Little women

Адаптированная аудио книга на английском языке Little women (Stage 4 /  Intermediate).

little women          Четыре девочки из семьи Марч договариваются что они будут стараться быть хорошими на Рождество, не будут ссориться, лениться и думать только о себе. Старшая Мэг не будет жаловаться по поводу её работы и недостатка хороших платьев. Джоу не будет спорить, злиться и беситься как мальчишка. Застенчивая Бэт будет стараться быть храбрее,  а маленькая Эмми будет меньше думать о себе и больше о других людях.

Но, конечно, у них не всегда всё получается и появляются секреты и сердитые слёзы. Но также появляется и смех с весельем, а вскоре и сосед Лори — богатый и одинокий мальчик. Девочки растут и впереди много проблем и трудностей. Дикая Джоу ненавидит идею быть вежливой молодой особой. Мэг скоро будет семнадцать и она готова влюбиться…

Смотреть / слушать онлайн адаптированную аудио книгу на английском языке Little women (Stage 4 /  Intermediate):


complain to say crossly that you do not like something;
forgive to say or show that you are not angry with someone any-more;
gossip to talk about other people, often unkindly;
grow up to become an adult;
look after to take care of someone or something;
perfume a sweet-smelling liquid, which you put 011 your body;
picnic a meal eaten outside, away from home;
play a story that is acted in a theatre, 011 television or radio, etc;
print to put words on paper (books, newspapers, etc.) using a machine;
servant someone who is paid to work in another persons house;
shocked surprised, by something terrible or not at all nice;
skates boots with a piece of metal fixed underneath for moving 0n ice;
telegram a message sent very quickly by electricity or radio;
toy a plaything for a child;
tutor a private teacher for a child or children at their home;
war fighting between countries, or between large groups of people in the same country ;
wicked very bad or wrong;
wine an alcoholic drink made from grapes.


A Cheeking your understanding
Chapters 1-3 Write answers to these questions.
1 Why wasn’t the girls’ father at home that Christmas?
2 Why did Mrs Hummel almost cry with happiness?
3 What happened to Meg’s hair before the New Year’s Eve party?
4 How did Meg get home with her bad ankle?
Chapters 4-6 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1 Aunt March was a nice old lady who never complained.
2 Jo went to visit Laurie to cheer him up.
3 Beth forgot her shyness when old Mr Laurence gave her a piano.
4 Amy hid Jo’s story notebook to make her sorry.
Chapters 7-9 Who in these chapters…
1 … did not like Meg when she was dressed up in fine clothes?
2 … put salt on the strawberries instead of sugar?
3 … was going to become a soldier next year?
4 … knewr a secret about Meg’s lost glove?
Chapters 10-12 Who said these words, and when?
1 «I shall go at once, but it may be too late.»
2 «I’d do it again, if I could.»
3 ‘Oh, Jo! Mrs Hununel’s baby is dead.’
4 «People wouldn’t feel half so bad about me if I was sick.»
5 ‘I don’t know anything about love!’
Chapters 13-14 Find answers to these questions.
1 Why did Jo get so angry with Laurie?
2 Why wouldn’t Laurie tell his grandfather what he had done?
3 W hat was the surprise at Christmas for the March family?
4 Why didn’t Jo want Meg to marrv John Brooke?

B Working with language
1 Put these into the right order andjoin them together to make four sentences. Check your order in Chapter 10.
1 She was gone a long time.
2 and Jo went out to fetch some things from the shops.
3 When the telegram brought the news about Mr March’s illness.
4 because she wanted to do something to help her father.
5 she had twenty-five dollars to give her mother.
6 She had cut off and sold her lovely long hair
7 Everybody hurried to help her get ready
8 but when she came back.
9 Mrs March said she would leave for Washington at once.
2 Choose the best word to join the sentences together.
1 We invited the Laurence boy to our party andbut he didn’t come.
2 Beth was very shy although/so she didn’t go to school.
3 Jo was very angry indeed while/when Amy burned her notebook.
4 They enjoyed being lazv although/and the days seemed very long.
5 We would all be very sorrv imless if anything happened to you.
C Activities
1 When Mr March comes home, be thinks that his daughters have changed. In what ways do you think they are different? Write a few sentences about each of the four, describing the changes.
2 Imagine you are Aunt March. When you get home, you feel sorry that you were angry with Meg about John Brooke. Write her a letter, trying to be friendly, but also warning her that money is
very important.
3 Jo and Laurie will meet again in three years, after Laurie has been to college. Write about 150words, saying what you think will
happen to them.

Об авторе:
 Louisa May Alcott (Луиза Мэй Олкотт) родилась в 1832 году в Пенсильвании, США. Умерла в 1888 г. Она росла в бедной семье и жила трудной жизнью до того, как её книга стала известной.
События книги «Маленькие женщины» основаны на событиях из семейной жизни автора, о четырёх сёстрах Олкотт. Она написала ещё три книги о семье Марч — «Good Wives»  (Хорошие жёны), «Little Men» (Маленькие мужчины) и «Jo’s Boys» (мальчики Джоу).

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