13 серия — The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends

"Эпизод, где Моника и Ричард просто друзья." Моника и Ричард снова встречаются и пробуют остаться просто друзьями. Джо и Рэйчел читают любимые книги друг друга. Фиби встречается с парнем, который носит чересчур свободные шорты.
batting cage enclosed area for basebal players to practice the skill of batting
cling stick to sth.
club (club soda) sweet fizzy drink
dainty small, attractive
eclipse when the sun is covered by the moon
foul sth. in a sport that is not allowed by the rules
foul shot shot, given to penalize other team for committing a foul
grope search for sth. by touching with fingers
jock person who is extremely enthusiastic about sport
jog run slowly for exercise
nuts crazy
potluck meal at which each guest brings food
rollerblades boots with a line of wheels for moving across the ground
shot when sb. tries to score points in sports by throwing the ball
soda water with bubbles for mixing with other drinks
spot see or notice sth./sb.
testy easily annoyed
vow make a serious promise or decision

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