6 серия — The One with the Flashback

"Эпизод со взглядом в прошлое." Ретроспектива трехлетней давности: на месте Центральной кофейни — бильярдный клуб, Чендлер ищет соседа по комнате, Моника случайно встречается с Рэйчел, а Росс узнает, что его жена — лесбиянка.
bump ugly have sex
come over come to a place
dismantle take apart; disassemble
dresser piece of bedroom furniture with a mirror and drawers
ferret small animal sometimes used to hunt rabbits
fling sexual relationship that is short and not serious
nurture look after, feed, protect
oboe tube-shaped musical instrument
rack up get or achieve a lot of sth.
rewire put a new system of electric wires into machine
spit eject food or liquid from one’s mouth
stain dirty mark on sth. that is difficult to remove
whip long piece of leather fixed to a handle and used to hit sb.
you betcha! you bet! sure!

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