How I met your mother (Как я встретил вашу маму) на английском с субтитрами 1 Сезон

12 Серия - The Wedding

«Свадьба». Тед приглашает Робин на свадьбу своих знакомых в качестве спутницы. Однако невеста заявляет, что Тед не может никого с собой взять, поскольку не уведомил их заранее.
admitпризнаватьDeclare to be true or admit the existence or reality or truth of. Syn: acknowledge.
anchorякорь1. A mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving. Syn: ground tackle. 2. A central cohesive source of support and stability. Syn: mainstay, keystone, backbone, ...
assessmentоценкаThe classification of someone or something with respect to its worth. Syn: appraisal.
attendприсутствовать; заботитьсяBe present at (meetings, church services, university), etc. Syn: go to.
attractiveпривлекательный1. Pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm. 2. Having power to arouse interest.
attractivenessпривлекательность1. The quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts. Syn: attraction. 2. Sexual allure.
awesomeпотрясающийInspiring awe or admiration or wonder; "this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath"- Melville. Syn: amazing, awe-inspiring, awful, ...
ballroomзал (обычно для танцев)Large room used mainly for dancing. Syn: dance hall, dance palace.
bandповязка; полоса частот1. An unofficial association of people or groups. Syn: set, circle, lot. 2. Instrumentalists not including string players.
barefootбосойWithout shoes. Syn: barefooted, shoeless.
bearнести1. Have. 2. Cause to be born. Syn: give birth, deliver, birth, ...
billionaireмиллиардерA very rich person whose material wealth is valued at more than a billion dollars.
break upраспадаться; расходиться; прерывать(ся)
bridesmaidподружка невестыAn unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding. Syn: maid of honor.
budбутон1. A partially opened flower. 2. A swelling on a plant stem consisting of overlapping immature leaves or petals.
bumсжечьAsk for and get free; be a parasite. Syn: mooch, cadge, grub, ...
buryскрываться, хоронить1. Cover from sight. 2. Place in a grave or tomb. Syn: entomb, inhume, inter, ...
calmспокойныйNot agitated; without losing self-possession. Syn: unagitated, serene, tranquil.
carcassтушаThe dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food. Syn: carcase.
causeвызывать1. Give rise to; cause to happen or occur, not always intentionally. Syn: do, make. 2. Cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. Syn: induce, stimulate, have, ...
checkпроверкаA written order directing a bank to pay money. Syn: bank check, cheque.
come downспускаться; спадать; вернуться после окончания университета
come onприходить; начинаться; давай!; пошли!
come upпоявляться; приближаться; подниматься; подходить
commitсовершать1. Perform an act, usually with a negative connotation. Syn: perpetrate, pull. 2. Give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause. Syn: give, dedicate, consecrate, ...
commitmentобязанность; приверженность1. The trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. Syn: committedness. 2. The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. Syn: allegiance, loyalty, dedication. 3. An engagement by contract involving financial obligation.
cranberryклюква1. Any of numerous shrubs of genus Vaccinium bearing cranberries. 2. Very tart red berry used for sauce or juice.
crapдерьмо1. Obscene terms for feces. Syn: dirt, shit, shite, ... 2. Obscene words for unacceptable behavior. Syn: bullshit, bull, Irish bull, ...
curtainзанавес1. Hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window). Syn: drape, drapery, mantle, ... 2. Any barrier to communication or vision.
deerоленьDistinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers. Syn: cervid.
definitelyопределённоWithout question and beyond doubt. Syn: decidedly, unquestionably, emphatically, ...
dipокунуть1. Immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate. Syn: dunk, souse, plunge, ... 2. Stain an object by immersing it in a liquid. 3. Dip into a liquid while eating. Syn: dunk. 4. Go down momentarily.
dress upнаряжать(ся); красиво одеться
dudeчувак1. An informal form of address for a man. Syn: fellow, buster. 2. A man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance. Syn: dandy, fop, gallant, ...
eightвосьмёрка1. The cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one. Syn: 8, VIII, eighter, ... 2. A group of United States painters founded in 1907 and noted for their realistic depictions of sordid aspects of city life. Syn: Ashcan School. 3. One of four playing cards in a deck with eight pips on the face. Syn: eight-spot.
equalравныйHaving the same quantity, value, or measure as another.
even soдаже при этих условиях
eventuallyв конечном счёте; в итогеAfter an unspecified period of time or an especially long delay. Syn: finally.
exciteвозбуждать1. Arouse or elicit a feeling. 2. Act as a stimulant. Syn: stimulate.
excuseизвинять1. Grant exemption or release to. Syn: relieve, let off, exempt. 2. Serve as a reason or cause or justification of. Syn: explain. 3. Accept an excuse for. Syn: pardon.
expensiveдорогойHigh in price or charging high prices.
fall inзападать; вваливаться; впадать
fancyполагать, предполагать1. Imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind. Syn: visualize, visualise, envision, ... 2. Have a fancy or particular liking or desire for. Syn: go for, take to.
feedподачаFood for domestic livestock. Syn: provender.
fire upзажигать; разжигать; вдохновлять
flexibilityгибкость1. The property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped. Syn: flexibleness. 2. The quality of being adaptable or variable. Syn: flexibleness.
for the most partпо большей части
genderполA grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives; in some languages it is quite arbitrary but in Indo-European languages it is usually based on sex or animateness. Syn: grammatical gender.
get overпоправиться; справиться; преодолеть
gorgeousвеликолепныйDazzlingly beautiful.
graciouslyлюбезноIn a gracious or graceful manner. Syn: gracefully.
graveмогила1. A place for the burial of a corpse (especially beneath the ground and marked by a tombstone). Syn: tomb. 2. Death of a person.
groomженихA man participant in his own marriage ceremony. Syn: bridegroom.
groundworkосноваThe fundamental assumptions from which something is begun or developed or calculated or explained. Syn: basis, base, foundation, ...
harmlessбезвредный; безобидныйNot causing or capable of causing harm.
hit onдомогаться; приставать
hook upподключать; монтировать (свет, газ, телефон)
hornetшершеньLarge stinging paper wasp.
incredibleневероятныйBeyond belief or understanding. Syn: unbelievable.
invigoratingбодрящийImparting strength and vitality.
kickудар1. The act of delivering a blow with the foot. Syn: boot, kicking. 2. The swift release of a store of affective force. Syn: bang, boot, charge, ...
knowingзнаниеA clear and certain mental apprehension.
lakeозероA body of (usually fresh) water surrounded by land.
lameнеудачный, неудовлетворительный1. Disabled in the feet or legs. Syn: crippled, halt, halting, ... 2. Pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness. Syn: feeble.
lassдевушкаA girl or young woman who is unmarried. Syn: lassie, young girl, jeune fille.
layкласть1. Put into a certain place or abstract location. Syn: put, set, place, ... 2. Put in a horizontal position. Syn: put down, repose.
lay downустанавливать
lilyлилияAny liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers.
line upвыстраивать(ся)
look atсмотреть на; рассматривать; одумывать
look forwardсмотреть вперёд; предвкушать; с нетерпением ожидать
look likeбыть похожим
lowerспускать; понижать1. Move something or somebody to a lower position. Syn: take down, let down, get down, ... 2. Set lower. Syn: lour.
manicureманикюрProfessional care for the hands and fingernails.
membershipчленство1. The body of members of an organization or group. Syn: rank. 2. The state of being a member.
messбеспорядокA state of confusion and disorderliness. Syn: messiness, muss, mussiness.
midnightполночь12 O'clock at night; the middle of the night.
nestгнездоA structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.
ninjaниндзя1. A member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in ninjutsu. 2. A class of 14th century Japanese who were trained in martial arts and were hired for espionage and assassinations.
nontraditionalнетрадиционныйNot conforming to or in accord with tradition. Syn: untraditional.
nudgeслегка подталкивать локтем (особ. чтобы привлечь чьё-л. внимание)To push against gently. Syn: poke at, prod.
oddстранный1. Not divisible by two. Syn: uneven. 2. Not easily explained.
optвыбиратьSelect as an alternative over another. Syn: choose, prefer.
optimistоптимистA person disposed to take a favorable view of things.
pick upподнимать; подбирать
pissссатьEliminate urine. Syn: make, urinate, piddle, ...
platinumплатинаA heavy precious metallic element; grey-white and resistant to corroding; occurs in some nickel and copper ores and is also found native in some deposits. Syn: Pt, atomic number 78.
plentyмножествоA full supply. Syn: plentifulness, plenteousness, plenitude, ...
pokeтолчок, тычок; мешок1. Tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes; young fleshy stems are edible; berries and root are poisonous. Syn: pigeon berry, garget, scoke, ... 2. Someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind. Syn: dawdler, drone, laggard, ... 3. A bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases. Syn: sack, paper bag, carrier bag. 4. A sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow). Syn: jab, jabbing, poking, ... 5. (Boxing) a blow with the fist. Syn: punch, clout, lick, ...
popхлопать, выстреливать (о пробке)1. Hit a pop-fly. 2. Bulge outward. Syn: start, protrude, pop out, ...
possiblyвозможноBy chance. Syn: perchance, perhaps, maybe, ...
puffслойка1. Exaggerated praise (as for promotional purposes). 2. A light inflated pastry or puff shell. 3. A short light gust of air. Syn: puff of air, whiff. 4. Thick cushion used as a seat. Syn: ottoman, pouf, pouffe, ... 5. A soft spherical object made from fluffy fibers; for applying powder to the skin. Syn: powderpuff. 6. Forceful exhalation through the nose or mouth. Syn: blow. 7. Bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together. Syn: quilt, comforter, comfort. 8. A slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke). Syn: drag, pull.
reelнамотать1. Walk as if unable to control one's movements. Syn: stagger, keel, lurch, ... 2. Revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis. Syn: spin, spin around, whirl, ...
rehearsalрепетицияA practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert). Syn: dry run.
replyответA statement (either spoken or written) that is made to reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation. Syn: answer, response.
revokeотменить1. Fail to follow suit when able and required to do so. 2. Cancel officially. Syn: annul, lift, countermand, ...
run intoнатолкнуться; случайно встретить(ся)
sacrificeжертваThe act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc. Syn: forfeit, forfeiture.
salmonлососьAny of various large food and game fishes of northern waters; usually migrate from salt to fresh water to spawn.
settle downостепениться; угомониться
shallowмелкийLacking physical depth; having little spatial extension downward or inward from an outer surface or backward or outward from a center.
show upпоявляться; показываться
simileсравнениеA figure of speech that expresses a resemblance between things of different kinds (usually formed with `like' or `as').
snakeзмеяLimbless scaly elongate reptile; some are venomous. Syn: serpent, ophidian.
sneakкрасться1. To go stealthily or furtively. Syn: mouse, creep, pussyfoot. 2. Put, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner.
so much asдаже
soulдуша1. The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life. Syn: psyche. 2. A human being. Syn: person, individual, someone, ...
sproutросток1. Any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud. 2. A newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed).
squeezeвыжать1. To compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition. Syn: squash, crush, squelch, ... 2. Press firmly. 3. Squeeze like a wedge into a tight space. Syn: wedge, force.
squirrelбелкаA kind of arboreal rodent having a long bushy tail.
subdueподчинять1. Put down by force or intimidation. Syn: repress, quash, keep down, ... 2. Bring under control by force or authority. Syn: suppress, stamp down, conquer.
subtitleподзаголовок1. Translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Syn: caption. 2. Secondary or explanatory title.
subtleтонкийDifficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze. Syn: elusive.
suicideсамоубийствоThe act of killing yourself. Syn: self-destruction, self-annihilation.
supposeполагать; допускать1. Express a supposition. Syn: say. 2. Expect, believe, or suppose. Syn: think, opine, imagine, ... 3. To believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds. Syn: speculate, theorize, theorise, ...
testicleяичкоOne of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens. Syn: testis, orchis, ball, ...
toughжёсткий; выносливый1. Not given to gentleness or sentimentality. 2. Very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution. Syn: rugged.
unansweredоставшийся без ответа (о письмах, просьбах)Not returned in kind. Syn: unreciprocated, unrequited.
undermineподрыватьDestroy property or hinder normal operations. Syn: sabotage, countermine, counteract, ...
usualобычныйOccurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure.
whoreшлюхаA woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money. Syn: prostitute, cocotte, harlot, ...
willowиваAny of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix. Syn: willow tree.
wowпоразить, ошеломитьImpress greatly.

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