Silicon valley (Кремниевая долина) на английском с субтитрами 5 Сезон

7 Серия - Initial Coin Offering

«Первичное размещение монет» Having been verbally promised that they will not have to run ads or sell user data, Pied Piper is finally closing its $30 million series B with Bream-Hall. Jared finds out that the computing credits that Richard has offered Laurie have switched hands several times, gradually increasing in value to $1.6 million. Due to this, Gilfoyle proposes that Pied Piper uses an Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, to finance itself, breaking free of Bream-Hall and securing all board seats. He seeks advice from Russ Hanneman, who tells him that he did 36 ICOs, failing all but one, which could nonetheless cover all the losses. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson tries to manufacture the Box 3 in Goldbriar, North Carolina, imposing an unfair list of demands on the town to install production there. The factory ends up burning down due to the several municipal budget cuts done to accommodate the deal. Monica eventually finds out that Laurie is planning to run ads on PiperNet all along, and she warns Richard, who proposes that she leave Bream-Hall and work with Pied Piper on the ICO, which ends up failing at launch. Laurie contacts Monica to "congratulate" her about the ICO, seemingly unaffected by her departure, just before she meets Yao in China.

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