Family Album 1 — 46 Linden Street

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Упражнения и толковые словари к эпизоду:

 In this episode, you will study ..

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty


exchange student


introducing yourself
responding to introductions
introducing others


asking for permission
accepting thanks
the order of adjectives


I’ve got to… (I’ve gotta)
Let me… (Lemme)
hour (hour)


What is the population of the United States? What is special about the subway system in New York City?


• From which nations do immigrants come to your country?
• How do most people travel to work in your city or town?



Excuse me. Use this expression to get someone’s attention.

My name is …  Use this phrase to introduce yourself.

Photographer  A photographer’s job is to take pictures with a camera.

May I… ? = Can I… ?  Use May I or Can I to ask for permission. May is more polite than can.

pictures:  photographs

I appreciate your help.  = Thank you for helping me.

I’m…  Use I’m to introduce yourself.

point:  to use your finger to show direction

My pleasure.  Use this expression after someone says Thank you.

Bye. = Good-bye.

five thirty
five thirty

Thanks. = Thank you

You’re welcome. Use this expression after someone says Thank you.

Hey! This word shows that Richard has a new idea. It is a very informal word.

exchange student  An exchange student goes to school in a different country for a short time and lives with a family in that country.

Here they are. = They are here. This word order is common when you find something and want to show it.

photo album: a book of photographs

toy: something a child plays with

What about … ? = Tell me about…

the Bronx: one of the five boroughs, or areas, of New York City. The other boroughs are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Hispanic: Spanish-speaking

It was nice meeting you. =  It was a pleasure meeting you. Use these expressions to say good-bye after meeting for the first time.

I’ve got to go. = I must go. The informal pronunciation is I’ve gotta go.

By the way…  Use this phrase to change the topic of conversation.



What did Alexandra learn about Richard and his family? What did Richard learn about Alexandra? Read the facts in the box. Then write each fact on the line under the correct picture. The first answer is given.

Her name is Ellen.   /  She’s Richard’s wife.   /  He’s a doctor.   /  He’s a photographer.

He goes to high school. / She works for a toy company. / She’s from Greece. / He lives in Florida.



What is the correct order of the following events in Act I? Write the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on each line to show the correct sequence. The first answer is given.

_a. Richard photographs Alexandra.
_b. Richard leaves his bag on the boat.
_c. Richard tells Alexandra his name.
_d. Alexandra offers to help Richard,
_e. Richard shows Alexandra some photos.

New York City
New York City


Alexandra is taking the subway to Richard’s house. The New York City subway system is the longest underground train system in the world. The subway runs 137 miles (220.6 kilometers) under the city.


• How do most people travel to work in your city or town?

• Is there a subway system in your country?


 six o'clock:
six o’clock:

Anytime. = My pleasure. Use Anytime after someone thanks you for doing something.

uptown platform: the place to wait for trains going north

boutique: a small store that sells clothing and other special items

Let me … = Permit me . .. The customer uses an informal pronunciation. She says  Lemme.

try (it) on You try on an item of clothing to be sure that the size is correct and that you like the way it looks.

The traffic is very heavy. = There are many cars.

 hour Do not pronounce the letter h in this word. Hour sounds the same as the word our.

five forty-five
five forty-five

lost-and-found office If you find something that doesn’t belong to you, you can take it to a lost-and-found office. People can go to this office to get their lost things.

small canvas bag: Two adjectives describe the bag: Small tells the size; canvas tells the material. The order of adjectives is size before material.

Thanks, anyway. Use this expression to thank someone who tries to help but isn’t able to.


Use these expressions to thank someone:

ten after six
ten after six

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

It was very nice of you.

I appreciate your help.

I appreciate it.

Use this expression to thank someone who tries to help but isn’t able to: Thanks, anyway.

Use these expressions after someone says Thank you:

You’re welcome.

six thirty
six thirty

I’m glad that I could help.

Glad that I could help.

Don’t mention it.

It was nothing.

My pleasure.



Complete each of the following lines by choosing a or b. Circle the letter of each correct answer.

1. Richard: (to Mrs. Vann) Thank you _________
 a. I appreciate your help     b. My pleasure

2. Richard: Thank you, Gerald. And thank you, Mrs. Vann.
Mrs. Vann: Oh, _____________
a. I appreciate your help    b. my pleasure

3. Alexandra: (to the policeman): Number 1 train to Van Cortlandt Park. Thank you
Policeman: _________Good luck.
a. It was very nice of you    b. Anytime

4. Marilyn: (on the telephone to the lost-and-found office) Thank you.
(to Richard) Sorry, Richard. They don’t have it.
Richard: ____________
a. Thanks, anyway      b. Don’t mention it


Draw a line from each question at the left to the correct number or time at the right. The first one is done for you. You may need to reread the script for Act II to find the answers. Try to complete this activity in less than two minutes!

1. What is the number of Richard’s house on Linden Street?
2. Which train does Alexandra need to take?
3. Which size does Marilyn’s customer wear?
4. What time did Marilyn expect Richard to arrive at the boutique?
5. What time is Robbie going to serve dinner?
6. What is Richard’s home telephone number?
7. What is the telephone number of the lost-and-found office?

a. 555-0808 /  b. 46 /  c. 6:30 / d. 10 / e. 555-3090 / f. 5:45 / j. 1


Usually, when men or women meet someone for the first time, they shake hands and say, «It’s nice to meet you.» The formal form «How do you do? » is much less frequent. Asking about jobs or studies is a typical way to begin a conversation after meeting someone for the first time.


• When you meet someone for the first time, do you always shake hands?

• What topics do you usually talk about with that person?



dessert: something sweet at the end of a meal

We’ve got .. = We have got… The meaning is the same as «We have.»

Me, too. = I’ll also have chocolate ice cream

stuff: things

How do you do? This is a formal expression to say after someone introduces you.

This is … Use this phrase to introduce people. You may also say, I’d like you to meet. . .

It’s nice to meet you. Use this expression after someone introduces you. It is less formal than flow do you do?

Excuse me. Use this polite phrase before you walk away from someone.

Take it easy. = Relax; be calm.

pediatrician: a children’s doctor


What does you father do? = What is your father’s job?

do Here, do means «really.»

You really saved the day for me. = You really helped me a lot.



Usually, there is more than one way to say something. Choose two possible sentences for each of the following situations. Circle the letters of the two correct choices.

1. Richard wants to introduce himself to you. He says,
a. «I’m Richard.»
b. «My name is Richard.»
c. «I’d like you to meet Richard.»

2. Richard wants to introduce Marilyn to you. He says,
a. «It’s nice to meet you, Marilyn.»
b. «This is Marilyn.»
c. «I’d like you to meet Marilyn.»

3. Robbie introduces Alexandra to you. She says,
a. «It’s nice to meet you.»
b. «How do you do?»
c. «This is Robbie.»

4. After meeting Alexandra and having an interesting conversation with her, you have to leave. You say,
a. «It was a pleasure meeting you.»
b. «It was nice meeting you.»
c. «How do you do?»

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