Family Album 4 — A piece of Cake

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In this episode, you will study . . .


It’s a snap.
No sweat.
It’s a piece of cake.
How much? and How many?

can (cn)
What do you . .. ? (Waddaya)
did you (didja)
don’t you (dontcha)

What do Americans do to stay healthy?


What kinds of exercises are popular in your country?

Aerobic exercises are very popular in the United States, Today, millions of Americans are exercising for good health. One out of every ten Americans exercises every day to stay in shape (in good physical condition). This fitness craze (interest in exercising and eating healthy foods) is popular all across the country. Each year in many cities, including Boston, New York, San Fransisco, and Honolulu, there are long-distance races, or marathons. Even ordinary people run in these events. Every day in the United States, thousands of men, women, and children run through parks or city streets for good health. More than ever before, a good diet and exercise program are important in the United States. Today, fitness is part of the American way of life.

• What kinds of exercises are popular in your country?
• What exercises do you do every day?


"I lift weights . . ."
«I lift weights . . .»

exhausted: very tired

advanced: more difficult

nonstop: without stopping

teases: annoys by joking with someone

No problem. = It’s easy.

aerobics: exercises for good breathing and a heart

different than: The better form is different from. Like Marilyn, Americans use than after the word different.

I could . . . = It is possible for me to . . .

work out: to exercise

without a doubt: sure; of course

It’s a snap. = No sweat. Both expressions mean «It’s easy.»

He snaps his fingers.
He snaps his fingers.

kidding: joking with

a piece of cake: easy

You want to bet? = Do you want to bet?

bet (verb): to agree to pay or do something, as in a game. In Do you . . . questions, it is common not to say Do. Also, Richard pronounces want to as wanna. This is a common informal pronunciation.

bet (noun): an agreement between two persons to pay or do something if one person is wrong

I can go . . . = I can exercise . . . Pronunciation: I cn go. When can has a verb after it, we do not usually pronounce the a in can because the word is not stressed. It is not a strong syllable in the sentence. (Here, go means «to exercise.»)

entire: whole

on my way over: leaving for a place

set: arranged

And that includes Susan. Susan is Richard’s sister. She doesn’t live with the family. She has her own apartment in Manhattan.


Answer each of the following questions. Tell the truth about yourself. Circle a, b, or c.

Can you run a mile?
a. Yes, it’s a piece of cake.  / b. Yes, but it’s rough for me. /  c. No, I can’t.

Can you swim for half an hour without stopping?
a. Yes, it’s a snap. /  b. Yes, but it’s tough for me. /  c. No, I can’t.

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?
a. No problem. / b. Yes, but it’s not easy for me. / c. No, I can’t.

Can you lift thirty pounds?
a. No sweat. / b. Yes, but it’s difficult. / c. No, I can’t.

Can you hold your breath for a minute?
a. Yes, it’s a piece of cake. / b. Yes, but it’s hard. / c. No, I can’t.

Read Act I to find the answers to these questions. Write the answers on the lines. Try to find all the answers in two minutes!
How long does Richard lift weights every morning? _____________
What time is the next aerobics class? _____________
Hon long does Richard think he can exercise in the class? ___________
What is Jack Davis’s telephone number? ______________
What time does Richard call Jack? ________________
How long does it take to get to the class by bicycle? ____________

Marilyn and Richard make a bet about the aerobics class. Which two sentences explain their bet? Circle the numbers the two correct answers.
1. Richard will be able to do aerobics with no problem, and Marilyn will cook dinner.
2. Richard will not be able to do aerobics, and Marilyn will cook dinner.
3. Marilyn will be able to do aerobics with no problem, and she will cook dinner.
4. Marilyn will not be able to do aerobics, and she will cook dinner.
5. Richard will not be able to do aerobics, and he will cook dinner.

Many Americans have a complete physical once a year. During a complete physical, the doctor checks the patient’s pulse and blood pressure. The patient may also have blood tests and a chest X-ray. At the end of a physical, the doctor may recommend a fitness program (a diet and exercise) for good health.

When was your last complete physical?

120 over 75; 122 over 80: 120 over 80 is perfect blood pressure.

Nope. = No. This is a very informal word.

What do you do for a living? = What is your job? A common pronunciation of What do you is Waddaya.

did you: Jack uses the common informal pronunciation, didja

don’t you: Jack uses the common informal pronunciation, dontcha.

Anytime. = It’s not important when; you decide.

switch: change

twists: turns from side to side

tango: a dance from Argentina

ideal: perfect

What do you mean? The informal pronunciation is Waddayamean?

You are in great condition. = You do have a very strong and healthy body.


is the correct spelling for each word or phrase in italics? Circle a or b.

1. Waddaya mean?
a. What do you / b. What did you

2. Didja ever think of that?
a. Did he / b. Did you

3. Dontcha like the idea?
a. Don’t you /  b. Doesn’t he

4. I cn do it.
a. couldn’t / b. can

What happens after the class? Circle a, b, or c.

1. Richard sings and dances because
a. he is happy that he won the bet, and he doesn’t have to cook dinner for the entire family,
b. he enjoys doing exercises, and he wants to teach some exercises to Marilyn,
c. he wants Marilyn to think that he feels fine after exercising.

2. Richard makes Marilyn believe that
a. he didn’t really exercise.
b. he photographed the class.
c. he exercised with no problem.

3. Richard
a. tells Marilyn the truth.
b. doesn’t tell Marilyn the truth.
c. doesn’t remember the truth.

How much broccoli… ? We ask how much with uncountable nouns like broccoli, lettuce, water, and traffic. We ask how many with countable nouns like tomatoes, onions, glasses and cars.

pony: a young horse. Here, the instructor means a dance step.

Pick up the pace. = Move more quickly.

scissors (Here, the instructor means a kind of exercise.)
(Here, the instructor means a kind of exercise.)

barely: almost not at all

jogging: running slowly for exercise

in place: in the same position

That’s it. = That’s the end.

Huh? = Right?

in great shape: in good physical condition. This is an informal use.

last: can stay


Marilyn asks, «Richard, how much broccoli do I need for seven people?»

Use how much with uncountable nouns such as water and rice. Uncountable nouns do not usually appear in the plural form. Use how many with countable nouns such as apples and oranges.

Write How much or How many at the beginning of each of the following questions.
1.____ tomatoes does she need?
2.____ lettuce does she need?
3.____ cucumbers does she need?
4.____ onions does she need?
5.____ salad does she need?
6.____ potatoes does she need?
7.____ steaks does she need?

Read the clues. Then find the words and circle them. The answers are written across, down, or at an angle. Three answers are circled for you.

1. Aerobics are exercises for good breathing.
2. Jack Davis.
3. To exercise means the same as to work out
4. A doctor’s exam is a ____.
5. Jack offers a month of free ____ in his class.
6. Exercise and a diet are important for good ____.
7. Richard lifts ____.
8. Richard has a strong ____ in his arm.
9. It’s easy! It’s a piece of ____.
10. It’s easy! It’s a ____.
11. Richard jokes with Marilyn about being tired. He ____ her.
12. It’s not a beginner’s class; it’s an ____ one.
13. Marilyn’s husband’s name is ____.
14. Richard and Marilyn make a ____ about the class.
15. Jack takes Richard’s blood ____.
16. Richard shows Marilyn the muscle in his ____.


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