Сериал Vikings (Викинги) на английском  1 Сезон

6 Серия - Burial of the Dead («Погребение мёртвых» ) с русскими и английскими субтитрами

Ragnar issues the challenge to Earl Haraldson who initially declines on the grounds Ragnar is a criminal. He remembers what the soothsayer told him however and decides to accept. A pregnant Lagertha, fearing that Ragnar is too weak to win, thinks they should just run away. He is triumphant however with everyone, including his brother Rollo, swearing allegiance to him and his family. Haralson is given a funeral befitting his rank. Roolo. it would seem, has ambitions of his own. It's a long cold winter but in June 794, three viking ships make their way to England and ...

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