11 серия — The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister

"Эпизод, где Чендлер не помнит, какая сестра." Пьяный Чендлер флиртует с одной из сестер Джо, но потом не помнит, с какой. Новый знакомый Рэйчел, Марк, устраивает её на работу в Блумингдэйл. Моника и Рэйчел разбираются с шумными соседями.
bummer sth. unpleasant or annoying
consolation sth. that makes you feel better about a bad situation
demeaning humiliating; making you feel stupid
den room to relax, read, watch television, etc
eavesdrop secretly listen to a conversation
fool around behave in a silly way or have a good time
gassy containing a lot of gas; talkative, talky
genuinely sincerely, really
giddy feeling as if you cannot balance and are going to fall
grope search for sth. by touching with fingers
hammered drunk
hanger object for hanging clothes on
hummina wow
Jell-O brand name for varieties of gelatin desserts
jump the gun do sth. too soon, before thinking carefully
made up Invented; not true
noose piece of rope tied in a circle
out of nowhere suddenly
pay dues work hard
pogo stick device for jumping through the aid of a spring
pro professional
punch line words at the end of a joke or story that make it funny
sandwich board pair of boards for hanging over shoulders to advertise sth.
savor enjoy sth. pleasant as much and as slowly as possible
screw sth. up make a mistake, or spoil sth.
seamstress woman whose job is making clothes
squint peep; look secretely
stick it out continue doing sth. unpleasant
swoop suddenly attack
throw a party have a party
tick sb. off annoy sb.
top-notch excellent
woohoo exclamation to express extreme satisfaction
сookie darling

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