Family Album USA 19 — I Do

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In this episode, you will study . . .


had better
(be) supposed to
(be) about to


  • Who are the best man and the maid of honor at an American wedding?
  • Do all American women change their last name when they get married?


  • In your country, who participates in a wedding ceremony?
  • Do women in your country always change their name after marriage?

Упражнения и Словари к 19 эпизоду Family Album USA:

Act 1

that: so

At this rate. . . = If we don’t hurry . . .

Not to worry. = Don’t worry.

You’d better . . . = You had better… Use had better to warn when you give advice. Had better is a stronger way to say should. It is even stronger than must because it means that if you don’t follow the advice, there will be a negative result. You’d better not make Harry any more nervous … = If you make Harry more nervous, there will be a problem.

lapel pocket
lapel pocket

figure (a way): to find (a way). You often say figure out with this meaning.

tuxedo: a man’s formal suit

they: the store. People sometimes use the plural pronoun they to refer to a single store.

Should be. = Probably.

I’m supposed to . . . = I should . . . Be supposed to refers to something expected.

jitters: a nervous feeling.  You usually say the jitters.

pick up: to go to get

hold on to: to keep

That’s a relief. = Now I feel better.


  • In your country, who participates in a wedding ceremony?
  • Have you been to many weddings?
  • Do you cry at weddings?


Checks the number of the correct sequence. Look back at the script for Act 1 to find the way the ring changed hands.


Here are three uses of the auxiliary should:

  • giving advice—Harry should try to relax. (It’s a good idea.)
  • expressing an obligation—The best man should keep the rings. (It’s his responsibility.)
  • expressing a probability—The guests should enjoy the wedding. (They probably will.)

The auxiliaries had better and be supposed to have related meanings:

  • Use had better (and the negative form had better not) to warn—to mean that something is strongly advisable.

Harry had better try to relax. (If he doesn’t, he’ll be too nervous at the wedding.)

  • Use am/is/are supposed to (and the negative forms am not/isn’t/aren’t supposed to) to express an obligation or probability that someone expects.

The best man is supposed to hold on to the rings. (People expect that.)

Complete the sentences in these new situations with had better or am/is/are supposed to and the verb in parentheses. Write the correct words on each blank line. Some answers must be negative.

1. It’s late now! If you don’t want to miss your plane, I think you ______________ (hurry).

2. I _______________(go) to a meeting now, but maybe I can call to cancel it.

3. I can’t believe that it’s snowing! The weather ______________  so cold this time of year.

4. The traffic is terrible, so you __________(drive).  You can take a bus instead.

5. I think I ________(ask) for directions. I’ve been trying to find the building for an hour!

Act 2

gown: a long, formal dress

something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. In the United States, it is a common tradition for brides to wear «something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.»

antique shop: a store that sells old things

Cot to go. = I’ve got to go. This is an informal, frequently used expression. It means «I must go» or «I have to go.»

are about to: will soon

Susan’s maiden name is Stewart. Her married name will be Bennett. After marriage, many American women take their husband’s last name (family name). Other American women, however, prefer to keep their maiden name. Some American women combine their two names. Therefore, these could be Susan’s choices for her name after she marries Harry Bennett: Susan Stewart (no change) Susan Bennett (change of family name) Susan Stewart Bennett (maiden name + husband’s family name) Mrs. Harry Bennett (for formal situations)

Do women in your country always change their name after marriage?


Under the correct picture, write each fact. The blank lines show you how many facts to find for each item. Look back in the script for Act 2 if you need help.

1. from Grandma
2. once worn by Ellen
3. designed by Marilyn
4. saved by Susan for today
5. from an antique store
6. once worn by Marilyn


Use the clues to complete the puzzle.


3. Susan is marrying Harry because she loves____  very much.
5. Susan is nervous. She has the wedding-day _____.
6. Susan is _____ calm. She is very excited.
7. After the wedding, Stewart will be Susan’s _____ name.
9. A word of emotion, used many times in Act 2.
11. Opposite of husband.
14. Marilyn designs so _____ !
15. The wedding will be _____  the Stewart home.
16. Now, how many hours _____ they have to wait until the wedding?
18. Susan looks ______ in the wedding dress.
20. Marilyn is Susan’s sister-in- _____.
21. Ellen and Marilyn leave Susan alone because they have to get _____.
23. Not before, not after, but _____.
25. Can Susan relax? ____ , she can’t.
26. The mother of the bride.

1. The wedding dress must _____Susan perfectly.
2. Opposite of groom.
3. Susan _____  two brothers and no sisters.
4. Susan will be a new mother to _____.
5. Both Susan and Harry work in an office. They have interesting _____.
8. Something old, something _____.
10. The mother of little Max.
12. They will say, «_____  _____ ,” and then Harry will kiss the bride, (two words)
13. Susan saved the pearls ______ her wedding day.
17. Ellen _____ the wristband at her own wedding.
18. The wedding dress, or wedding ______.
19. The bride’s first name.
22. What a beautiful _____ for a wedding!
24. Marilyn placed the veil ______ Susan’s head.

Act 3

holy: pure in spirit; sacred

matrimony: the state of being husband and wife

Do either of you . . . ? The judge should really say Does either of you. The word either has a singular reference, not a plural one.

just cause: a legal reason

vested in: given to

confetti: small bits of paper that guests throw at a bride and groom to celebrate their wedding


Show the correct sequence of wedding-day activities. Write the number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the line below each picture.


Complete the following poem. The first answer is given.

Harry was a nervous groom
Waiting in an upstairs room.
But Grandpa helped with his surprise.
Suggesting some clip-on bow _____.

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something _____.
Susan was a lovely _____.
As she dressed, she laughed and cried.

The happiest of grown-up girls
When she put on Grandma’s _____.
And something new she knew she’d find:
A veil that Marilyn _____.

Her life will never be the same.
Now Bennett is her married _____.
We wish them luck in their new life
Together now as man and _____.


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