Love or Money?

love_or_moneyАдаптированная аудиокнига детектив на английском языке Love or Money? (Любовь или Деньги?).

Первый уровень изучения английского языка (400 основных слов).


Любовь или Деньги?

Вы хороший детектив? Если это так, то вы должны найти убийцу быстрее чем инспектор Волш.  Волш — полицейский детектив; он работает медленно, но очень тщательно. Вы быстрее?

Что делает детектив? Детектив ищет ключи — зацепки. Множество ключей — и больших и маленьких, которые могут указать на настоящего убийцу. Ключи не легко найти. Но в этой истории множество зацепок. Некоторые ключи хороши — они помогут вам. Другие ключи плохие — они помешают вам найти убийцу. Вы должны читать внимательно, или вы можете пропустить эти зацепки.

Помните: вы не должны верить тому, что говорят люди. Ведь очевидно что убийца будет лгать. Возможно другие люди тоже будут лгать по разным причинам. И, возможно, они хотят, чтобы кто-нибудь умер. Но кто хочет … и убьёт? Вы сможете найти убийцу?

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Before Reading

Read the back cover of the book. How much do you know
now about the story? Choose Y (yes) or N (no) each time.
1 Molly Clarkson is fifteen years old. Y/N
2 Molly is having a small party. Y/N
3 The four people at the party need Molly’s money. Y/N
4 Someonei s going to kill Molly. Y/N

Now read the introduction on the first page of the book.
Are you a good detective?C hooseY (yes)o r N (no).
1 Inspector’Vfalsh works quickly. Y/N
2 A detective looks for clues. Y/N
3 A good clue stops the killer. YiN
4 There are no clues in this story. Y/N
5 The killer is going to lie. Y/N

Can you answer these questions about detective stories?
1 Do you know any famous detectivesf rom storiesi n
films or on television?’What were their names?
2 Does the detective always catch the murderer?
3 Is ‘Love or Money?’ a good title for a detective story?
What does it tell you about the story?

While Reading

Read Chapter 1, then answer these questions.
1 Who had no money for the train ticket?
2 Why was Jackie angry with her sister?
3What did Molly want Jackie to do?
4 Why was Peter Hobbs very angry with Molly?
Read Chapter 2. Who said these words in the chapter?
1 ‘She needs a nurse twenty-four hours a day.’
2 ‘Lll your things are expensive.’
3 ‘It’s a lot of work for you. The house is big, too.’
4 ‘Nobody is getting more money from me.’
5 ‘One day I’m going to kill that woman.’
Read Chapter 3, then answer these questions.
1 . . . foundMolly’s body?
2 . . .heard a cry from Molly’s room?
3 . . . phoned  the doctor ?
4 . . . took sleepingtablets?
5 . . . looked for the bottle of sleeping tablets in the room?
6 . . . phoned  the  police ?

Before you read Chapter 4, can you guess the murderer’s
name? Put P (perhaps) or N (no) by these names.
Uncle Albert
Diane Clarkson
Jackie Clarkson
Peter Hobbs
Roger Clarkson
Tom Briggs

Read Chapters 4 and 5. Here are some untrue sentences about the chapters. Change them into true sentences.
1 Somebody put sleeping tablets in Roger’s coffee.
2 Nobody saw Molly in her room that night.
3 Albert needed money because he was ill.
4 Jackie made hot milk and took it to Diane.
5 At midnight Jackie went downstairs to see the dogs.
6 Peter Hobbs found his job because of Molly.
7 Roger did not want his mother to sell the house.
8 Diane Ioved her mother.
Read Chapter 6. Peter Hobbs and Tom Briggs said these things to Inspector Walsh. Who said what?
1 ‘What? How did she die? When did it happen?’
2 ‘I know she’s dead. Someone in the village told me.’
3 ‘That old woman wrote to my office.’
4 ‘I want half Mrs Clarkson’s garden.’
5 ‘I wanted to kill that woman.’
6 ‘Who? Oh! That’s a friend. It was a long time ago.’

Before you read Chapter 7, can you name the murderer? Write P (perhaps), N (no), or Y (yes) by the names.
Uncle Albert
Diane Clarkson
Roger Clarkson
Jackie Clarkson
Peter Hobbs
Tom Briggs

Read Chapter 7. Before they got to the house, Sergeant Foster asked lnspector Walsh some questions. Match the right answer to each question.
Sergeant Foster’s questions
1 ‘Why is Albert King selling his house?’
2 ‘Tom Briggs didn’t do it. So why is he important?’
3 ‘Diane visited her mother every month and took money from her. How do we know that?’
4 ‘And Roger — why does he want to build houses?
5 ‘What about Jackie? Does she need money?’
6 ‘Did the angry young man, Peter Hobbs, do it?’
7 ‘So who did put those tablets in the hot milk?’
Inspector W alsh’s answers
8 ‘Because M rs Clarkson told Dr Pratt, and he told me.’
9 ‘No. He talked a lot about killing, but he didn’t do it.’
10 ‘Because he needs the money for a nurse for his wife.’
11 ‘No, she doesn’t need money. She needs love.’
12 ‘Come on, Sergeant — you tell me!’
13 ‘Because he lost his job last month and needs money.’
14 ‘He’s important because he was the Clarksons gardener many years ago.’

After Reading

Match the people with the sentences. Then use the sentences to write about the people. Use pronouns (he, she, him) and
linking words (and, but, so).
Molly / Jackie / Diane / Roger / Albert
Example: Molly was fifty years old and was uery rich.
S h e . . .
1. Molly was fifty years old.
2 ___ wanted to marry Tom Briggs but Molly said no.
3 ___ was a good singer but could never get work.
4 ___ lived in an expensive house.
5 ___ ‘s wife was Molly’s sister.
6 ___ killed Molly with sleeping tablets in hot milk.
7 Molly was very rich.
8 ___ didn’t want to sell his house.
9 ___ always got money from her father.
10 ___ lost his job last month.
11___ needed the money for his sick wife.
12 ___ didn’t like Tom Briggs.
13 ___ was very sorry when her father died.
14 ___ put the empty bottle in Diane’s bag.
15′ ___ didn’t want Jackie to marry Tom Briggs’
16 ___ wanted to build housesin Molly’s garden.

This conversation between Diane and Molly happened after the dinner, in Molly’s room. The conversation is in the wrong order. Write it out in the correct order and put in the speakers’names Diane speaks first (number5 ).
1 _’Thank you. Where are my sleeping tablets?’
2 _ ‘Well, I don’t want to talk. I’m not going to give you more money, Diane.’
3 _’Yes, you did. You wanted his money. I heard you at Christmas when you told Aunt Annie that. I,m going to talk to her about it.,
4 _ ‘An accident! No, Mother. Why did you hit that tree? It was daytime and you’re a good driver.,
5 _’Here’s your hot milk, Mother.’
6 — ‘Oh yes, you are! Or do you want me to talk to the police about Daddy? You wanted to kill him. I know.’
7 — ‘Good drivers can have accidents too, you know. Listen,Diane, it was an accident. How many times must I tell you? I was angry with Daddy, but I didn’t  want to kill him.’
8 _’Here’s the bottle, on your table. No, don’t open your book. I want to talk to you about money.’
9 — ‘I didn’t want to kill him, Diane! It was an accident!’
10 ‘Please don’t do that! Annie is very ill!’

Choose a good (G) title for each chapter. One heading is not good (NG). Explain why.
Cbapter 1 The Hottest Day of the Year
The Clarkson Family
Diane Needs Money
Chapter 2 Molly Says No
A Wonderful Dress
A Birthday Dinner
Chapter 3 Dr Pratt Phones the Police
The Bottle of Sleeping Tablets
Diane and the Dogs
Chapter 4 Sergeant Foster and the Tennis CIub
The Police Ask Questions
A Cup of  Hot Milk
Chapter 5 I Didn’t Kill My Mother
Sergeant Foster and Diane
An Old Love Story
Chapter 6 The Picture of a Friend
Inspector Walsh Feels Hungry
Inspector Walsh Knows the Answer
Chapter 7 Mother Gave Me Nothing
Love and Money

Here is a new illustration for the storv. Answer these
questions about the illustration.
1 Who is the girl on the stairs and what is she doing?
2 Who are the other rwo people in this picture?
3 Where is Albert?
4 What happened next? Write three or four sentences.

Now write a caption for the illustration.


Caption: ________________________________________________

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