with wings. 2. Having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind.
work outрешать; получаться; разобраться
worthстоящий1. (Often used ironically) worthy of being treated in a particular way. Syn: deserving. 2. Having a specified value.
zooзоопаркThe facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition. Syn: menagerie, zoological garden.

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