Family Album 2 — the Blind date

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In this episode, you will study…

stomach ache

following directions
making polite suggestions
offering and ordering food

changing the subject


saying telephone numbers


• Do Americans like international foods?
• What kinds of jobs do most Americans have?


• Did you ever have a blind date?
• Were you ever a baby-sitter?

Упражнения и английские толковые словари к Family Album 2:


Susan and Harry are on a blind date. They don’t know each other, and this is their first meeting. Blind dates are common in the United States. A friend or a member of the family often arranges this kind of date.


• Are blind dates common in your country?
• Did you ever have a blind date or arrange one for someone else?


traffic light
traffic light

street vendor A street vendor sells food or other things on the street.

What do you want? The informal pronunciation is Waddayawant?

Make a left turn. = Turn to the left.

Yeah. = Yes. This is an informal word

hot dog: a frankfurter

date: a plan to meet someone at a specific time

ma’am: madam Use ma’am when you speak directly to a woman and you don’t know her name. To a young woman, you  say miss. To a man, you say sir.

blocks: streets


Nice to meet you. = It’s nice to meet you. Use this expression when you meet someone for the first time.

traffic: many cars on the road

parking: trying to find a place to leave the car

What pretty flowers! — The flowers are very pretty.

Excuse the mess. = I’m sorry that things are not neat

just: recently; a short time ago

sister-in-law: a brother’s wife

Pleased to meet you. = Nice to meet you. The complete form is I’m pleased to meet you.

reservation: an arrangement to hold a table in a restaurant for a specific time You also make reservations for hotel rooms, theater tickets, and airline tickets.

baby-sitter:  Parents pay a baby-sitter to watch a child while they are away from home.

five five five … seventeen twenty:  This is one way to say the telephone number  555-1720.

five five five … one seven two oh: This is another way to say the telephone number 555-1720. Pronounce the first three numbers of a telephone number by saying one number at a time. Say the last four numbers individually or in two parts.

Shall we … ? Use Shall I or Shall we to make a suggestion. This is a polite use.

Hope to see you again. = I hope to see you again. Use this expression when you say Good-bye to a new friend.

fun: a good time

After you. = I will go after you. This is a polite expression.


Harry’s daughter Michelle stays with a baby-sitter while Harry is on a date with Susan. It is common for American parents to pay a baby-sitter to watch their children for an evening. Teenage girls and boys often work as baby- sitters to earn money after school.


• Do parents in your country often hire baby-sitters?
• Were you over a baby-sitter?


What was the order of Harry’s actions in Act I? In each circle, write the letter of the correct sentence to show the sentence of Harry’s actions. The first answer is given.

  1. He asked a woman for directions,
  2. He tried to telephone Susan,
  3. He found Susan’s apartment,
  4. He called the baby-sitter.
  5. He asked Susan for the telephone number of the restaurant.
  6. He left for the restaurant with Susan.
  7. He asked a street vendor for directions.

In these situations, choose the more polite sentence. Circle a or b.

You meet someone for the first time. Immediately after the introduction you say,
a. «Pleased to meet you.»
b. «Yeah, nice to meet you.»

You are walking out the door with a friend. You say,
a. «You go first.»
b. «After you.»

Your friend is visiting your home, and you are feeling warm. You say,
a.  «May I open a window?”
b. «Can I open a window?

You are watching television with a friend. You want to suggest a program, so you say,
a.  “Shall we watch Family Album, U.S.A.»
b. «I think we should watch Family Album. U.S.A.»


People in the United States often eat international foods. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese restaurants are especially popular. In New York City you can find the food of most nations in the world.

• Are there many international restaurants in your country?
• What is your favorite international food?



Thai restaurant This restaurant serves food from the country of Thailand.

Would you like … ? = Do you want.. Use this phrase to offer food or a drink.

I’d like … = I want… Use this phrase to order food or a drink. 4 How about… ? This phrase is another way to offer.

mee krob: a popular Thai dish

I’ll have … This phrase is another way to order.

May I bring you … ? This phrase is another way to offer.

I’ll take care of everything. = I’ll get everything for you.

starving: very hungry

vice-president of new toy development: People bring Susan ideas for new toys. She has an important job in the company.

CPA: certified public accountant . An accountant keeps business records. To become a CPA; an accountant must pass a government test.

firm: a business company.

Please forgive me. = I’m sorry.

What’s the matter? = What’s the problem?

stomachache: a pain in the stomach The pronunciation of ch in this word sounds like k.


Here is a menu from an American restaurant. Imagine that you want to order lunch. Use the phrase I’d like or I’ll have.


A. Before Harry left the restaurant, Susan learned some things .about his life. Try to complete the following sentences. If necessary, you can read Act 2 again to find the information.

Harry Bennett works as an _____ . He is a CPA, and He loves ____.  Harry has a ______.  Her name is ____.  She is _____ years old.

B. Now complete these sentences with true information about yourself.
I work as a(n) ______.
I love _____.

Write about someone in your family.
My ____’s name is ______ .
______ is _____ years old.

What is the correct order of events in Act II? Write the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on each of the lines to show the correct sequence. The first answer is given.

___a. Harry shows Susan a picture of his daughter.
___b. There is a telephone call for Harry.
___c. Harry leaves the restaurant.
_1_d. Susan introduces Harry to Somsak.
___e. Susan and I tarry order dinner.

In the United States, about 5% of all jobs are in agriculture, fishing, and mining. About 25%, are in manufacturing and construction. The rest of the jobs are in service professions, such as teaching, selling, and medicine.

• Do you have a job? If so, what is it? Which other occupation might you like to have?
• Which occupations in your country are more usual for men than for women? Which jobs are more usual for women?



nervous: not calm; upset

I’m not complaining. = It’s not a problem for me. This is an informal expression.

How… ? Susan doesn’t complete her question. Harry understands that she means «How did you get inside the building?»

apologize: to say you’re sorry

tummy: stomach This is an informal word. Children often say tummy instead of stomach.

As a matter of fact… = It is true …

close: very friendly with each other

Is there anyone else in your life? Here, Susan means, «Do you have a special woman, or girlfriend, in your life?»

midnight: twelve o'clock at night
midnight: twelve o’clock at night

occasionally: sometimes; not often

speaking of: Use this expression to change the subject in a conversation.

where did the time go? = The time passed very ‘ quickly.

You know something? = Do you know something? This expression means «I really want to say this to you.»

going to Harry says gonna. This is the informal pronunciation of the future tense with going to.

Have a safe trip home. You can use this expression when you say good-bye.

I never liked that umbrella stand. To make a situation less serious, you can use the expression I never liked ____  or I never liked ____ anyway.  For example, imagine that a dish falls and breaks. Instead of making someone feel bad about it, you might just say, I never liked that dish, anyway.


Write the name of each person’s job on the line below each picture. The first answer is given.

2. ________
2. ________
1. Vendor
1. Vendor
3. ________
3. ________
5. ________
5. ________
6. _______
6. _______

Harry had a busy evening. Draw .i line to show the correct order of events.


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