2 серия — The One with the Cat

"Эпизод с кошкой." Фиби находит бездомную кошку и думает, что в неё вселился дух её матери. Квартиру Джо и Чендлера грабят. Моника встречается с бывшим одноклассником, с которым ещё в школе встречалась Рэйчел.
accountant бухгалтер Someone who maintains and audits business accounts. Syn: comptroller, controller.
apparently видимо From appearances alone; "had been ostensibly frank as to his purpose while really concealing it"-Thomas Hardy. Syn: seemingly, ostensibly, on the face of it.
appreciate ценить; оценивать; принимать во внимание 1. Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for. 2. Be fully aware of; realize fully. Syn: take account.
architect архитектор Someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such as buildings). Syn: designer.
band повязка; полоса частот 1. An unofficial association of people or groups. Syn: set, circle, lot. 2. Instrumentalists not including string players.
bear нести 1. Have. 2. Cause to be born. Syn: give birth, deliver, birth, ...
belong принадлежать 1. Be owned by; be in the possession of. 2. Be suitable or acceptable.
bend сгибать(ся) 1. Form a curve. Syn: flex. 2. Change direction.
bother беспокоить 1. Take the trouble to do something; concern oneself. Syn: trouble oneself, trouble, inconvenience oneself. 2. Cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations. Syn: annoy, rag, get to, ...
brag похвастаться Show off. Syn: boast, tout, swash, ...
calling призвание The particular occupation for which you are trained. Syn: career, vocation.
canoe каноэ Small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle.
careful заботливый; аккуратный Exercising caution or showing care or attention.
chirp чирикать Make high-pitched sounds. Syn: peep, cheep, chirrup.
chopper прерыватель A grounder that bounces high in the air. Syn: chop.
chuckle хихиканье A soft partly suppressed laugh. Syn: chortle.
coffin гроб Box in which a corpse is buried or cremated. Syn: casket.
compartment отсек 1. A space into which an area is subdivided. 2. A partitioned section, chamber, or separate room within a larger enclosed area.
construction строительство The act of constructing something. Syn: building.
cost стоить 1. Be priced at. Syn: be. 2. Require to lose, suffer, or sacrifice.
couch кушетка An upholstered seat for more than one person. Syn: sofa, lounge.
craftsmanship мастерство Skill in an occupation or trade. Syn: craft, workmanship.
drunken пьяный Given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol. Syn: bibulous, boozy, sottish.
dude чувак 1. An informal form of address for a man. Syn: fellow, buster. 2. A man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance. Syn: dandy, fop, gallant, ...
dumb тупой Slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity; "although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray. Syn: dense, dim, dull, ...
dump сбрасывать Throw away as refuse.
embarrassing смущающий 1. Hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment. Syn: awkward, sticky, unenviable. 2. Causing to feel shame or chagrin or vexation. Syn: mortifying.
entertainment развлечение An activity that is diverting and that holds the attention. Syn: amusement.
flyer листовка An advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution. Syn: circular, handbill, bill, ...
from time to time время от времени
futon футон Mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame.
glaucoma глаукома An eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness).
guilty виновный Responsible for or chargeable with a reprehensible act.
handle ручка The appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it. Syn: grip, handgrip, hold.
hang вешать Be suspended or hanging.
insane душевнобольной; ненормальный Afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement.
insensitive нечувствительный Not responsive to physical stimuli.
inside внутренняя часть 1. The region that is inside of something. Syn: interior. 2. The inner or enclosed surface of something. Syn: interior.
jacket куртка A short coat.
jurassic юрский Of or relating to or denoting the second period of the Mesozoic era.
kitty котёнок 1. The cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker). Syn: pot, jackpot. 2. The combined stakes of the betters. Syn: pool. 3. Young domestic cat. Syn: kitten. 4. Informal terms referring to a domestic cat. Syn: kitty-cat, puss, pussy, ...
lace кружево 1. A cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment). Syn: lacing. 2. A delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns.
lily лилия Any liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers.
mascot талисман A character, animal or object that is adopted by a team or group as a symbolic figure.
mean среднее An average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n. Syn: mean value.
microwave микроволновая печь A short electromagnetic wave (longer than infrared but shorter than radio waves); used for radar and microwave ovens and for transmitting telephone, facsimile, video and data.
multiplex мультиплекс 1. Communicates two or more signals over a common channel. 2. A movie theater than has several different auditoriums in the same building.
nap короткий сон; ворс; чаша; сквозняк 1. A period of time spent sleeping. Syn: sleep. 2. A soft or fuzzy surface texture. 3. The yarn (as in a rug or velvet or corduroy) that stands up from the weave. Syn: pile. 4. A card game similar to whist; usually played for stakes. Syn: Napoleon. 5. Sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed). Syn: catnap, light sleep, short sleep, ...
nickel никель 1. A hard malleable ductile silvery metallic element that is resistant to corrosion; used in alloys; occurs in pentlandite and smaltite and garnierite and millerite. Syn: Ni, atomic number 28. 2. A United States coin worth one twentieth of a dollar.
oak дуб 1. The hard durable wood of any oak; used especially for furniture and flooring. 2. A deciduous tree of the genus Quercus; has acorns and lobed leaves. Syn: oak tree.
pole полюс 1. A long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic. 2. A native or inhabitant of Poland.
poster плакат A sign posted in a public place as an advertisement. Syn: posting, placard, notice, ...
purr мурлыкать 1. Make a soft swishing sound. Syn: whizz, whiz, whirr, ... 2. Indicate pleasure by purring; characteristic of cats. Syn: make vibrant sounds.
qualify квалифицировать Prove capable or fit; meet requirements. Syn: measure up.
replace заменять 1. Substitute a person or thing for (another that is broken or inefficient or lost or no longer working or yielding what is expected). 2. Take the place or move into the position of. Syn: supplant, supersede, supervene upon.
report отчёт A written document describing the findings of some individual or group. Syn: study, written report.
rid избавиться Relieve from. Syn: free, disembarrass.
rip рвать, распарывать, разрывать Tear or be torn violently. Syn: rend, rive, pull.
rob грабить 1. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price. Syn: overcharge, soak, surcharge, ... 2. Take something away by force or without the consent of the owner.
sense ощущать Perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles. Syn: feel.
sigh вздох An utterance made by exhaling audibly. Syn: suspiration.
singing пение The act of singing vocal music. Syn: vocalizing.
slide скользить 1. Move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner. Syn: skid, slip, slue, ... 2. To pass or move unobtrusively or smoothly. Syn: slither.
spade лопата 1. A playing card in the major suit that has one or more black figures on it. 2. A sturdy hand shovel that can be pushed into the earth with the foot.
split раскалывать; разбивать 1. Separate into parts or portions. Syn: divide, split up, separate, ... 2. Separate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument. Syn: cleave, rive.
squirm извиваться To move in a twisting or contorted motion, (especially when struggling). Syn: writhe, wrestle, wriggle, ...
stick втыкать; застревать; придерживаться 1. Put, fix, force, or implant. Syn: lodge, wedge, deposit. 2. Stay put (in a certain place); "We are staying in Detroit; we are not moving to Cincinnati". Syn: stay, stick around, stay put. 3. Stick to firmly. Syn: adhere, hold fast, bond, ...
storage хранение The act of storing something.
stunning ошеломляющий Commanding attention. Syn: arresting, sensational.
tetanus столбняк 1. An acute and serious infection of the central nervous system caused by bacterial infection of open wounds; spasms of the jaw and laryngeal muscles may occur during the late stages. Syn: lockjaw. 2. A sustained muscular contraction resulting from a rapid series of nerve impulses.
throat горло; горловина The passage to the stomach and lungs; in the front part of the neck below the chin and above the collarbone. Syn: pharynx.
tired усталый Depleted of strength or energy.
ton масса; мода, стиль A United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds. Syn: short ton, net ton.
tummy животик 1. Slang for a paunch. Syn: pot, potbelly, bay window, ... 2. An enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion. Syn: stomach, tum, breadbasket.
unit блок 1. Any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange. Syn: unit of measurement. 2. An individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole. 3. An organization regarded as part of a larger social group. Syn: social unit.
voluntarily добровольно Out of your own free will.
welsh валлийский Of or relating to or characteristic of Wales or its people or their language. Syn: Cambrian.

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4 thoughts on “2 серия — The One with the Cat

    1. Как мне показалось: это означает типа что он до сих пор типа «маменькин сыночек», типа как они (такие же, подобные) до сих пор носят нижнее белье (имеется ввиду «подгузников», или типа «детскую или мамой купленное нижнее бельё») конечно в переносном смысле, типа слюнтяи, не приспособленные к жизни. Такого рода шутки понятны только узкому кругу людей даже носителям языка не всегда понятно о чём речь идёт, не думаю что так сильно нужно заворачиваться на всех родах узко специализированных редко встречающих шутках , когда, например, тусуешься с одной группой людей, где друг друга понимают с полу слова и знают шутки и приколы друг друга, другие могут даже об этом не догадываться и не понимать, как например взрослым не понятны всё шутки детей и наоборот и так в разных профессиях, организациях и тот кто вместе гуляет и проводит вместе много время появляются общие приколы и шутки.

    2. или другой вариант:
      Я виделся с Ричардом Дорфманом.
      — Как он? — Мы с Сименсом потянули его за трусы.
      Разве он не архитектор?
      Они тоже носят нижнее бельё.»
      типа а что у архитекторов нет трусов, чтобы потянуть его за них и пошутить по прикалываться таким способом, это видно старый прикол снимать трусы и стянуть чтобы опозорить перед другими. многое зависит от контекста конечно тоже

    3. wedgie-неприятное ощущение, связанное с врезавшимися между ягодицами трусами, или просто натянули чтобы пошутить и сделать больно другому, но для них было смешно потому они натягивали, а не им