Сериал Vikings (Викинги) на английском  1 Сезон

3 Серия - Dispossessed (Обездоленные) с русскими и английскими субтитрами

After his successful raid, Ragnar and his crew joyously return home with their riches. Earl Haraldson doesn't hesitate to summon Ragnar to the great hall where he lays claim to the entirety of the treasure. He allows the crew to take one thing from the hoard and Ragnar selects Brother Athelstan as his slave. From Athelstan, he learns the political structure in England and wants to learn some of the language. Haraldson sanctions a new raid but insists that one of his men, Knute, join Ragnar's crew. Ragnar takes his wife this time and surprises everyone by putting ...

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