14 серия — The One with Phoebe’s Ex-partner

"Эпизод с экс-партнёром Фиби." Фиби встречается со своей бывшей партнёршей-певицей. Чендлер назначает свидание девушке с искусственной ногой, с которой ранее встречался Джо.
stew dish made of vegetables and meat cooked together slowly
betray behave dishonestly to sb. who trusts you
unyielding completely unwilling to change an opinion
daredevil sb. who enjoys doing dangerous things
lid top part of sth.
delicacy sth. rare or expensive
log thick piece of wood used to make fire
puddle pool of liquid on the ground, usually from rain
bionic artificial (part of the body)
monger person who encourages a particular activity
icky unpleasant
sticky covered with a substance that can stick to other things
sheer very thin so you can see through it (about cloth)
kitty-litter sth. placed in a container to absorb the waste products of a cat
jingle short song for advertising a product on the radio or TV
half-and-half equal amounts of two different things
by any chance used to ask in a polite way whether sth. is true
strappy having straps (used for fastening sth.)
nubbin third nipple
ectomy surgical removal

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