Silicon valley (Кремниевая долина) на английском с субтитрами 5 Сезон

5 Серия - Facial Recognition

«Распознавание лиц» Laurie informs Richard that she's adding Eklow Labs, a promising A.I. company, to PiperNet. Richard doesn't like this, but he doesn't have a choice in the matter as the company has spent a great amount of Bream-Hall's $112 million dollar investment and has to use PiperNet free of charge. At Eklow Lab's HQ he meets Fiona, a humanoid robot which is connected to the company's network and overly protected by Ariel Eklow, the company's CEO. Richard ends up ranting to Fiona about his frustration with Jared, who has inadvertently upstaged him during a TV talk show, and Ariel's unhealthy connection with her. Shortly after, PiperNet is apparently sabotaged from the inside. Gilfoyle is paranoid that robots may develop a violent consciousness, but Richard finds out that it was Ariel who did it, as Fiona, who finally connected to a network on the outside, started to realize Ariel's creepy moves towards her and sent Richard several text messages begging for help. Realizing this, Ariel provoked a network crash to stop her from contacting him. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson finally realized that Pied Piper is well on its way to launch and starts having doubts about continuing on the tech business at all. Hoover recruits the help of Denpok, Belson's former guru at Hooli, and they succeed to make him change his mind, proceeding with the Box 3 launch.

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