King’s Ransom

kingsАдаптированная аудиокнига на английском «ВЫКУП КИНГА» Stage 5. Upper-Intermediate — B2 (лексика: 1800 основных слов)
Дуглас Кинг богат. Прекрасный дом в лучшей части города, слуги, большие автомобили, модную одежда для прекрасной жены, Дианы. Он упорно работал всю свою жизнь, чтобы быть там, где он находится сегодня, и сейчас он планирует большую бизнес сделку. Это очень дорогая сделка, и враги пытаются ему помешать, но если он выиграет, он станет президентом компании. Если же он проиграет, то окажется на улице.
Сай Барнард и Эдди Фолсом не богаты. Они мелкие мошенники, не очень успешные, но желающие жить на широкую ногу. Поэтому они планируют идеальное похищение мальчика. «Пятьсот тысяч долларов завтра утром, или мы убьем мальчишку» — их условия Дугласу Кингу.
Это прекрасный план. Но жене Эдди, Кэти, это не нравится, и тем более это не нравится детективу Стиву Карелле из 87-го участка. Но Сай и Эдди взяли не того мальчика — не сына Кинга, а сына Рейнольдса, шофера Кинга. У шофера же нет пятьсот тысяч долларов.
Так кто будет платить выкуп?

Смотреть/слушать онлайн адаптированную аудиокнигу на английском King’s Ransom (Upper-Intermediate — B2):


ain’t (slang) short form of am not / isn’t / aren’t
ash-tray a small metal or glass bowl for ash from cigarettes
attractive pretty, nice to look at
Auto Squad police who deal with crimes connected with cars
bastard a rude word to use to someone you dislike
battery a group of electric cells; radios, torches, etc. can run on batteries
big-shot (informal) an important, successful person
black (in the black) having some money; not in debt
blond(e) (adj) golden or yellow haired
bump (v) to move in a jerky, uncomfortable way, not smoothly
bust (into) (informal) to break into a shop or house to steal something
cast a plaster model which shows the shape of something
chauffeur someone who is employed to drive a rich person’s car
cookies (American) sweet biscuits
cop (informal) a police officer
cowboys and Indians a game children play, which involves chasing one another and fighting
crook a criminal
darling a name you call someone you like or love
garbage (American) rubbish
golf an outdoor game (popular with business people) in which players try to hit a small ball into a series of holes
grand (slang) a thousand dollars or pounds
guts (informal) courage
guy (informal) a man
headquarters a place from which an organization is controlled
hell (informal) a word used to express annoyance, e.g. ‘What the hell do you want?’
honey (American, informal) a name you call someone you like or love
instructions statements telling somebody what they should do
interrupt to break into a conversation when someone else is talking
Jewish of someone who is a Jew, by race or religion
kid (informal) a child
kidnap to take somebody away by force, in order to demand money in return for their freedom
laboratory a room where scientists work on tests
ma’am a very polite way of addressing a woman
mind (on your mind) in your thoughts and causing you to worry
Mom (American) a child’s word for ‘mother’
oscillator part of the electrical equipment for a radio
professor a senior university teacher (also used as a joking name for someone you think is very clever)
precinct an area of a city
punk (American slang) an unsuccessful, small-time criminal
ransom (n) money paid to a criminal to set free somebody who has been kidnapped
red (in the red) having no money; in debt
reform school a special school for criminals too young to go to prison
scientist someone whose job is connected with a science (e.g. physics, chemistry)
search me (informal) I don’t know
servant someone employed to work in another person’s house
smart (American) clever; having or showing intelligence
smash to break
state (n) a part of the United States of America, e.g. the state of California
stock (voting stock) (n) a share in the control and profits of a business, which is obtained by putting money into the business
store (n) a shop
streak a long, thin line of colour
sweater a kind of woollen clothing with sleeves, pulled on over the head
trace (v) to find out where something comes from
transmitter equipment that sends out radio signals
tycoon a very rich and important person in business
vice-president the person second to the president of an organization
wiretap making a secret connection to a telephone line in order to listen to people’s conversations


Before Reading

1 Read the story introduction on the first page of the book, and the back cover. Then match these names to the sentences below (sometimes more than one name will match).

Douglas King / Steve Carella / Charles Reynolds / Diane King / Eddie Folsom / Sy Barnard / Jeffry Reynolds / Kathy Folsom

  1. She lived in a beautiful house with her husband and son.
  2. His father’s job was driving cars for a rich businessman.
  3. He wanted lots of money, but he didn’t want to work for it.
  4. He hated criminals — especially kidnappers.
  5. His son was in great danger, but he couldn’t afford to save him.
  6. She knew her husband was planning to do something wrong.
  7. He was rich and successful, but he had enemies who wanted to destroy him.
  8. His perfect plan went badly wrong.

2 What do you think will happen in the story? For each sentence, choose Y (yes), N (no), or P (perhaps).

  1. Steve Carella will arrest all the kidnappers. Y/N/P
  2. Eddie Folsom and Sy Barnard will go to prison. Y/N/P
  3. Kathy Folsom will decide to help the police. Y/N/P
  4. Douglas King will pay the ransom to save Jeffry. Y/N/P
  5. Diane King will leave her husband. Y/N/P
  6. Douglas King will make the big business deal he wants. Y/N/P
  7. Charles Reynolds will find a way to save his son. Y/N/P
  8. Jeffry Reynolds will come home safely. Y/N/P


While Reading

Read Chapters 1 to 3, and then answer these questions.

  1. Why did Benjamin, Stone, and Blake need Doug King’s help?
  2. Why did King tear the red shoe to pieces?
  3. What did Benjamin offer to Pete Cameron for helping to smash King’s deal?
  4. What was strange about the break-ins at the radio parts stores?
  5. Why did King want to send Pete Cameron to Boston?
  6. Where were Bobby and Jeff playing?
  7. Why was Jeff wearing one of Bobby’s sweaters?
  8. What did Diane think about the advice Doug gave to Bobby?

Read Chapters 4 and 5. Here are some untrue sentences about them. Change them into true sentences.

  1. Doug had no idea that Pete Cameron was in contact with his enemies.
  2. Diane and Doug planned together to take over Granger Shoe.
  3. Bobby couldn’t find Jeff because he was hiding in a tree.
  4. Steve Carella enjoyed working on cases which involved children.
  5. Doug was eager to help the police by answering Carella’s questions.
  6. Jeff was terrified when Sy and Eddie took him to the farmhouse.
  7. Kathy was pleased when Eddie told her about the kidnapping.
  8. Eddie had learned how to build radios at college.

Before you read Chapter 6, can you guess what happens next?

  1. Will the kidnappers give Jeff back to his father?
  2. Will Sy try to kill Jeff?
  3. Will Kathy try to help Jeff escape from Sy and Eddie?
  4. Will the kidnappers ask Douglas King to pay the ransom?

Read Chapters 6 to 8. Choose the best question-word for each of these questions, and then answer them.

Why / What / Where / Who

  1. … did Parker, Hawes and Kronig find?
  2. … did Doug think the kidnappers would do with Jeff?
  3. … did Sy tell Doug to do?
  4. … did Pete talk to about Doug’s business plans?
  5. … didn’t Doug phone his bank?
  6. … were Sy and Eddie when Kathy and Jeff tried to escape?
  7. … happened to prevent Kathy and Jeff from escaping?

Read Chapters 9 and 10. Who said these things, and to whom? Who or what were they talking about?

  1. ‘I don’t even like the kid! Why should I be responsible for him?’
  2. ‘I didn’t get it by sitting around watching the world go by!’
  3. ‘You’re ready to murder a little boy to get what you want!’
  4. ‘If Doug asks me what I think about all this, I’ll tell him that I think you’re mad.’
  5. ‘I ought to tear it up.’
  6. ‘We just put a bullet in Jeffry Reynolds’ head.’
  7. ‘What’s really going on here? Have you got plans of your own?’
  8. ‘I guess I know when I’m beaten.’
  9.  ‘You’re out and I’m in!’

Before you read the rest of the story, what do you think will happen to Douglas King? Choose some of these ideas.

  1. He will pay / refuse to pay the ransom.
  2. He will help the police in some way / won’t help the police at all.
  3. He will lose / keep his job / money / wife.

Read Chapters 11 and 12. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with the correct information.

  1. The kidnappers didn’t mind which car King used.
  2. Carella thought Doug was right to refuse to help Reynolds.
  3. Liz took Bobby to her home because it was safer there.
  4. Doug helped the police by keeping the kidnapper talking for as long as possible.
  5. The police were able to trace the kidnapper’s phone call.
  6. When Sy attacked Kathy, Jeff did nothing to help her.
  7. When Eddie came in, Kathy was wearing her coat because it was so cold in the farmhouse.

Read Chapters 13 and 14, and then answer these questions.

  1. When the Cadillac left the house, who was in it?
  2. How did the kidnappers contact the driver of the Cadillac?
  3. While Eddie gave instructions to the driver, what did Sy do?
  4. What did Eddie threaten to do if they didn’t get the money?
  5. Why did the kidnappers’ plan go wrong?
  6. Who caught Sy?
  7. What did Jeff tell the police about the kidnappers?
  8. What happened to Sy, Eddie and Kathy in the end?
  9. What happened to Doug and Diane?


After Reading

1 Complete these descriptions with the right names, and then choose the best ending for each sentence.

Kathy / Pete / Eddie / Diane / Doug / Liz / Sy

  1.  ___ is brave, works hard and loves his family …
  2.  ___ is a violent criminal …
  3.  ___ doesn’t think stealing money is wrong …
  4.  ___ talks about a child’s life being more important than success …
  5.  ___ is a thief and a kidnapper …
  6.   ___ loves her family and is kind to everyone …
  7.  ___ is kind and helpful to her friends …
  8. but gives his friends a chance of freedom.
  9. but is hard and cruel, and puts money and success first.
  10. but wants to live a better life — if he gets the chance.
  11. but cheats her husband with a younger lover.
  12. but would never hurt a child and always supports her husband.
  13. but leaves her husband at the time when he needs her most.
  14. but cheats both in love and in business to get what he wants.

2 Doug King refused to pay a ransom for somebody else’s son, and explained why. What other opinions are there on this question?

  1. How did his wife Diane and his son Bobby feel about it?
  2. Did Pete Cameron really care about Jeff Reynolds, or did he have other reasons for wanting King to pay the ransom?
  3. What was Liz Bellew’s position?
  4. What should Charles Reynolds have done about it?
  5. Did Steve Carella and Lieutenant Byrnes have the same opinion about King’s refusal?
  6. What is your opinion?

3 Sy told Kathy that Eddie was just ‘a cheap crook, and he’ll never change’. But is it ever too late to change? Answer these questions and decide what might happen to Eddie after the end of the story.

  1. What did he do when he was fifteen years old?
  2. What kind of person is he?
  3. Did he care about what happened to Jeff?
  4. Who did he listen to more — Kathy or Sy ?
  5. Is there any job he could do to earn money honestly?

4 After Eddie’s phone call, Douglas King thinks of a plan. Here he is, explaining his plan to Steve Carella. Choose one suitable word to fill each gap.

‘Okay, Carella, listen. You think I’m ___ because I won’t pay the ransom, ___ I’ve been thinking and this is ___ I’ll do. The guy who phoned ___ me to leave the house at ___ o’clock, with the money in a ___ box. I have to take the ___ Cadillac, and drive away from the ___. I’m going to do that. But ___ box will be full of old ___, not five hundred thousand dollars, and ___ won’t be alone. You, Carella, will ___ hidden in the, back of the ___, lying on the floor. You’ve got ___ gun, haven’t you? Good. I have ___ continue driving until someone meets me ___ instructions. There’ll probably only be one ___, and as there’s two of us, ___ we can catch him and make ___ talk. Okay? Right, let’s go.’

5 Which of these ideas about the story do you agree with (A), and which do you disagree with (D)? Explain why you think this.

  1. Jeff should have told the police about Eddie and Kathy.
  2. When someone has been kidnapped, the ransom should always be paid, in order to save the person’s life.
  3. Death should be the punishment for kidnapping a child.

6 After Kathy shouted the information about Jeff and Sy over the radio, what did she say to Eddie, and to Jeff? Complete her part of this conversation. (Use as many words as you like.)

EDDIE: What have you done? Are you crazy?

KATHY: I had to, Eddie. I can’t _____.

EDDIE: You threw it away! Our five hundred grand!

KATHY: _____.

EDDIE: But I needed it! I needed it so badly. And what about Sy? What will happen to him now?

KATHY: _____.

EDDIE: Sy’s my friend. He wanted us all to be rich. How can you do this to him?

KATHY: _____.

EDDIE: I don’t believe you. You’re lying!

JEFF: She’s right, mister. Sy wanted to kill me, too. Will you take me home now, Kathy? Please take me home!

KATHY: _____.

JEFF: But what if it’s Sy who comes? I’m frightened of him!

KATHY: _____.

JEFF: The police! But I want you to take me home. Please don’t leave me here, Kathy!

KATHY: _____.

JEFF: No, I don’t want you to go to prison. You’re kind. I like you.

KATHY: _____.

JEFF: Okay, I’ll say that. I’ll say he was the only one.

KATHY: _____.

JEFF: Yes, I understand. It’s okay, Kathy, I’ll do it.

EDDIE: Come on, can’t you? Stop worrying about the kid. He’ll be okay! What about us? What the hell do we do now?

KATHY: _____.

EDDIE: Well, come on then! Let’s move before the cops get here!

JEFF: Goodbye, Kathy! I hope you get to Mexico okay.

7 Here is the beginning of the report Carella writes when the case is over. Use the notes below to complete his report.

A small-time criminal, Sy Barnard, planned to kidnap Bobby King, the eight-year-old son of Douglas King, a director of the Granger Shoe company. There was another man working with Barnard, and also a woman, the mysterious ‘Kathy’. By mistake …

  • kidnappers / Jeffry Reynolds / son chauffeur
  • King / pay ransom / Jeff / farmhouse / Sands Spit
  • Cadillac / money / until / instructions / if police / kill boy
  • King / offer / help / catch / drove / hide back of car
  • contact / radio / car telephone / unable trace call
  • front of car / took phone / directions little by little
  • Exit Sixteen / woman / radio / information / Barnard / Jeff
  • place Barnard waiting / car / fired / tyre / windows
  • Barnard / woods / King / chased / knocked down / held
  • Jeff / safe / farmhouse / home-made radio / signs other people
  • Jeff / Barnard / not talk / no other arrests

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