12 серия — The One with All the Jealousy

"Эпизод с ревностью всех." Росс ревнует Рэйчел к Марку. Моника назначает свидание официанту, который сочиняет странные стихи. Джо учит актёров танцевать.
abridgment shortened form of a work
bachelor man who is not married
barbershop style of singing (typically for four male voices)
brand-new completely new
butt-munch very irritable person
Cliffs Notes summary of a much longer work, typically designed for students
confidante woman who is a trusted friend
dense slow to understand, stupid
goof around spend your time doing silly or unimportant things
playdate appointment for children to get together for a few hours to play
pretentious trying to seem more important than you really are
tale story, esp. one which is not true or is difficult to believe
translucent transparent

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