22 серия — The One with the Screamer

"Эпизод с крикуном." Рэйчел назначает свидание парню (Бен Стиллер), у которого проблемы с нервами. Фиби сутками ждет телефонного звонка.
hang вешать Be suspended or hanging.
caller абонент A social or business visitor. Syn: company.
scream орать Utter a sudden loud cry. Syn: shout, shout out, cry, ...
mean посредственный; средний 1. Approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value. Syn: average. 2. Characterized by malice. Syn: hateful.
patience терпение Good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence. Syn: forbearance, longanimity.
dump сбрасывать Throw away as refuse.
suppose полагать; допускать 1. Express a supposition. Syn: say. 2. Expect, believe, or suppose. Syn: think, opine, imagine, ... 3. To believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds. Syn: speculate, theorize, theorise, ...
borrow занимать; заимствовать 1. Get temporarily. 2. Take up and practice as one's own. Syn: adopt, take over, take up.
cologne одеколон 1. A commercial center and river port in western Germany on the Rhine River; flourished during the 15th century as a member of the Hanseatic League. Syn: Koln. 2. A perfumed liquid made of essential oils and alcohol. Syn: cologne water, eau de cologne.
sweetheart возлюбленный 1. A person loved by another person. Syn: sweetie, steady, truelove. 2. Any well-liked individual.
fabulous невероятный Extremely pleasing. Syn: fab.
definitely определённо Without question and beyond doubt. Syn: decidedly, unquestionably, emphatically, ...
spill проливать 1. Cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container. Syn: slop, splatter. 2. Flow, run or fall out and become lost. Syn: run out. 3. Cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over. Syn: shed, disgorge.
warranty гарантия
expire истекать 1. Lose validity. Syn: run out. 2. Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life. Syn: die, decease, perish, ...
crappy дерьмовый Very bad. Syn: icky, lousy, rotten, ...
cream крем The best people or things in a group. Syn: pick.
worm червь 1. Any of numerous relatively small elongated soft-bodied animals especially of the phyla Annelida and Chaetognatha and Nematoda and Nemertea and Platyhelminthes; also many insect larvae. 2. A person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect. Syn: louse, insect, dirt ball.
sleeve рукав The part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm. Syn: arm.
moron дебил 1. A person of subnormal intelligence. Syn: idiot, imbecile, cretin, ... 2. A city in Argentina, to the west of Buenos Aires.
surround окружать 1. Extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle. Syn: environ, ring, skirt, ... 2. Envelop completely. Syn: smother.
usher судебный пристав 1. An official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber. Syn: doorkeeper. 2. Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656). Syn: Ussher, James Ussher, James Usher. 3. Someone employed to conduct others. Syn: guide.
aisle проход 1. Passageway between seating areas as in an auditorium or passenger vehicle or between areas of shelves of goods as in stores. Syn: gangway. 2. A long narrow passage (as in a cave or woods).
seesaw качаться (на доске) 1. Move unsteadily, with a rocking motion. Syn: teeter, totter. 2. Ride on a plank. Syn: teeter-totter, teetertotter. 3. Move up and down as if on a seesaw.
viciously порочно In a vicious manner. Syn: brutally, savagely.
odd странный 1. Not divisible by two. Syn: uneven. 2. Not easily explained.
understudy дублёр An actor able to replace a regular performer when required. Syn: standby.
hallway прихожая An interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open. Syn: hall.
check проверка A written order directing a bank to pay money. Syn: bank check, cheque.
chuckle хихиканье A soft partly suppressed laugh. Syn: chortle.
representation представление 1. A creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something. 2. A presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image. Syn: mental representation, internal representation.
shame позор 1. A painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt. 2. A state of dishonor. Syn: disgrace, ignominy.
snap щёлкать, лязгать, хлопать (чем-л.) Utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone. Syn: snarl.
throat горло; горловина The passage to the stomach and lungs; in the front part of the neck below the chin and above the collarbone. Syn: pharynx.
groan стон An utterance expressing pain or disapproval. Syn: moan.
uneven неровный 1. Not even or uniform as e.g. in shape or texture. 2. (Of a contest or contestants) not fairly matched as opponents. Syn: mismatched.
performance производительность 1. A dramatic or musical entertainment. Syn: public presentation. 2. The act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment. 3. The act of performing; of doing something successfully; using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it. Syn: execution, carrying out, carrying into action.
production производство 1. The act or process of producing something. 2. A presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television.
miller мельник 1. United States novelist whose novels were originally banned as pornographic (1891-1980). Syn: Henry Miller, Henry Valentine Miller. 2. United States bandleader of a popular big band (1909-1944). Syn: Glenn Miller, Alton Glenn Miller. 3. United States playwright (1915-2005). Syn: Arthur Miller. 4. Someone who works in a mill (especially a grain mill). 5. Machine tool in which metal that is secured to a carriage is fed against rotating cutters that shape it. Syn: milling machine. 6. Any of various moths that have powdery wings. Syn: moth miller.
mannered манерный Having unnatural mannerisms.
portrayal изображение 1. A word picture of a person's appearance and character. Syn: portraiture, portrait. 2. Acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture. Syn: characterization, enactment, personation.
laughable смешной 1. Arousing or provoking laughter. Syn: amusing, comic, comical, ... 2. So unreasonable as to invite derision. Syn: absurd, cockeyed, derisory, ...
talentless бездарный Devoid of talent; not gifted. Syn: untalented.
plague чума 1. Any epidemic disease with a high death rate. Syn: pestilence, pest. 2. A serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal. Syn: pestilence, pest, pestis. 3. A swarm of insects that attack plants. Syn: infestation. 4. Any large scale calamity (especially when thought to be sent by God). 5. An annoyance.
classy классный Elegant and fashionable; "a swish pastry shop on the Rue du Bac"- Julia Child. Syn: posh, swish.
newsstand газетный киоск A stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold.
hurl метать 1. Throw forcefully. Syn: hurtle, cast. 2. Make a thrusting forward movement. Syn: lunge, hurtle, thrust.
outfit снаряжение Any cohesive unit such as a military company.
swear клясться; ругаться 1. Utter obscenities or profanities. Syn: curse, cuss, blaspheme, ... 2. To declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true. Syn: affirm, verify, assert, ...
bang грохнуть 1. Strike violently. Syn: slam. 2. To produce a sharp often metallic explosive or percussive sound. 3. Close violently. Syn: slam.
freshly недавно Very recently. Syn: newly, fresh, new.
curtain занавес 1. Hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window). Syn: drape, drapery, mantle, ... 2. Any barrier to communication or vision.
truck грузовик An automotive vehicle suitable for hauling. Syn: motortruck.
come up подходить; подниматься; возникать
stammer заикаться Speak haltingly. Syn: bumble, stutter, falter.
chirp чирикать Make high-pitched sounds. Syn: peep, cheep, chirrup.
fella парень A boy or man. Syn: chap, fellow, feller, ...
fuzzy нечёткий 1. Covering with fine light hairs. Syn: fuzzed. 2. Indistinct or hazy in outline. Syn: bleary, blurred, blurry, ...
disgust внушать отвращение Fill with distaste. Syn: gross out, revolt, repel.
extinct потухший 1. Being out or having grown cold. Syn: out. 2. (Of e.g. volcanos) permanently inactive. 3. No longer in existence; lost or especially having died out leaving no living representatives. Syn: nonextant.
quack крякать (об утках); лечить снадобьями Utter quacking noises.
dumb тупой Slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity; "although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray. Syn: dense, dim, dull, ...
general общий Applying to all or most members of a category or group.
flight полёт 1. An instance of traveling by air. Syn: flying. 2. A formation of aircraft in flight.
toll медленно и мерно ударять в колокол, благовестить Ring slowly.

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