The Secret Garden

secretАдаптированные аудио книги на английском языке.

Книга The Secret Garden уровень pre-intermediate / stage 3.

«Мы похожи друг на друга» — сказал старый Бен Витэрстэфф девочке Мэри. — «Мы не привлекательно выглядим и у нас обоих дурной характер.»

Бедная Мэри! Никто не хочет её. Она никому не нравиться. Её родители умерли и она выслана из Индии домой — жить с дядей в Йоркшире. В большом старом доме, в котором около ста комнат, большинство из которых заперты и закрыты. Раздражённой Мери скучно и одиноко. Целый день нечего делать и не с кем поговорить, кроме старого садовника Бена Витерстэффа.

Но, потом Мэри узнаёт о секретном саде. Дверь скрыта и заперта, ключ утерян. Никто не был в саду около десяти лет, кроме птицы малиновки, которая пролетает над стеной. Мэри наблюдает за малиновкой и чудесами с ключом…

Затем странные крики ночью, раздающиеся по всему дому… Похожие на детские крики…

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A Checking your understanding

Chapter 1 Who said these words in the story?
1 ‘We must leave soon!’
2 ‘Why was I forgotten?’
3 ‘He’s got a crooked back, and he’s horrid!’
4 ‘You must stay out of his way!’

Chapter 2 Who in this chapter…
1 … was cleaning the fireplace in Mary’s bedroom?
2 … knew a lot about wild animals?
3 … buried the key to the secret garden?
4 … was a Yorkshire moor man?

Chapters 3-4 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
1 The door to the secret garden was locked nine years ago.
2 Martha went to visit her family for a week.
3 Mrs Sowerby bought a skipping-rope for Mary.
4 Ben’s favourite flowers were roses.

Chapters 5-6 Find answers to these questions in the text.
1 How did Mary find Colin’s room?
2 Why was the robin so busy in the garden?
3 Why did Mary look at Colin’s back?

Chapters 7-8 Write answers to these questions.
1 Why did Colin get better?
2 Who spoke to Mr Craven in his dream?
3 Why did Mr Craven decide to come home?

B Working with language

1 Put together these beginnings and endings of sentences. Check your answers in Chapter 3.
1 Mary felt lonelier than ever…
2 I like Dickon. …
3 Are things growing in the garden …
4 Before she came to Yorkshire
5 As Mary looked at the hole…
6 She hoped …
7 … she noticed something almost buried there.
8 . . . where he lives?
9 … when Martha had gone.
10 … although I’ve never seen hiin.
11 … they weren’t all dead.
12..-she had not liked anybody.

2 Complete these sentences with information from the. story.
1 Mr Craven buried the key to the secret garden because …
2 Mrs Medlock was angry with Mary when …
3 When Mary asked her uncle for a bit of garden, he …
4 Colin’s legs were not very strongs but…
5 While Colin was becoming healthier, his father …
6 Colin told his father the story, and then …

C Activities

1 You are Colin. Write his diary for the day when he first visited the secret garden.
2 Which person do you like, or dislike, most in the story? Why? Write a few sentences to describe this person.
3 What do you think will happen to Mary, Colin, and Dickon in ten years’ time? Write another paragraph to finish the story. You could begin like this: Wnen Colin and Mary were twenty, they still lived at Misselthwaite Manor…


angel a messenger from God. or a very good person
bad-tempered often cross and angry
bury (past tense buried) to put a person or thing in the ground
confused not able to think clearly, or to understand something
cousin the child of your uncle or aunt
dialect a different way of speaking the same language in a different part of a country (e.g. Yorkshire)
disagreeable not pleasing: bad-tempered
furious very angry
handsome good-looking (usually for a boy or a man)
hop (past tense hopped) to jump on one foot
horrid bad. terrible, not at all nice
magic something strange that can make wonderful, unusual things happen
shocked very surprised (by something unpleasant)
skip (past tense skipped) to jump again and again over a rope that you are swinging
stare to look at someone for a long time
tears drops of water that come from your eyes when you cry
ugly not beautiful
wander to walk slowly with no special plan
whisper to speak very softly and quietly

Tha’ canna’ clress thysen?   —   You can’t dress yourself?
Does tha’ like me?   —   Do you like me?
I likes thee wonderful.  —    I like you wonderfully,
We mun get poor Colm out here in th’ sunshine, an’ we munnot lose no time about it.  —    We must get poor Colin out here in the sunshine,
and we mustn’t lose any time about it.

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