«The Race» 1 уровень Effortless English

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The Race

It’s 5 o’clock and Allen is riding his motorcycle in San Francisco. He is riding down Van Ness street and comes to a stop light.

A red Ferrari pulls up next to him. The driver’s wearing dark sun glasses. He looks over at Allen. Allen looks at him and realizes that the driver is Tom Cruise!

Tom sneers at Allen. He says, «When the light turns green, let’s race».
Allen says, «Allright, you’re on!»
Tom says, «I’m gonna smoke you, sucka!»
Allen says, «You wish. I’m gonna beat you and your sorry-ass car».

Allen and Tom wait at the light. They rev their engines.

Suddenly, the light turns green. Allen and Tom take off! They zoom down Van Ness at top speed.
Tom is winning.

But suddenly, blue and red lights appear behind Tom— its the police. They pull him over.

Allen zooms past Tom, laughing. He yells, «Better luck next time!»
Allen is the winner!

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