7 серия — The One with the Race Car Bed

"Эпизод с кроватью в виде гоночного автомобиля." Монике доставляют не ту кровать. Джо преподаёт на актёрских курсах по классу «мыльных опер». Дженис целуется со своим бывшим мужем.
Alan Alda American actor, screenwriter
align put things in line or make them parallel
appalled extremely shocked or upset
bagel type of bread in the shape of small ring
big shot person who has an important or powerful position
brownie chocolate cake
bug sb. annoy sb.
carbon paper thin paper used for making copy of written documents
chiropractor person who treats diseases by pressing a person's joints
codpiece bag covering the male genitals
compulsively obsessively
convey communicate information
dismiss allow to leave
extinct not existing now
Ixtapa beach resort in Mexica
jester man in the past whose job was to make people laugh
medieval relating to the Middle Ages
mini-mall open-air shopping mall
off-ramp short road on which vehicles join or leave a main road
renter's insurance insurance against fire, theft, etc. (for people who rent apartments)
rust dark orange substance on metal damaged by air and water
slash reduce the amount of sth. by a lot
squint look at sth. with your eyes partly closed
stuff completely fill with sth.
tilt move into a sloping position
tweezers small tool used for picking up or pulling out very small things
wank masturbate
war cry phrase or word shouted by people as they start to fight
wet-head stupid person

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