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food_around_the_worldFood around the World (stage 6) Адаптированная аудиокнига на английском

Читая книгу «Еда мира», автора Роберта Куинна, вы многое узнаете о еде во всём мире … Например: Где выращивают деревья какао, какой вкуснейший напиток можно приготовить из вишни, и многое другое!

Эта книга прекрасно иллюстрирована, содержит очень интересный и образовательный контент с множеством упражнений и заданий!

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ancestor someone in your family who lived a long time ago
archaeologist someone who studies history, by looking at ancient objects
artificial not real or natural
bean the seed or seed pod of a climbing plant that we eat as a vegetable
berry (plural berries) a small fruit that grows on bushes or trees
blender a machine for mixing liquids and soft foods like fruits or vegetables
blood the red liquid in your body
bone the hard part of your body that forms your skeleton
bright strong and easy to see (for colors)
broccoli a vegetable with many large green or purple flower heads
cabbage a vegetable with large, green Ieaves
cart a small, light box with wheels that you push or pull, often by hand
cemetery a place outside, where we put the bodies of dead people in tombs
cherry (plural cherries) a small, round red fruit with a large seed
chili pepper a small, green or red vegetable which gives a hot, spicy taste
coast the land beside the sea or ocean
coconut a large fruit with milky juice that we can drink
corn a plant that is grown for its grain, also called maize
crop a plant that we grow in large quantities
crush to break by pressing or squeezing hard
curry a dish with hot spices, often eaten with rice
customer someone who buys something
dairy product milk, and foods made from milk
delicate not strong, easy to break
dessert a sweet food
diet what you eat and drink regularly
dig to make a hole in the ground
digest you do this when you eat food and your body uses it
disease a medical problem that makes you very sick
energy we need energy to move and grow, and machines need energy to work
explorer a person who travels to new places to discover new things
field an area of land where we grow crops or keep animals
fingernail the thin, hard layer on the end of your finger
fire this is produced when something burns; it’s very hot
fresh not old (for food)
garlic a vegetable with a very strong smell and taste; it breaks into small parts
gelatine it’s used in cooking to make a liquid thick
grain the small, hard seeds of food plants like wheat or rice
grow to get bigger
harvest the time of year when crops are ready
healthy not sick
hole a space in something
industry the production of things, especially from factories
ingredient one of the foods used to make a dish
irrigation system an artificial way of watering crops
joke something you say or do that is funny
lay eggs to produce eggs (birds, insects, and fish do this)
lentil a small, round pulse that can be green, orange, or brown
mango a tropical fruit that is yellow or red on the outside and orange on the inside
meal when people sit down and eat food
melon a large fruit with green, yellow, or orange skin
metal a hard material made from minerals
muscle a part of your body that you contract or relax to move your bones
natural something that comes from nature; it’s not made by people
net it’s made of string or wire; it’s used to catch fish
nutrient something that we get from food to live and grow
oil a fatty liquid that we use for cooking; it comes from plants or animals
onion a round vegetable with many thin layers and a strong smell; people cry when they cut it
pan a container used for cooking; it’s often made of metal
parade a public celebration in the streets
paste a soft, wet mixture
pasture an area of land covered with grass; animals feed on it
peach a round, soft fruit with red and yellow skin
pick to take flowers or fruit from the plant or tree where they are growing
pineapple a tropical fruit that is hard and rough outside and yellow inside
plow (or plough) to dig a field or land
pod a long, thin case with seeds inside
pond a small area of water
port a place where ships arrive and leave from
prawn a small water animal with ten legs; it turns pink when it’s cooked
produce to grow or make something
protect to make sure that someone or something is not in danger
pulp the soft, inside part of some fruits and vegetables
pulses the seeds of some plants that we can eat, for example, lentils and beans
pumpkin a large, round vegetable with thick, orange skin
raise to feed and take care of animals
raisin a dried grape
recipe it tells you how to cook a dish
refreshing when it makes you feel less hot or less tired
respect something you feel for somebody you admire
sap the liquid in a plant or tree
sauce a thick liquid that you eat with food
savory (or savoury) having a taste that is salty, not sweet
seafood sea animals that we can eat, for example, fish and prawns
seed the small, hard part of a plant; a new plant can grow from this
seedling a small, young plant that grows from a seed
shellfish an animal with a shell that lives in water
skin a thin layer that covers the outside of an animal or a plant
sour having a taste like a lemon or a fruit that is not ready to eat
source where something comes from
sow to plant seeds
spice seeds or powder from plants that we use to give taste to food
spinach a dark green vegetable with big leaves
squeeze to press and get liquid out of something
stall a table or a small shop with an open front where people sell things
store to keep something to use later
temperature how hot or cold something is
temple a religious building
thick not thin
tomb the place where we put the body of a dead person
turkey a large bird that that we can eat
vegetable a plant or part of a plant that we eat as food
vendor a person who sells things, usually in the street
yard an area outside, usually with a wall

1   Food for life

Pages 36 – 37

1 Complete the sentences.

diseases   energy   calcium  muscles  oils

1   Carbohydrates give us energy to work and play.
2   Our bodies use proteins to build ______.
3   We can get some fats from vegetable ______.
4   Vitamins help our bodies to fight ______.
5   Our bodies need minerals like ______ and iron.

2 Answer the questions.


1   What does rice give us? Rice gives us carbohydrates.
2   What do eggs give us?
3   What do oranges give us?
4   What does broccoli give us?
5   What do carrots give us?
6   What does honey give us?

3 Match.

1   We can get sugar our skin healthy.
2   Our bodies store to grow healthy hair.
3   We need proteins can be bad for our health.
4   Vitamin A keeps from naturally sweet foods.
5   Our bodies need iron for healthy blood.
6   Too much salt fats for extra energy.

4 Answer the questions.
1   Why does sugar give us energy right away?
2   What plant products can give us proteins?
3   What nutrients do we get from nuts and seeds?
4   Why do our bodies need vitamin C to stay healthy?
5   What vitamin can we get from meat and fish?
6   What foods are good sources of calcium?

5 Write about your diet. What foods do you eat?

2   Food Producers

Pages 38 – 39

1 Complete the chart.

dairy products   wheat   tuna   cherries   trout   prawns   vegetables   meat   eggs


2 Write sentences.

Arable farmers   raise animals.   Fruit is grown   grow crops.   Livestock farmers   in fields and orchards.   catch seafood.   Some fishermen   need lots of water.  

Some plants

1   Arable farmers grow crops.__
2   __________
3   __________
4   __________
5   __________

3 Circle the correct words.

1   Farmers need to grow / plow their fields.
2   Delicate fruit is often picked by hand / machine.
3   Cows are often raised in pastures / orchards.
4   Rice is grown in wet fields called coops / paddy fields.
5   Some types of fish, like trout, live in rivers / seas.
6   Some fish are raised on fish farms / fishing boats.

4 Answer the questions.

1   Where are wheat and vegetables grown?
2   What crops are grown on trees in orchards?
3   What animals produce dairy products?
4   Why are some farm animals raised in closed yards?
5   How do fishing boats keep the fish cold?

5 Write the opposites. Find the page.
1   dry fields wet fields
2   natural ponds __________
3   traditional machines __________
4   freshwater fish __________
5   hilly areas __________

3   Food Origins

Pages 40 – 41

1 Circle the correct words.

1   The Ancient Romans made potato chips / iced desserts.
2   Popcorn originally came from America / Europe.
3   The first ice cream factory opened in 1850 / 1950.
4   The world’s first chocolate drink was bitter / sweet.
5   Saratoga chips were thinner / fatter than French fries.

2 Match. Then complete the sentences.

1843 popcorn
1853 potato chips
1948 ice cream
1867 milk chocolate

1   In ____ Nancy Johnson invented an ________ machine.
2   In ____ archaeologists found some very old ________ in a cave.
3   In ____ Daniel Peter invented ________ candy.
4   In ____ George Crum made some thin ________.

3 Order the words. Then write true or false.

1   in / was invented / Chocolate / China.
Chocolate was invented in China. false
2   America. / popcorn / was made / The world’s first / in
3   was invented / Central America. / Modern ice cream / in
4   popular / Spain. / Hot chocolate / very / in / became
5   Baltimore. / were invented / in / potato chips / Thin

4 Answer the questions.

1   Where did the Ancient Romans bring ice and snow from?
2   Why didn’t the customer like George’s French fries?
3   How did the Native Americans cook popcorn?
4   Why was it hard work for people to make ice cream?
5   What did the Native Americans add to the cacao paste?

4   Typical Dishes

Pages 42 – 43

1 Complete the chart. Then write sentences.

couscous   pasta   kimchi   tortilla   rice   mole poblano   tajine   pizza


1   Couscous and tajine are typical foods in Morocco.
2 Write true or false.
1   Italian pizza is made with corn flour.
2   Mole poblano is made with chocolate.
3   Sikhye is a Mexican dish made from rice.
4   Moroccan couscous is made from wheat.
5   Korean kimchi has lots of vitamins.
6   Stellini pasta is long and straight.

3 Answer the questions.

1   How are Mexican tortillas cooked?
2   What shape is stellini pasta?
3   How often do most Koreans eat kimchi?
4   What do Moroccans eat tajine with?
5   Why can you fold Mexican tortillas?

4 Complete the sentences.

hot   flat   thick   sweet   spiral   spicy

1   Mole poblano is a _______ sauce.
2   Kimchi is a _______ vegetable dish.
3   Spirali pasta is a _______ shape.
4   Mexican tortillas are thin and _______.
5   Tajine is a _______ Moroccan dish.
6   Sikhye is a _______ dessert drink.

5 Write about the typical dishes in your country.

5   Cool Drinks

Pages 44 – 45

1 Write the words.

seed pods   baobab fruit   ice   tiger nuts   sugar   yogurt


2 Complete the sentences.

fruit   juice   Indian   horchata   drink   yogurt   seed pods   nuts

1   Spanish ______ is made with tiger ______.
2   Tamarind ______ is made from tamarind ______.
3   Gubdi is a ______ made from baobab ______.
4   Lassi is an ______ drink made with ______.

3 Match. Then write sentences.

Sweet lassi Can be quite sour.
Mexican horchata Has sugar in it.
Baobab fruit Are large and brown.
Tamarind seed pods Cinnamon to horchata.
Some people add Is made with rice.
Tamarind juice Is also called monkey’s bread.

4 Answer the questions.

1   When is lassi most popular?
2   Where does cinnamon come from?
3   Why do farmers in Sudan drink gubdi?
4   Where do people drink tamarind juice?
5   Where do tiger nuts grow?

6   Street Food

Pages 46 – 47

1 Match.

1   pão de queijo Thai palm berry juice
2   visne juice Brazilian cheese bread
3   friet Belgian barbecued meat
4   acai Brazilian a cherry drink
5   satays Turkish French fries

2 Answer the questions.

1   What is pão de queijo?
2   What is visne juice?
3   What are friet?
4   What is acai?
5   What are satays?

3 Complete the sentences.

sauces   dessert   sugar   bread   boats

1   In Brazil you can eat popcorn with _______.
2   Some vendors in Thailand work on _______.
3   Belgians put _______ on their French fries.
4   You can have a Belgian waffle for _______.

4 Order the words. Then answer the questions.

1   have / you / What / can / for dessert / Brazil? / in
2  vendors / fried fishcakes? / Where / sell / do / Thai
3   do / put on / What / their waffles? / Belgian people
4   simit / buy / rings? / can / Where / you
5   sticky rice? / What / put on / Thai people / do

5 Write about street food in your country.

7   Special Desserts

Pages 48 – 49

1 Write the words.

avocado milkshake   Lucuma fruit   custard   maple syrup   trifle   durian fruit


2 Circle the correct words.

1   Maple syrup comes from the sap / fruit of maple trees.
2   Alpokat is a milkshake made with avocados / durians.
3   Lucuma fruit is orange / green on the inside.
4   Custard is a traditional British pudding / cake.
5   Mazamorra morada is dark green / purple.
6   Durians have a very nutty / strong smell.

3 Complete the sentences.

cream   ice cream   com   cake   buckets   chocolate

1   In Canada people collect maple sap in ______.
2   Trifle is made with ______, custard, fruit, and jelly.
3   Alpokat is made with avocados and ______ milk.
4   Mazamorra morada is made with purple ______.
5   Some British people like ______ on their trifle.
6   In Indonesia people use durians to make ______.

4 Answer the questions.

1   When do people collect maple sap?
2   Why can’t you eat durians on public transportation?
3   What are the main ingredients of custard?
4   What flavor does lucuma fruit have?
5   What can you see on Canada’s national flag?
6   What dessert do you like, and why?

8   Giving Thanks

Pages 50 – 51

1 Write the countries.

1   Baisakhi _______
2   Chuseok _______
3   Thanksgiving Day _______
4   Homowo _______

2 Write the words.

curry   turkey   yams   lentils   rice cakes   pumpkin pie


3 Circle the correct words.

1   People eat lots of yams / rice during Homowo.
2   Chuseok is a harvest festival in Ghana / Korea.
3   Most people eat turkey / fish on Thanksgiving Day.
4   Korean men / women do a special dance for Chuseok.
5   A popular Thanksgiving dessert is cranberry / pumpkin pie.
6   The Indian harvest season starts in April / July.

4 Complete the sentences.

ancestors   parades   temples   pie   crop   games

1   People in Ghana give the best yams to their _______.
2   There are often street _______ during Baisakhi.
3   Kareans play traditional _______ during Chuseok.
4   Pumpkin _______ is a typical Thanksgiving dessert.
5   People visit _______ on the morning of Baisakhi.
6   Yams are a very important _______ in Ghana.

5 Answer the questions.

1   What are songpyeon filled with?
2   When is Thanksgiving Day in the USA?
3   Where do Koreans go on the morning of Chuseok?
4   What do people in Ghana wear during Homowo?
5   What do people watch on Thanksgiving Day?

6 Write about a festival in your country.

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