Anne of green gables

anneАдаптированная аудиокнига на английском языке Anne of green gables (stage 2).


‘Морковка! Морковка! ‘ шепчет Гильберт Блайт через школьный стол, и он тянет руку и дёргает Энн за рыжие косы. Но Энн подпрыгивает и кричит, ‘Ты ужасный мальчик! Я ненавижу тебя! ‘ И она сильно ударяет его по голове книгой.
Жизнь в сонной деревне Авонлеа больше не такая скучная после приезда Энн Ширли, чтобы жить с Кафбетами. Они просили чтобы им прислали мальчика сироту, для помощи в работе, на ферме Green Gables. Но вместо этого, они получают Энн, у которой рыжие волосы и веснушки и которая никогда не прекращает говорить.
Она — прекрасный ребенок, но у неё всегда проблемы! Визит от г-жи Линд, потом пирог для жены священика, и проблема с ее волосами…
И после инцидента в школе, заговорит ли она когда нибудь с Гильбертом Блайтом снова?

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ACTIVITIES (Упражнения):

Before Reading

1 Read the story introduction on the first page of the book,
and the back cover. How much do you know now about the
people in the book? YES  or NO
1 Marilla and Matthew are married.
2 The Cuthberts wanted to adopt a boy.
3 Anne likes eating carrots.
4 Avonlea is a large town in the USA.
5 Mrs I.ynde comes to visit the Cuthberts.
6 Gilbert Blythe is Anne’s best friend.
7 The Cuthberts’ life changes after Anne comes to live with them.
2 This story takes place in Canada, about a hundred years ago. How do you think life was different then? YES  or NO 
1 Could people travel from town to town by train?
2 Did country people drive cars?
3 Did farmers and their families work hard?
4 Did young children sometimes have to work?
5 Did poor children go to school or college?

While Reading

Read Chapter 1. Who said or thought this?
1 ‘Perhaps the children’s home didn’t have any boys.’
2 ‘You — you don’t want me!’
3 ‘The child has too much imagination.’
4 ‘She’s a nice little thing, you know.’
5 ‘But we don’t need a girl!’
Read Chapter 2, and complete the sentences about the people who live in or near Avonlea.
1 ____ Cuthbert looks after her brother, ____,
2 The ___ Cuthberts’ friends are called the _____
3 _____ Barry is eleven years old, just like ____
4 Anne thought that _____ was a horrible, fat old woman.
Read Chapter 3, then answer these questions.
1 .. . was Anne’s best friend?
2 . . . was Anne’s first teacher at school?
3 . . . called Anne ‘carrots’?
4 . . . wanted to stay away from school?
5 . . . was happy to tell Marilla what to do?

Before you read Chapter 4, think about the title, which is More trouble for Anrte. Can you guess what kind of trouble?

YES  or NO
1 forgetting to do her homework
2 making a cake that tastes bad
3 colouring her hair
4 being rude to Mrs Lynde
5 falling into a river
6 needing help from Gilbert
Read Chapter 5. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1 Diana studied for the Queen’s College examinations too.
2 Marilla showed how much she loved Anne.
3 Anne came home every weekend from college.
4 Anne and Gilbert became friends.
5 Anne hoped to get the Avery prize.
Read Chapter 6. Choose the best question-word for these
questions, and then answer them.
Where / What / Why
1 .. . was the matter with Matthew?
2 … did the letter from the Church Bank say?
3 .. . was Gilbert going to teach?
4 . . . didn’t Marilla marry John Blythe years ago?
5 … did Anne decide to stay in Avonlea?

After Reading

1 When Anne first arrived in Charlottctown, perhaps she wrote a letter to Marilla. Use these words from the story to complete the letter. (Use each word once.)
cake, college, farm, forgive, girls, horrible, imagination,
lonely, miss, prize, speak, studying, time, weekend, writing
Dear Marilla,
It’s strange living here in a ____ with a lot of other ____, and not at dear old Green Gables! I really ____ you and Matthew! But you mustn’t feel ____ without me, because I’ll come home next ____on the train. The work is very interesting, and I’m ____ very hard. But there’s also ____ to see my friends. Some other Avonlea girls are here, and of course, that ____ Gilbert
Blythe too! I’ll never ____ him for what happened at school. I don’t ____ to him, and he never looks at me. I’d really like to get the Avery ____ at the end of the year. That’s for English ____, and I know I’m good at that, because I’ve got a lot of ____! Look after Matthew and yourself, and make a big chocolate ____ for next weekend! 1 can’t wait to come home, and see you both, and everything on the ____.!
Love from Anne.

2 Here is a new illustration for the story. Find the best place in the story to put the picture, and answer these questions.
The picture goes on page____,
1 Who is the person in this picture?
2 What is happening at the moment?
3 What is going to happen next?

Now write a caption for the illustration.


3 There are 25 words from the story hidden in this word search. How many can you find in ten minutes? Words can only run from top to bottom and from left to right.


4 Match these halves of sentences to describe Matthew’s death in Chapter 6, and write them out in a paragraph.
1 When Anne arrived back at Green Gables,
2 Marilla was worried about him,
3 And the next morning, when Matthew opened a letter from the bank,
4 The letter said that all the Cuthberts’ money was gone,
5 Anne and Marilla tried to help him,

6 bccause he had heart trouble.
7 Matthew looked much older, and Anne knew at once that something was wrong.
8 but it was too late, and Matthew was already dead.
9 and the bad news was too much for Matthew’s heart.
10 his face went grey, and he fell to the ground.
5 What do you think happened after the end of this story? Perhaps Marilla and her old friend Rachel Lynde had a conversation like this, about five years later. Complete their conversation. (Use one word for each space.)
both, come, exciting, girl, happy, leave, live, looked, marry, miss, sad, stay, sure
Mrs Lynde: Well, Marilla, this is ____ news, isn’t it?
Marilla: Yes, but it’s ____ for me, because it means that Anne will ____ Green Gables. I’ll ____ her a lot!
Mrs Lynde: Of course, but she and Gilbert will ____ and see you very often, I’m ____!
Marilla: Oh yes, Anne’s a good ____. She’s ____ after me well all this time. Poor Matthew! He’d be very ____ to see his little Anne ____ young Gilbert Blythe in Avonlea church!
Mrs Lynde: Where are Anne and Gilbert going to ____?
Marilla: They’re going to find a house near here, because Anne wants to ____ in Avonlea, and look after me.
Mrs Lynde: Well, I hope they’ll ____ be very happy!

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