8 серия — The One with the Giant Poking Device

"Эпизод с гигантским тыкающим устройством." Фиби боится ходить к стоматологу. Чендлер узнает правду о Дженис, и они расходятся. Моника ударяет Бэна головой о перекладину и хочет это скрыть. Друзья думают, что мерзкий голый мужик из соседнего дома умер.
babble talk rapidly in a foolish way
bonk hit sb. or sth., not very hard
bow out leave a job or stop doing an activity, usually after a long time
burgundy dark colour, like the colour of red wine
chopsticks one of a pair of narrow sticks used for eating East Asian food
ensemble group of complementary parts that contribute to a single effect
explode suddenly start shouting because you are very angry
hammock large piece of cloth between two trees or poles to sleep on
headboard panel placed behind the head of a bed
hygienist person who cleans people's teeth
rat out give up sb.
retract admit that sth. you said before was not true
ventricle part of the heart, which force blood into the tubes
whaling hunting whales (very large animal that looks like a large fish)
wreck destroy sth. completely

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