3 серия — The One with the Jam

"Эпизод с джемом." Моника изготавливает огромное количество джема, чтобы забыть Ричарда. Фиби встречается с ненормальным бывшим парнем своей сестры. Джо повреждает руку.
batch group of things or people
buck naked without any clothes
сheck it out! this is so cool, you have to look at it!
dingus fool
fluid motion very quick movement
get over sb. forget sb.after breaking up
gig temporary work
goggles special glasses to protect eyes
kook strange person
log diary
patch covering applied to protect a wound
quit cold turkey stop doing smth. (give up a habit or addiction) suddenly or without preparation
restraining order written instruction made by a court that forbids a particular action until a judge has made a decision about the matter
teensy very small
walk through give detailed explanations

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