The elephant man

Это аудиокнига от OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY первой стадии обучения (для изучающих на начальном уровне — beginner). Автор — Tim Vicary (Тим Викэри), который живет и работает в Йорке на севере Англии.

The Elephant man

Он некрасив, он уродлив.  Мать отказалась от него. Дети его боятся и убегают.  Люди смеются и издеваются над ним, называя его «Человеком — слоном».

Но, вскоре, некоторые люди начинают с ним разговаривать и даже слушать то, что он говорит.  В возрасте 27 лет, Joseph Merrick впервые в своей жизни находит друга.

Это правдивая и трагическая  история, основанная на реальных событиях. Также есть известный фильм про «человека — слона».

Рекомендации по просмотру: делайте видео во весь экран.

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GLOSSARY / Глоссарий:

Bath: when you want to wash all your body, you sit in a bath full of water
Below: under
Beside:  next to
Bible: the most important book for Christians
Box:  (in a theatre) a small ‘room’; you can watch the stage from a box, but other people can’t see you cab an old word for ‘taxi’
Card: a piece of paper with your name and address on it (a visiting card); or a card with a picture and a greeting on it (e.g. a Christmas card)
 Chairman: an important man in the hospital
Cloth: trousers, coats, dresses, etc. are made from cloth
country (the): not the town
creature: a living animal
drop:(VJ to let something fall
editor: the most important person in a newspaper office
elephant: a very big grey animal with a long nose and big ears enormous: very big
faithfully: (Yours faithfully) you write ‘Yours faithfully’ at the end of a formal letter
fingers: you have five fingers on each hand fish fish live in rivers and in the sea
food: what you eat
gentleman: a man from an important family
glass (n): you drink tea from a cup; you drink water from a glass
heavy: it is difficult to carry heavy things; 1,000 kilos is very heavy
himself (by himself): nobody was with him
hip: the place where your leg joins your body
hole: an empty space or opening in something
horrible:  not nice; people are often afraid of ‘horrible’ things
kind: nice, good; a kind person often helps people
knee: the middle of your leg where it bends
lady: a woman from an important family
life:  your life stops when you die
lighthouse: a tall building by or in the sea, with a strong light; the light tells ships that there are dangerous rocks
like (prep):  not different: a river is like the sea, because it is made of water
loudly: with a lot of noise
Majesty (Her/His/Your): when you speak to a queen or a king, you say ‘Your Majesty’
marry: to take somebody as your husband or wife
mirror: a piece of special glass; you can see your face in a mirror neck: your neck is between your head and your body
newspaper: you read a newspaper to know what is happening in the world
nose: your nose is between your eyes and your mouth
place: where something or someone is (a room, a house, a town, etc.)
play (n):  you go to the theatre to see a play
police:  the police help people; they also put bad people in prison present:  something that you give to or get from somebody (e.g. a birthday present)
prison:  a building for bad people; they must stay there and cannot leave
Queen (the):  the most important woman in Britain
Sad:  not happy
Scream: (v) to make a loud high cry because you are afraid or angry
shake hands (past tense shook): to hold somebody’s hand and move it up and down as a greeting
shopkeeper: a person who has a small shop
side: the part of something that is not the top, bottom, front or back
skin: you have skin all over your body; people have different skin colours
smell: (past tense smelt) you see with your eyes; you smell with your nose
step: a place to put your foot when you go up or down
stick: (n) a long piece of wood; Merrick walks with a stick
strange: different
stream: a small river
tears: water from your eyes when you cry
theatre: a building where you go to see plays
touch: (v) to feel something with your hand
ugly: not beautiful
voice: you talk with your voice

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