Сериал Vikings (Викинги) на английском  1 Сезон

7 Серия - A King's Ransom («Большой куш» ) с русскими и английскими субтитрами

Ragnar and his men - three boatloads in total - arrive in England and build a camp. King Aelle welcomes his brother and asks him to lead his army but they are quickly defeated when Ragnar attacks them in the night. Ragnar accepts Aelle offer to visit him in his house and demands 2000 pounds of gold and silver as a ransom to release the King's brother. The King agrees but wants one of Ragmar's men to be baptized. Aelle has no intention of paying the ransom however and launches an attack on the invader's camp. Back home, Lagertha dispenses justice wisely in Earl ...

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