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police tvЭто небольшая аудиокнига на английском языке, озвученная дикторами — носителями языка, для самых начинающих (Starter stage — A1). 250 основных слов английского языка.

Сколько денег вы берёте с собой, когда идёте за покупками? Вы соблюдаете осторожность? Иногда на улицах происходят карманные кражи, в этом случае вам понадобится помощь полиции.

Дэн, Сью и Джим — офицеры полиции в Лондоне. Они не рады тому, что грабители обворовывают людей около магазинов каждый день.

Как они могут найти преступника? Как выглядит вор, он мужчина или женщина? Молодой или старый? Это всегда не просто узнать об этом.

Что у них есть, что может помочь им? У них есть радио, но у воров есть мобильные телефоны. Дэн, Сью и Джим нуждаются в преимуществе, которого нет у грабителей — им нужны наружные камеры наблюдения (Police TV).

Смотреть онлайн адаптированную аудиокнигу на английском языке в видео формате:


Before Reading

1 Look at the front and back covcrs and then answer questions.

1 When does the story happen ?
a ? In the present.
b ? In the future,
c ? Long ago.

2 Who is the story about?
a  Young people.
b  Older people,
c   Children.

3 Who steals money from people?
a  Dan.
b  A robber,
c  The police.

4 What kind of story is this?
a  Frightening.
b  Exciting.
c  ………(You can write your own answer.)

While Reading

1 Read pages 1—3 and then answer these questions.

1 What happens every day near the shops?
a  A woman likes running there.
b  Someone takes money from people,
c  Dan and Sue go shopping.

2 What does the young man do to the old woman?
a  He puts his hand on her arm.
b He puts his hand on her leg.
c  He takes her bag.
2 Read pages 4—6. Who says this in the story?

1 ‘Have you got all your money?’
2 ‘My purse isn’t here!
3 ‘I like running.’
4 ‘OK. But don’t come back!’
3 Read Chapter 2. Answer these questions.

1 What does Sue see over the shop door?
2 What do Dan and Sue do in the shop?
3 How many people come to help the old lady?
4 Who goes to the bank and takes some money out?

4 Read Chapter 3. Are these statements true or false?

1 The man with the long hair picks up the money.
2 The man with the long hair takes the money from Sue.
3 Sue is following a woman with a baby.
4 It’s very quiet in Dale Avenue.
5 Peter Jones takes the radio from Sue’s pocket.

5 Read Chapter 4. Answer these questions.
1 … calls a police car on her radio?
2 … hits Jim?
3 … helps Jim out of the water?
4 .. .goes behind the cafe?
5 … takes Peter’s arms from behind?

6 Before you read Chapter 5, can you guess what happens? Yes or No.

1 The police take Peter to the police station.
2 Linda knows Peter.
3 Linda tries to help Peter.
4 Linda is angry with Peter.
5 Peter runs away, but Linda finds him.

After Reading

1 Use these words to join these sentences together.
and / but / so / because
1 Peter Jones runs into the old woman. She falls down.
2 The old woman looks in her bag. She can’t find her purse.
3 Dan has a radio. He can talk to Sue.
4 Peter is afraid. He sees a radio in Sue’s pocket.

2 Put these seven sentences in the right order.
a  Peter Jones runs into Sue.
b  She drops the money in the street,
c   Sue walks into Smith Street, Peg Lane, and Dale Avenue,
d  He sees the radio in her pocket, takes her money, and runs.
e  The blue-haired man picks up the money and gives it to her.
f  The woman with the baby follows her.
g  Sue takes some money out of the bank.

3 Look at each picture, then answer the questions after it.

11 Who is this?
What is she doing?
22 Who is this?
What is she doing?
33 Who is this?
What is she doing?
44 Who is this?
Who is she talking to?
55 Who is this?
What is he doing?
66 Who is this?
What is he doing?

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