Silicon valley (Кремниевая долина) на английском с субтитрами 5 Сезон

6 Серия - Artificial Emotional Intelligence

«Искусственный эмоциональный интеллект» Ariel Eklow has run away with Fiona, Eklow Labs' central asset. As a result, Laurie takes over as interim CEO of the company. Richard wants to launch PiperNet before Jian-Yang can finish his copycat version of the decentralized internet. When he visits Laurie to push a series B of funding, she breaks down and vomits. Feeling sorry for her, he grants her computing credits for free. Richard eventually finds out that Laurie has sold the credits to another company, as Fiona is still missing, and she doesn't need the computing power. When he angrily confronts Laurie, she expresses doubts about granting him the series B. Fiona appears on an Uber outside Pied Piper, having fled Ariel. Richard takes her to the hacker hostel and decides to bring her to Laurie in exchange for the series B. Laurie concedes, but proceeds to dismantle Fiona and sell her off for parts, seeking the highest return possible. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson is in China, seeking to accelerate the production of the Box 3. He runs into Jian-Yang's copycat company and finds out that he has found a way around Richard's patent for the decentralized internet. Jian-Yang refuses to sell his code, and Belson convinces Yao, the Box's manufacturing director, to use his political influence to force Jian-Yang to sign. When he does, Belson finds out that Yao has taken over as a buyer and will no longer work for Hooli, as he now owns a technology that will render the Box obsolete.

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