Silicon valley (Кремниевая долина) на английском с субтитрами 5 Сезон

3 Серия - Chief Operating Officer

«Главный исполнительный директор» Jared and Richard run into Dana, a former workmate of Jared at Hooli and now the CEO of tech company Quiver. He invites them to a party at their house, where Richard meets Ben Burkhart, Quiver's Chief Operating Officer, who confesses that things have gone stagnant with Dana and that he is excited by Richard's "new internet" project. Ben proposes becoming Pied Piper's new COO and Richard seriously considers this as he empathizes with him, even though Jared warns him of Ben's past unprofessional company exits. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson visits Seppen, the makers of Jian-Yang's smart fridge, and in exchange for server space, he has them suing Pied Piper because of Gilfoyle's hack job, which resulted in a video of a mime simulating fellatio being uploaded to the entire Seppen smart fridge network. Ben tells Richard that he should let Gilfoyle take the blame for it and face the consequences alone, saving the company from paying $10 million dollars in damages, even though Gilfoyle's actions had also saved Pied Piper from going bankrupt. Assuming that Richard will hire him, he shows up at the Pied Piper's HQ. Richard is displeased that Ben lied to Dana about him to facilitate his exit from Quiver. He also didn't like the way Ben would handle the Seppen issue, and he orders him to leave. Gilfoyle finds out that Seppen is illegally listening to their customers' conversations and uploading them to the cloud. Using this information, Jared manages to have them drop the charges and use Pied Piper's services in the future instead of Hooli's, saving both Gilfoyle and the company. Because of this, Richard promotes Jared to COO. The representatives from Seppen reveal that Gavin Belson forced them to sue Pied Piper. Because of this, Richard, Gilfoyle, Jared, and Dinesh realize that there is a mole in the company leaking info to Hooli.

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