Silicon valley (Кремниевая долина) на английском с субтитрами 5 Сезон

1 Серия - Grow Fast or Die Slow

«Расти быстро или умри медленно» Pied Piper is hiring staff, but the process is slow due to Dinesh and Gilfoyle's nitpickiness. Just out of spite, Gavin Belson hires all 63 coders approached by Pied Piper before the launch of his new mainframe box, a technology which his new employees don't want to work for, as it will be rendered obsolete by Pied Piper's decentralized internet. A raging Belson unassigns all of them. Jared suggests that they acquire Optimoji, a failing company, and hire their staff. They approach the company's CEO Kira, who insists that she must bring her whole staff of 30 along. Duncan, a coder and CEO of a pizza ordering app Sliceline who had been approached by Richard, runs into them and comments on Belson's low blow, something Richard and Jared didn't mention to her. They decide to hire all of her staff, but before they can Duncan moves in and acquires Optimoji, which infuriates Richard. He finds out that Sliceline is losing $5 on each pizza order. Richard ends up spending $19,000 on pizzas to accelerate their bankruptcy. Afterwards, he acquires the company and its entire coding staff of 50, minus Kira and Duncan. Trusting Monica's judgement, Laurie approves this, even if this is way over Pied Piper's payroll budget.

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