6 серия — The One with the Dirty Girl

"Эпизод с девушкой-грязнулей." Новая подруга Росса хороша всем, но её квартира — настоящая свалка. Чендлер покупает Кейти подарок на день рождения — её любимую детскую книгу. Джо хочет подарить Кейти ручку с часами. Все убеждают Чендлера в том, что будет плохо выглядеть, если его подарок будет намного лучше подарка Джо. Поэтому Чендлер отдаёт книгу Джо, чтобы её подарил он. Кейти понимает, что подарок Джо купил Чендлер. Моника получает заказ на обслуживание похорон, но у неё нет денег. Фиби ей даёт денег в долг. В результате Моника и Фиби решают основать своё дело по обслуживанию различных мероприятий: Моника готовит, а Фиби занимается денежными вопросами.
caterer провизия Someone who provides food and service (as for a party).
funeral похороны A ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated. Syn: obsequy.
cater угождать Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance. Syn: provide, supply, ply.
garbage мусор Food that is discarded (as from a kitchen). Syn: refuse, food waste, scraps.
widow вдова A woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried. Syn: widow woman.
era эпоха A period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event. Syn: epoch.
handle обрабатывать 1. Be in charge of, act on, or dispose of. Syn: manage, deal, care. 2. Interact in a certain way. Syn: treat, do by.
groan стон An utterance expressing pain or disapproval. Syn: moan.
hamster хомяк Short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches.
cinnamon корица 1. Aromatic bark used as a spice. Syn: cinnamon bark. 2. Tropical Asian tree with aromatic yellowish-brown bark; source of the spice cinnamon. Syn: Ceylon cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon tree, Cinnamomum zeylanicum. 3. Spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree; used as rolled strips or ground.
tear слеза A drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands. Syn: teardrop.
singing пение The act of singing vocal music. Syn: vocalizing.
jacket куртка A short coat.
pile куча 1. A collection of objects laid on top of each other. Syn: heap, mound, agglomerate, ... 2. (Often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent. Syn: batch, deal, flock, ...
pathetic жалкий 1. Inspiring mixed contempt and pity. Syn: pitiable, pitiful. 2. Deserving or inciting pity; "the shabby room struck her as extraordinarily pathetic"- Galsworthy. Syn: hapless, miserable, misfortunate, ...
wrap оборачивать 1. Arrange or fold as a cover or protection. Syn: wrap up. 2. Arrange or or coil around. Syn: wind, roll, twine.
destructive разрушительный Causing destruction or much damage.
rare редкий 1. Not widely known; especially valued for its uncommonness. 2. Not widely distributed. 3. Recurring only at long intervals.
roommate сосед по комнате An associate who shares a room with you. Syn: roomie, roomy.
meaningful выразительный; значимый Having a meaning or purpose.
crossbow арбалет A bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel).
once again еще раз
equipment оборудование An instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service.
notice уведомление An announcement containing information about an event.
negativity негативность 1. The character of the negative electric pole. Syn: negativeness. 2. An amount less than zero. Syn: negativeness. 3. (Chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond. Syn: electronegativity. 4. Characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands. Syn: negativeness, negativism.
lend давать взаймы 1. Give temporarily; let have for a limited time. Syn: loan. 2. Bestow a quality on. Syn: impart, bestow, contribute, ...
supply поставка An amount of something available for use.
worth стоящий 1. (Often used ironically) worthy of being treated in a particular way. Syn: deserving. 2. Having a specified value.
borrow занимать; заимствовать 1. Get temporarily. 2. Take up and practice as one's own. Syn: adopt, take over, take up.
coupon купон 1. A negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed. Syn: voucher. 2. A test sample of some substance.
all but почти; всё кроме
accident несчастный случай 1. An unfortunate mishap; especially one causing damage or injury. 2. Anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause. Syn: stroke, fortuity, chance event.
check out время расчёта (в гостинице и т. п.); контроль
hunt охота 1. British writer who defended the Romanticism of Keats and Shelley (1784-1859). Syn: Leigh Hunt, James Henry Leigh Hunt. 2. United States architect (1827-1895). Syn: Richard Morris Hunt. 3. Englishman and Pre-Raphaelite painter (1827-1910). Syn: Holman Hunt, William Holman Hunt. 4. An association of huntsmen who hunt for sport. Syn: hunt club. 5. An instance of searching for something. 6. The pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport. Syn: hunting. 7. The activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone. Syn: search, hunting. 8. The work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts. Syn: hunting.
according to в соответствии с
recent недавний 1. New. 2. Of the immediate past or just previous to the present time. Syn: late.
can жестяная банка Airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc. Syn: tin, tin can.
settle урегулировать Settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground. Syn: settle down.
crowd толпа A large number of things or people considered together.
payment оплата 1. A sum of money paid or a claim discharged. 2. The act of paying money. Syn: defrayal, defrayment.
sob рыдать Weep convulsively.
award награда A grant made by a law court. Syn: awarding.
grease смазка A thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery). Syn: lubricating oil.
audition прослушивание 1. The ability to hear; the auditory faculty. Syn: hearing, auditory sense, sense of hearing, ... 2. A test of the suitability of a performer. Syn: tryout.
tough жёсткий; выносливый 1. Not given to gentleness or sentimentality. 2. Very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution. Syn: rugged.
wave махать Signal with the hands or nod. Syn: beckon.
mess беспорядок A state of confusion and disorderliness. Syn: messiness, muss, mussiness.
sloppiness разгильдяйство 1. The wetness of ground that is covered or soaked with water. Syn: wateriness, muddiness. 2. A lack of order and tidiness; not cared for. Syn: slovenliness, unkemptness. 3. Falsely emotional in a maudlin way. Syn: mawkishness, sentimentality, drippiness, ... 4. The quality of not being careful or taking pains. Syn: carelessness.
endearing привлекательный Lovable especially in a childlike or naive way. Syn: adorable, lovely.
snort фыркать 1. Make a snorting sound by exhaling hard. 2. Indicate contempt by breathing noisily and forcefully through the nose.
regular стандартный; постоянный; регулярный 1. In accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle. 2. Often used as intensifiers. Syn: veritable.
creeper рептилия Any plant (as ivy or periwinkle) that grows by creeping.
peeper соглядатай 1. A viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others. Syn: voyeur, Peeping Tom. 2. An informal term referring to the eye. 3. An animal that makes short high-pitched sounds.
intermission перерыв The act of suspending activity temporarily.
sanitation санитария 1. The state of being clean and conducive to health. 2. Making something sanitary (free of germs) as by sterilizing. Syn: sanitization, sanitisation.
moan стонать Indicate pain, discomfort, or displeasure. Syn: groan.
shout кричать 1. Utter in a loud voice; talk in a loud voice (usually denoting characteristic manner of speaking). 2. Utter a sudden loud cry. Syn: shout out, cry, call, ...
freak покрывать пятнами или полосами, испещрять Lose one's nerve. Syn: freak out, gross out.
yell кричать 1. Utter a sudden loud cry. Syn: shout, shout out, cry, ... 2. Utter or declare in a very loud voice. Syn: scream.
scream орать Utter a sudden loud cry. Syn: shout, shout out, cry, ...
chuckle хихиканье A soft partly suppressed laugh. Syn: chortle.
stammer заикаться Speak haltingly. Syn: bumble, stutter, falter.
expire истекать 1. Lose validity. Syn: run out. 2. Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life. Syn: die, decease, perish, ...

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