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10 Серия - The Pineapple Incident

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«Случай с ананасом». После бурной ночи, Тед просыпается с вывихнутой лодыжкой, сожжённой курткой, неизвестной девушкой в постели и ананасом на столике у кровати.
a little bitнемного
aliveживойPossessing life. Syn: live.
ampleобильный1. More than enough in size or scope or capacity. 2. Affording an abundant supply. Syn: copious, plenteous, plentiful, ...
ankleлодыжкаA gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus. Syn: ankle joint, mortise joint, articulatio talocruralis.
anyhowкаким бы то ни было образомUsed to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement; "I think they're asleep; anyhow, they're quiet"; "I don't know what happened to it; anyway, it's gone"; "I don't know how it started; in any case, there was a brief scuffle". Syn: anyway, anyways, in any case, ...
at leastпо крайней мере
awesomeпотрясающийInspiring awe or admiration or wonder; "this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath"- Melville. Syn: amazing, awe-inspiring, awful, ...
bartenderбарменAn employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar. Syn: barman, barkeep, barkeeper, ...
beverageнапитокAny liquid suitable for drinking. Syn: drink, drinkable, potable.
billionaireмиллиардерA very rich person whose material wealth is valued at more than a billion dollars.
bitchсука1. An unpleasant difficulty. 2. A person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked. Syn: cunt. 3. Informal terms for objecting. Syn: gripe, kick, beef, ... 4. Female of any member of the dog family.
blendсмешатьCombine into one. Syn: intermix, immingle, intermingle.
boneкость1. Rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates. Syn: os. 2. The porous calcified substance from which bones are made. Syn: osseous tissue.
boobболван1. An ignorant or foolish person. Syn: dumbbell, dummy, dope, ... 2. Either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman. Syn: breast, bosom, knocker, ...
bosomгрудь1. A person's breast or chest. 2. A close affectionate and protective acceptance. Syn: embrace. 3. Cloth that covers the chest or breasts. 4. The chest considered as the place where secret thoughts are kept.
bucketведроA roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top. Syn: pail.
callingпризваниеThe particular occupation for which you are trained. Syn: career, vocation.
charityблаготворительность1. A foundation created to promote the public good (not for assistance to any particular individuals). 2. A kindly and lenient attitude toward people. Syn: brotherly love. 3. An activity or gift that benefits the public at large.
check outвремя расчёта (в гостинице и т. п.); контроль
climbвзбиратьсяGo upward with gradual or continuous progress. Syn: climb up, mount, go up.
come fromпроисходить (из, от); взяться
come onприходить; начинаться; давай!; пошли!
come overприходить; заезжать; подходить
come upпоявляться; приближаться; подниматься; подходить
complicateусложнять1. Make more complicated. Syn: perplex. 2. Make more complex, intricate, or richer. Syn: refine, rarify, elaborate.
concoctionсмесь1. Any foodstuff made by combining different ingredients. Syn: mixture, intermixture. 2. An occurrence of an unusual mixture. 3. The invention of a scheme or story to suit some purpose. 4. The act of creating something (a medicine or drink or soup etc.) by compounding or mixing a variety of components. Syn: confection.
confuseпутать; смущать1. Mistake one thing for another. Syn: confound. 2. Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly. Syn: throw, fox, befuddle, ...
crapдерьмо1. Obscene terms for feces. Syn: dirt, shit, shite, ... 2. Obscene words for unacceptable behavior. Syn: bullshit, bull, Irish bull, ...
curiousлюбопытный1. Beyond or deviating from the usual or expected. Syn: funny, odd, peculiar, ... 2. Eager to investigate and learn or learn more (sometimes about others' concerns).
damnпроклинатьWish harm upon; invoke evil upon. Syn: curse, beshrew, bedamn, ...
daylightдневной свет1. The time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside. Syn: day, daytime. 2. Light during the daytime.
deliciousвкусныйGreatly pleasing or entertaining. Syn: delightful.
describeописывать1. Give a description of. Syn: depict, draw. 2. To give an account or representation of in words. Syn: report, account.
dialциферблатThe face of a timepiece; graduated to show the hours.
dismissотвергать; увольнять1. Bar from attention or consideration. Syn: disregard, brush aside, brush off, ... 2. Cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration. Syn: throw out.
downstairsвнизOn a floor below. Syn: down the stairs, on a lower floor, below.
dumpсбрасыватьThrow away as refuse.
embarrassсмущатьCause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious. Syn: abash.
escapeпобегThe act of escaping physically. Syn: flight.
excuseизвинять1. Grant exemption or release to. Syn: relieve, let off, exempt. 2. Serve as a reason or cause or justification of. Syn: explain. 3. Accept an excuse for. Syn: pardon.
fall inзападать; вваливаться; впадать
forbidзапрещатьCommand against. Syn: prohibit, interdict, proscribe, ...
fryмелкая рыбёшка; жареное мясо1. English painter and art critic (1866-1934). Syn: Roger Fry, Roger Eliot Fry. 2. English dramatist noted for his comic verse dramas (born 1907). Syn: Christopher Fry. 3. A young person of either sex. Syn: child, kid, youngster, ...
furtherдальнейшийMore distant in especially degree. Syn: farther.
garlicчеснок1. Bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized; bulb breaks up into separate strong-flavored cloves. Syn: Allium sativum. 2. Aromatic bulb used as seasoning. Syn: ail.
get backвозвращаться
get inпопадать; прибывать; заходить
get upвставать; подниматься; просыпаться; будить
gutsкишкиFortitude and determination. Syn: backbone, grit, moxie, ...
gutterжёлобA channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater. Syn: trough.
hang outтусоваться; проживать
hangoverпохмельеDisagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol). Syn: katzenjammer.
hazyтуманный, подёрнутый дымкойFilled or abounding with fog or mist. Syn: brumous, foggy, misty.
hold onдержать(ся); ожидать; "подожди"
hoseполивать из шлангаWater with a hose. Syn: hose down.
hungerголодA physiological need for food; the consequence of food deprivation. Syn: hungriness.
immatureнезрелыйCharacteristic of a lack of maturity.
intenseинтенсивныйPossessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree.
inventизобретать1. Come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort. Syn: contrive, devise, excogitate, ... 2. Concoct something artificial or untrue. Syn: fabricate, manufacture, cook up, ...
jacketкурткаA short coat.
karaokeкараокеSinging popular songs accompanied by a recording of an orchestra (usually in bars or nightclubs).
keep onпродолжать
lilyлилияAny liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers.
look atсмотреть на; рассматривать; одумывать
malariaмалярияAn infective disease caused by sporozoan parasites that are transmitted through the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito; marked by paroxysms of chills and fever.
moronicидиотскийHaving a mental age of between eight and twelve years.
mortalсмертныйA human being. Syn: person, individual, someone, ...
move onпродолжать движение; двигаться дальше; сменить тему
neurosisневрозA mental or personality disturbance not attributable to any known neurological or organic dysfunction. Syn: neuroticism, psychoneurosis.
oddстранный1. Not divisible by two. Syn: uneven. 2. Not easily explained.
orchestraоркестрA musical organization consisting of a group of instrumentalists including string players.
ordinaryобычныйNot exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree.
pass outраздавать; терять сознание
performanceпроизводительность1. A dramatic or musical entertainment. Syn: public presentation. 2. The act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment. 3. The act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it. Syn: execution, carrying out, carrying into action.
pineappleананас1. A tropical American plant bearing a large fleshy edible fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves; widely cultivated in the tropics. Syn: pineapple plant, Ananas comosus. 2. Large sweet fleshy tropical fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves; widely cultivated. Syn: ananas.
plainпростойClearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. Syn: apparent, evident, manifest, ...
porcelainфарфорCeramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic.
pukeрвотаA person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible. Syn: rotter, dirty dog, rat, ...
pukeрватьEject the contents of the stomach through the mouth. Syn: vomit, vomit up, purge, ...
pureчистыйFree of extraneous elements of any kind.
put outтушить; гасить
rallyсплотиться1. Gather. Syn: beat up, drum up. 2. Call to arms; of military personnel. Syn: call up, mobilize, mobilise.
referссылаться1. Make reference to. Syn: mention, advert, bring up, ... 2. Be relevant to. Syn: pertain, relate, concern, ...
robграбить1. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price. Syn: overcharge, soak, surcharge, ... 2. Take something away by force or without the consent of the owner.
scholarучёныйA learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines. Syn: scholarly person, bookman, student.
screwприкручивать; завинчивать1. Have sexual intercourse with. Syn: sleep together, roll in the hay, love, ... 2. Turn like a screw. 3. Cause to penetrate, as with a circular motion. Syn: drive in. 4. Tighten or fasten by means of screwing motions. 5. Defeat someone through trickery or deceit. Syn: cheat, chouse, shaft, ...
settle downостепениться; угомониться
shyзастенчивый1. Wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things. 2. Short. 3. Lacking self-confidence. Syn: diffident, timid, unsure.
snackзакускаA light informal meal. Syn: bite, collation.
sneakкрасться1. To go stealthily or furtively. Syn: mouse, creep, pussyfoot. 2. Put, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner.
soberтрезвый1. Dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises. Syn: grave, sedate, solemn. 2. Not affected by a chemical substance (especially alcohol).
solidтвёрдыйCharacterized by good substantial quality.
soulдуша1. The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life. Syn: psyche. 2. A human being. Syn: person, individual, someone, ...
sprainрастяжение связокA painful injury to a joint caused by a sudden wrenching of its ligaments.
sprainрастянуть связкиTwist suddenly so as to sprain. Syn: twist, wrench, turn, ...
stableконюшняA farm building for housing horses or other livestock. Syn: stalls, horse barn.
stallionжеребецUncastrated adult male horse. Syn: entire.
streakстремительно двигатьсяMove quickly in a straight line.
subtitleподзаголовок1. Translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Syn: caption. 2. Secondary or explanatory title.
suedeзамша1. Leather with a napped surface. Syn: suede leather. 2. A fabric made to resemble suede leather. Syn: suede cloth.
swingкачать1. Move in a curve or arc, usually with the intent of hitting. 2. Move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner. Syn: sway.
tankбак1. An enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads. Syn: army tank, armored combat vehicle, armoured combat vehicle. 2. A large (usually metallic) vessel for holding gases or liquids. Syn: storage tank.
throw upтошнить; блевать; извергать при рвоте
tickleщекотать1. Touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements. Syn: titillate, vellicate. 2. Feel sudden intense sensation or emotion. Syn: thrill, vibrate. 3. Touch or stroke lightly.
transcriptрасшифровка1. Something that has been transcribed; a written record (usually typewritten) of dictated or recorded speech. 2. A reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record). Syn: copy.
trickтрюкA cunning or deceitful action or device. Syn: fast one.
tubваннаA relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body. Syn: bathtub, bathing tub.
turn offвыключать; гасить
unansweredоставшийся без ответа (о письмах, просьбах)Not returned in kind. Syn: unreciprocated, unrequited.
uncleдядяThe brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt.
wake upпросыпаться; будить
willowиваAny of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix. Syn: willow tree.
windjammerболтунA large sailing ship.
wrinkleморщить1. Gather or contract into wrinkles or folds; pucker. Syn: purse. 2. Make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a pressed, folded or wrinkled line in; `crisp' is archaic. Syn: ruckle, crease, crinkle, ...

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