Drive into danger

Очередная адаптированная для изучения английского языка аудиокнига с текстом от издательства OXFORD PRESS.

«Drive into danger» Starter stage (для начинающих изучение английского языка, основных слов около 250).

Захватывающая история о двух молодых людях — дальнобойщиках, которые попали в неожиданные приключения.

Примечание: ставьте видео во весь экран.

Смотреть / слушать бесплатно онлайн адаптированную аудиокнигу «Drive into danger» на английском языке:


cafe a place where people can eat and drink

coffee a hot drink

danger something that can hurt you or get you into trouble

dirty you need to have a bath when you are dirty

drug something that some people take to make them

feel happy or sleepy

entrance the way into somewhere

fall go down suddenly

ferry a way of getting cars and trucks across the sea

follow go after

gun something that shoots and kills people

jump move quickly or suddenly

licence you need this paper before you can drive a car

motorway a big road where you can drive fast

oil a liquid that helps cars and trucks move

overnight bag a bag with sleeping and washing things

passport you need this book to travel outside your country

throw move your arm quickly to send something through the air

truck stop a place where trucks stop and their drivers eat and drink

wine an adult drink made from fruit


Before Reading

1   Look at the picture on the cover of the book. Now answer these questions.

1   Which word is important for the story? Choose one answer.

a ? trucks               b ? planes              с ? motorbikes

2   The story is . . .

a ? frightening,     b? exciting.          с ? funny.

2   Read the the back cover of the book. Choose one answer.

1   The story happens in. . .

a ? America.            b ? Britain.          с ? France.

2   The end of the story is…

a ? happy.              b ? not happy,       с ? funny.

3   Kim and Andy. . .

a ? I are brother and sister,

b ? are friends,

с ? work together.

While Reading

1 Read pages 1—4. Are these sentences TRUE  or FALSE 

1   Gary is always late for work.

2   Kim is a student.

3   Andy is Mark’s son.

4   Gary does not often drive to France.


2   Read pages 5-7, and then put these sentences in the right order.

a ? At about four o’clock you must stop near Dijon,

 b ? At Calais, look for signs to the A16 motorway,

с ? You need to stop at about one o’clock,

d ? Take the ferry from Dover to Calais,

e ? Get the tables from the shop in Faversham.

3   Read pages 8-11. Use these words to join the sentences together.

And/ but /because

1   Andy and Kim arrive at Faversham. They tell the man about Gary s arm.

2   The ticket goes under the truck. Andy is too far away to get it.

3   The truck is losing oil. It isn’t very bad.

4 Read pages 12-15.

Are these sentences true  or false?

1   Andy says, ‘They make wonderful wine in Burgundy.’

2   A thin man in a black shirt takes something out from under the truck.

3   A red car follows them.

4   The truck runs into the back of the red?

5   Read pages 16-21. Who says:

1   ‘We must phone for help.’

2   ‘Give me that parcel.’

3            ‘Run,

4   ‘Your drugs are in that skip.

6   Read pages 22-24, then answer these questions

1   Where does Kim put the gun?

2   How do the policemen get into the skip?

3   What do Kim eat and drink in the cafe?

4  Why is the man in the wine shop angry?

After Reading

 Here are twenty short sentences. Make ten longer

sentences with and, but, then or because.

1   Gary Slater can’t drive. He has a bad arm.

2   ‘Get the tables from Faversham. Take the ferry from Dover to Calais.’

3   Truck drivers must stop every few hours. They must not go to sleep on the road.

4   Kim and Andy drive away. Gary makes anjmportant phone call.

5   Andy has got the ticket. The truck is losing oil.

6   Kim does not want any wine. She does want some coffee.

7   ‘He’s got our sandwiches. I’ve got his parcel.’

8   Kim stops suddenly. She drives away very fast.

9   Andy opens his window. He throws the parcel into the nearest skip.

10 The man in the green shirt tries to follow Andy, he is too fat and slow.

2 What are they saying? Write the right answers in the spaces

Gary is saying                                     Andy is saying

                                                                             Kim is saying                           The policeman is saying

a ‘Why are we going to a rubbish dump?’
b ‘Where are the two men?’
с ‘OK. You take the ferry from Dover to Calais, then we drive to Lyon.’
d ‘I’m ready. I’ve got my overnight bag.’

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