Family Album USA 6 — Thanksgiving Day

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expressing possibilities
any in negative sentences
come by
What’s gotten into (someone)?
get over
look forward to
go along with

the letter “c” (s and k sounds) sounds to show surprise


  • How do Americans celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday?
  • What is the history of this holiday?


  • What is your favorite holiday?

get to work: to start to work

There’s much more to be done. = We have a lot more to do.

ingredients: the things you mix together to prepare a food

cinnamon: a kind of spice. A spice is a material from a plant. We use spices to give flavor to food. The letter c sounds like s in this word. The letter c usually sounds like s before /, e, and y. Otherwise, it sounds like k.

cabinet: a place to keep things such as dishes and food

It is possible that. . . = Maybe . . .

spice rack


Thanksgiving is a happy holiday on the fourth Thursday of each November. Americans of all religions celebrate this holiday with big dinners and family reunions. It is a time to remember all the good things in life and to be thankful.


• In your country, is there a special holiday for feeling thankful?

• What is your favorite holiday?

Can you do me a favor? = Can you do something for me?

We don’t have any . . . = We have no . . . A negative sentence with any usually means the same as a positive sentence with no.

That’s my boy! = You’re a good son.

Alexandra might call. = Maybe Alexandra will call, or Alexandra may call.

call her right back: to telephone her immediately

slam the door = to close the door with force, making a loud noise

I see. = I understand.

come by: to visit for a short time

grouchy: in a bad mood; complaining

change: the money returned to you after you pay for something. If Robbie gave the grocer five dollars, and the cinnamon cost a dollar and sixty cents, Robbie’s change was three dollars and forty cents.

Make you feel better. = It will make you feel better.

Protein. Eating foods with protein is necessary for a healthy diet. Meat, cheese, eggs, and fish contain protein.

What’s gotten into him? = What’s bothering him?



Grandpa says, «Happy Turkey Day!» because turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving Day food.


What foods are typical on different holidays in your country?



There are some possibilities. Rewrite each sentence. Use the word in parentheses. The first answer is given.

It’s possible that Alexandra will call again.
(might) Alexandra might call again.

It’s possible that Philip will have another cup of coffee.
(may) ______________________.

It’s possible that Robbie will feel better soon.
(maybe) _____________________.

It’s possible that Grandpa will talk to Robbie.
(might) ______________________.

It’s possible that Alexandra will come by for dessert.
(maybe) ______________________.


) names six ingredients for his «famous Thanksgiving apple pie.» List as many ingredients as you can remember. look back at the script to check your answers.

1. _________________.      4. ______________.
2. _________________.      5. ______________.
3. _________________.      6. ______________.



There are some of the events at the Stewarts’ home on Thanksgiving morning. Show the correct order by numbering events from 1-8. One answer is given.

__ a. Alexandra called.
__ b. Robbie went to the store.
__ c. Philip looked for the cinnamon.
__ d. Grandpa came into the kitchen.
1  e. Philip counted the apples for his apple pie
__ f. Philip gave Robbie some money.
__ g. Robbie gave Philip the change.
__ h. Robbie tried to telephone Alexandra.

Wowee! You can say Wow! or Wowee! when you are surprised or excited. Wowee! is usually a child’s expression. Both sounds are informal.


Maybe so. = Maybe that’s true.


When can you see parades in your country?

get over it: to stop feeling bad about it

look forward to: to wait for with pleasure. A verb following this expression is always in the -ing form.

turkey dressing: pieces of bread with spices, often cooked inside the turkey. This kind of dressing is sometimes called stuffing.

recipe: directions for preparing food

Wrong number. = Someone called the wrong telephone number.

to help serve: to help to serve. After the verb help, the word to is not necessary before another verb.

Michigan: the University of Michigan. The University of Michigan is a large university in the state of Michigan.

come on: to begin. Use come on with this meaning only to refer to television or radio programs.

Yup. = Yes. This is an informal way to say yes.

I’ve got to . . . =I have got to . . . or I have to . . . This expression means «I must.»


Watching college football games on television is a typical Thanksgiving Day activity.


Which sports are popular in your country?



Complete each sentence with the correct answer. For each sentence, choice a is an expression of like; choice b is an expression of dislike. Circle a or b.

1. At the beginning of Act II, Grandpa ______ watching the Thanksgiving Day parade.
a. loves          b. doesn’t enjoy

2. At the beginning of Act II, Robbie _______ watching the Thanksgiving Day parade.
a. loves          b. doesn’t enjoy

3. Philip really ______ Ellen’s turkey dressing.
a. likes          b. doesn’t like

4. Philip ______ football.
a. is crazy about         b. doesn’t like

5. Ellen ______ it when Robbie slams the door.
a. loves           b. can’t stand

6. Robbie ______ waiting for Alexandra to call.
a. is fond of          b. hates


box_aA. What is the reference of the underlined pronoun in each item? Choose the answers from Box A. Write the letter of each correct answer on the line next to each sentence.

1. Robbie:       It‘s for kids. _____
2. Ellen:      . . . he’ll get over it. ______
3. Grandpa:       It‘s Grandma’s recipe. _____
4. Robbie:       Is it for me? ______


box_bB. What is the reference of the underlined pronoun in each item? Choose the answers from Box B. Write the letter of each correct answer on the line next to each sentence.

1. Grandpa:       … parades always make me feel like a kid. _____
2. Ellen:      … he missed a phone call from Alexandra. ____
3. Ellen:     I look forward to seeing you and Harry and Michelle. ____
4. Ellen:    …would you join me in the kitchen, please? ____

settlers: people who come to live in a new place

harvest: the grains, fruit, and vegetables of the season

in that spirit: with the same kind of feeling

give thanks: to say thank you

That was very kind of you. You can use this expression to thank someone.

patient: calm and not complaining


The Pilgrims were a group of English settlers who came to Massachusetts in 1620. They came to America because they wanted religious freedom. They arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, on a ship called the Mayflower. Their first winter was difficult, and many of the Pilgrims died. But the following year, the corn harvest was good, and there was a celebration for three days. That was the first Thanksgiving.


Is there a special holiday to celebrate the harvest in your country?

encouraging: giving courage, hope, or confidence

with an artistic eye: able to see things as an artist

go along with: to agree with

Touchdown. In football, you score six points by catching the ball or running with it across the other team’s goal line.

take a little break: to rest for a short time

could: might

How’d . . . ? = How did . . . ?

pour coffee: to serve coffee



Use the clues to complete this crossword puzzle.



1. What holiday is it?
7. Alexandra calls Grandpa _____ Stewart.
8. Grandpa said, «The Thanksgiving Day parade is always such great _____.»
12. All right
13. There are TOUCHDOWNS in this sport.
15. Ellen said to Philip, «. . . would you join _____ in the kitchen, please?»
16. Cinnamon and pepper are two _____.
17. Philip is Grandpa’s _____.
20. Ellen and Philip got ____  early this morning.
22. They celebrated the first Thanksgiving.
24. Robbie said, «Mom! Is it for me?» Ellen said, «_____, Robbie”
25. Grandpa thinks that Robbie was four ____  five years old when they went to the parade together.
26. The Pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts on this ship.
30. Wonderful.
31. Ellen uses Grandma’s _____ for turkey dressing.
32. How many people were at the Stewarts’ home when it was time for dessert?
33. The oven wasn’t ____  because Philip forgot to turn it on.


1. A Thanksgiving food
2. Philip enjoys making his «famous Thanksgiving ____ pie.”
3. Dressing
4. Ellen keeps the spice rack ____ the kitchen cabinet.
5. Alexandra ____ Robbie’s friend.
6. Robbie was grouchy because he missed Alexandra’s telephone _____.
7. Robbie calls his mother ____.
9. The opposite of yes
10. Grandpa said, «Oh, look ____ that float, Robbie.»
11. This store organizes a Thanksgiving Day parade.
14. The Michigan football team needed just ____touchdown to win the game.
18. Grandpa and Robbie watched the parade ____ television.
19. Thanksgiving is in the month of ____.
21. There are ____ in many American cities on Thanksgiving Day,
22. Alexandra brought a ____ pie.
23. I ____ means «I understand.»
27. Ellen gave thanks ____  the food on the table.
28. On Thanksgiving, many people ____ college football games.
29. Robbie said, «Alexandra might call. Tell her I’ll call her ____ back.»
30. Robbie went to the store to ____  some cinnamon.


boxFill in each blank with a preposition from the box. Use each preposition only once.

1. «Try to come ____  later ____ dessert.»
2. «What’s gotten ____ him?»
3. » . . . he’ll get ____it.
4. «I look forward ____ seeing you and Harry and Michelle.»
5. «What time does the Michigan football game come ____?»

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