Love story

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Трагическая история любви молодой пары.

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Смотреть / слушать бесплатно онлайн аудиокнигу на английском «Love story» (stage 3):


club a group of people with the same interests, and the building where they meet
damn/dammit words used to show that you are angry, disapproving, etc.
disagreement when people don’t agree with each other
dormitory (dorm) a building where American university students sleep
examination (exam) a test, usually written in a short time, to show how much you know about something
expect to think that something will happen
God the ‘person’ who made the world and controls all things
graduate (v) to finish university successfully and pass your exams
hurt to make somebody feel unhappy
ice hockey a sport played on ice. using long sticks to hit a puck
insurance money paid each year to a company, which then pays your hospital bills, etc. if you are ill
kiss (v) to touch someone with your lips in a loving way
law the rules of a country, which all the people must obey
lawyer a person who has studied law
make love to sleep with (have sex with) someone
marriage when a man and a woman are married
Olympic Games the most famous sports meeting in the world, which happens every four years
Peace Corps an organization in the USA that sends young people to work in and help other countries
penalty the time a hockey player must spend out of the game because he has done something wrong
perfect without mistakes and excellent in every way
piano a large musical instrument with black and white keys
prep school an expensive private school for rich children
Preppie a word for a young man who has been to prep school
pride the feeling when you are pleased about something you are or have done
proud pleased about something you or others have done
puck the round flat ‘ball’ used in ice hockey
rebel (v) to fight against what somebody has told you to do
relation a member of a family
scholarship money given to a clever person to pay for their studies
score (f) to get a goal, a point, etc. in a game or sport
stitch (n) a piece of thread that holds a cut together and stops it bleeding
support (f) to provide the money needed for someone’s food, clothes, etc.
team a group of people who play a sport together, against another team
throw (v) to send something flying through the air
threw past tense of ‘to throw’


A. Checking your understanding

Chapter 1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1 Oliver was in his first year at Harvard university.
2 Jennifer Cavilled was studying music.
3 Oliver’s father gave Barrett Hall to Harvard University.
4 Harvard won the Dartmouth ice-hockey match by seven goals to zero.
5 Oliver scored three goals in the Dartmouth match.

Chapters 2-3 Who in the story said . . .

1 In sport, the important thing is the playing, not the winning.’
2 ‘I hope you hit the man who hit you.’
3 ‘All Barretts have to be successful.’
4 ‘You’re going to fail your exams. Oliver.
5 ‘Love? At your age? I worry about you, I really do.’
6 ‘You should always continue your music’
7 ‘Afterwards you have to go back to where you belong.

Chapters 4-5 How much can you remember? Check your answers.

1Where did Jenny’s father live?
2 Why was Oliver so worried about meeting Jenny’s father?
3 Why did Oliver go to see the Head of Harvard Law School?
4 How many people were at the wedding?
5 What was the invitation that arrived for Oliver and Jenny?
6 Why did Oliver and Jenny get so angry with each other?

Chapters 6 — 7 Write answers to these questions.

1 How did Oliver do in his law school examinations?
2 What did Oliver want to call his son?
3 Why couldn’t Oliver go to Chicago for his work?
4 Why didn’t Oliver and Jenny have health insurance?
5 Why did Oliver go to see his father?
6 What did Phil Cavilleri do when he heard the news about Jenny?
7 What was the last thing that Jenny asked Oliver to do?


B. Working with language

1 Use these words to join the two sentences together.

because / while / so / although / after

1 Jenny worked as a teacher. Oliver studied at law school.
2 Oliver and Jenny didn’t have much money. They were very happy.
3 Oliver and Jenny didn’t go out to restaurants. They were too expensive.
4 Their lives changed. Oliver passed his law exams.
5 Oliver and Jenny had no health insurance. Oliver borrowed money from his father.

2 Put these sentences in the right order. Then check your order with
Chapters 3 and 4.

1 Afterwards, she told him that she was going to study music in Paris.
2 Then they told their parents.
3 One evening Oliver went to hear Jenny play the piano with the Music Group.
4 When he told Oliver this. Oliver got angry and walked out of his father’s life.
5 Jenny’s father was very happy about the news, but Oliver’s father was not.
6 So he asked her to marry him and she accepted.
7 He thought Oliver was too young to get married and he wanted him to finish law school first.
8 Oliver did not want Jenny to leave him.


C. Activities

1 You are a friend of Jennifer’s and have just heard that she is going to marry Oliver. You think she should continue with her music and go to Paris to study. Write a letter to her. explaining your reasons.

2 Imagine the conversation between Mr and Mrs Oliver Barrett the Third after Oliver’s visit with Jenny.

3 Jenny thought that Oliver was unkind to his father. Do you agree with her? What were the problems between Oliver and his father? Write a short paragraph, describing the father and son.

4 ‘Love means you never have to say you’re sorry.’ Do you agree? Why? / Why not?

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