9 серия — The One with the Football

"Эпизод с футболом." Моника и Росс вспоминают детство, и друзья отправляются в парк сыграть в футбол.
baste pour hot fat and liquid over meat while it is cooking
bathrobe soft coat to wear before or after a bath
breakthrough important development that helps solve a problem
buzzer electronic equipment that makes a long sound as a signal
Captain & Tennille American artists
compulsive eater person who is unable to stop eating
concentric circles circles have the same centre, but different sizes
curse magic words which are intended to bring bad luck to sb.
cut to the chase deal with important things; not waste time with unimportant things
down when the ball is out of play
fumble lose the ball during the game
halftime short rest period between the two parts of a sports game
have a shot have a chance
huddle group of people or things that are standing close together
intimidating making you feel frightened or nervous
jersey piece of clothing which is pulled on over head
mono (infectious mononucleosis) infectious disease
nail fasten sth. with nails
pro sb. who earns money for playing a sport
rhyme when the end part of the words sound the same
rumble deep, long sound
savage extremely violent
shallow not deep; not serious
shred very small piece
spectacular extremely good
stuffing mixture of food that is put into meat and etc. before cooking
swollen bigger than usual
tackle try to get the ball from sb. in a game such as football
tag give a touch
tie have the same score at the end of a game
touchdown means of scoring in American and Canadian football
two-by-four standard size of finished wood (2 inches wide and 4 inches deep)
wuss person who is not brave

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