Jungle book

Адаптированная аудиокнига «Jungle book» Stage 2 (Вторая стадия изучения английского языка — Elementary — A2-B1)
Думаю нет надобности делать обзор такой знаменитой книги. Всем известна история о человеческом детёныше, который воспитывался в волчьей стае – Маугли. Отличие этой книги от оригинального рассказа «Книга джунглей» в том, что это адаптированная аудиокнига, т. е. разработанная специалистами для использования в обучении английского языка.

Издательство OXFORD PRESS для OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY. Автор Rudyard Kipling.

Примечания: делайте видео во весь экран.

Слушать / Смотреть бесплатно онлайн аудиокнигу с текстом (в видео формате) JUNGLE BOOK:


Attack:  (v) to try to hurt or kill someone
Bite:  to cut something with your teeth
Chase:  to run after someone or something
Frightened: afraid herd a large group of cows (or other animals) that live and eat together
Hiss:  a long ‘ssss’ sound, which a snake makes
Hunt:  (v) to chase and kill animals for food
Jungle:  a thick forest in hot, wet countries
 King:  the most important man in a country
Law:  something that tells you what you must and must not do
Leader:  the person or animal that tells others what to do
look after:  to keep someone or something well, and away from danger
master-word:  a special or important word, that everybody knows
peace:  a time when there is no fighting or trouble
punish:  to hurt someone because he or she did something wrong
ravine:  a long narrow place with high sides of rock
roar:  (n) a long deep sound, made by animals like tigers
rupee:  money used in India
sad:  not happy
safe:  not in danger
whisper: (v) to speak in a very low, soft voice


Before Reading

1    What do you know about jungles? Choose the best answers to these questions.

1   What is the weather like in a jungle?

a)   It rains a lot.                        d) It is very cold.

b)   It never rains.                      e) It is very hot.

c)    It snows in winter.             f) It is warm, but not hot.

2    Which of these countries have jungles?

a)   Italy                                        d) Spain

b)   Brazil                                     e) India

c)    Canada                                 f) Japan

2    Which of these things do you find in jungles? Underline the most usual things.

beaches elephants rivers
birds flowers sheep
buses fruit shops
chickens gardens snakes
cinemas hills tigers
cows monkeys trees


3 Read the story introduction on the first page of the book, and the back cover. How much do you know now about the story?
Tick one of the boxes for each sentence. yes no
1 The jungle is in Southern India. ? ?
2 Mowgli is a wolf-cub. ? ?
3 Mother Wolf wants to keep the baby. ? ?
4 The baby is afraid of Mother Wolf. ? ?
5 Mowgli dies while he is still a baby. ? ?
6 A bear and a panther are his teachers. ? ?
7 Shere Khan the tiger is Mowgli’s friend. ? ?
8 Mowgli grows up with his wolf family. ? ?
 4 What will happen in this story? Can you guess?  Tick  one of  the boxes for each sentence.  yes  no
1 When Mowgli grows up, some of the wolves want to kill him. ? ?
2 Mowgli leaves the jungle and goes to live  in a village. ? ?
3 He goes to school and learns to read and write. ? ?
4 Shere Khan the tiger goes away and forgets about Mowgli. ? ?
5 Mowgli kills Shere Khan. ? ?
6 Shere Khan kills Mowgli. ? ?


While Reading

Read Chapter 1. Who said these words in the chapter?

1    ‘The man’s cub belongs to us.’
2     ‘I will have this man-cub one day, you thieves!’
3     ‘I will call him Mowgli, the frog.’
4     ‘Let him run with the Pack. I myself will teach him.’
5     ‘It is bad to kill a man-cub.’
6     ‘Take him away, and teach him well.’

Read Chapter 2. Here are some untrue sentences about it. Change them into true sentences.

1    Mowgli always loved his lessons with Baloo.
2     The Monkey-People were quiet and clean.
3    The monkeys carried Mowgli away to a cave.
4     Baloo and Bagheera asked Chil the kite for help.
5    Bagheera called Kaa the python an ‘old yellow fish’.
6    Mowgli wanted to stay with the Monkey-People.

Read Chapter 3. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

Who / What / Where / Why

1.        . . . attacked the monkeys first?
2.       . . . did Kaa the python go?
3.       . . . did Mowgli hear in the dark room?
4.       . . . did Mowgli tell Bagheera to get into the water?
5.       . . . made a hole in the wall?
6.       . . . did Kaa do in front of the monkeys?
7.       . . . was Bagheera angry with Mowgli?


Read Chapter 4, and then complete these sentences with the best word.

1. The animals could not look into Mowgli’s__________ .
2. One day Akela could not kill his_________ in the hunt.
3. The wolves said that a man did not_________ in the Wolf-Pack.
4. Mowgli hit Shere Khan with a_________ stick.
5. Mowgli knew he had to go to the world of_______             .

Before you read Chapter 5, can you guess what will happen?

Tick one box for each sentence.                                                                    yes    no

  1. Mowgli forgets all about his wolf-family.                                         ?       ?
  2. He learns the language of men.                                                              ?     ?
  3. He makes friends with other boys.                                                     ?       ?
  4. He stays in the village for the rest of his life.                                   ?     ?
  5. Shere Khan makes a plan to kill Mowgli.                                           ?       ?
  6. The people of the village help Mowgli to kill Shere Khan.       ?            ?


After Reading

1 Match the names with the animals in this story.

Tabaqui                                         monkeys
Shere Khan                                   the leader of the Wolf-Pack
Baloo                                              a python
Bagheera                                       a kite
Akela                                              a jackal
Bandar-log                                   a wolf
Chil                                                 a tiger
Kaa                                                 a bear
Grey Brother                                a panther

2 Who do these sentences describe? Fill in the names.

1.______teaches the Law of the Jungle to the wolf-cubs.
2. ______is brown and yellow, and ten metres long. His dance is dangerous to watch.
3. ______are noisy and dirty. They make many plans and forget them five minutes later.
4. ______has green eyes and is as black as the night. He is clever, strong, and dangerous.
5. _____kills cows and steals children. He is afraid of fire.
6. _____eats anything, and makes a lot of trouble.

3  How did Mowgli kill Shere Khan the tiger? Put these parts of sentences in the right order to make a paragraph of four sentences.

  1. They put the cows and the buffaloes into two groups
  1. he made a plan
  1. while Mowgli and Akela took the buffaloes to the top of the ravine.
  1. One day Grey Brother came to tell Mowgli that
  1. and then Grey Brother drove the cows into the bottom end of the ravine.
  1. Shere Khan was hiding in the ravine of the Waingunga.
  1. and asked Grey Brother and Akela to help him.
  1. He kept the cows there
  1. When Mowgli heard this,


4    Now finish the story of the death of Shere Khan. Use the words below to complete the passage.

because / so / so / when / and / and / but

_____ the buffaloes began to run down the ravine, Shere Khan heard the noise______ woke up. He too began to run
_____ he could not run fast_______ he was heavy with his dinner and his drink. The ravine was high and narrow
_____ he could not climb out of it,________ he could not get past the cows at the bottom. There was no way for him to escape,  he died under the feet of the buffaloes.


5 Here is a new illustration for the story. Find the best place in the story to put the picture, and answer these questions.

The picture goes on page______

1 Who are the characters in the picture?
2 What did the man want to do?
3 Why is he frightened?

Now write a caption for the illustration

Caption: ___________________________


6    In each of these groups of words from the story, one word does not belong. Which word is it, and can you explain why?

1   run, climb, swim, jump, think
2    cow, deer, kite, buffalo, jackal
3    sun, cloud, moon, cave, star
4    bite, hiss, whisper, roar, shout
5    hill, ravine, mountain, valley, garden
6    brother, hunter, father, sister, mother
7    angry, frightened, tired, tall, hungry


7    Many people have written stories about animals who can talk. Look at these ideas. Do you agree (A) or disagree (D) with them?

1   Animals can’t talk.
2    Perhaps animals can talk, but humans don’t understand their language.
3    Perhaps wolves can talk to wolves and monkeys to monkeys, but wolves can’t talk to monkeys.
4    Animals can’t speak like humans, but they use a language of things like sounds and smells.
5    Some animals are cleverer than humans.


8    Which animal did you like best in The Jungle Book} And which animal do you like best in real life? Explain why.

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