Family Album USA 22 — Career Choices

Смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве курс английского языка — сериал Family Album USA 22 серия “Career Choices” с английскими субтитрами и упражнениями:

In this episode, you will study.. .

raising (a child)

idioms: wrestling with the question
in the meantime
to the best of my ability
gerunds and infinitives


  • When did American women begin to take jobs outside the home?
  • What percentage of American mothers are working?


  • Are two incomes usually necessary to support a family in your country?
  • How do men in your country feel about having their wives work?

Словари и Упражнения к 22 серии Family Album USA:

Act 1

lullaby: a song for putting a baby to sleep

cradle: a small bed for a baby

rock: to move back and forth or from side to side

bough: a large branch of a tree

sketching: making simple drawings quickly

wrestling with the question: having trouble deciding

torn: uncertain; not sure what to decide

pursue: to continue with

got (you): made (you) start to do or feel something

accept: to say yes to; take an offer in the meantime: while waiting; the time between; meanwhile


Before World War II, most American women did not work outside the home. Between 1941 and 1945, more than 6 million women took jobs outside the home for the first time. Since then, the number of women in the workplace has greatly increased. In most American families, both the husband and wife must work in order to afford a home or a college education for their children.


Are two incomes usually necessarv to support a family in your country?



A. Complete each of the following sentences. Choose a or b. Write the correct words on the blank lines.

1. Marilyn is «wrestling with the question» of whether or not she should go back to ______.
a. work           b. school

2. She says she feels «torn.» She wants to pursue her career as a ________.
a. fashion designer             b. fashion photographer

3. But she also wants to be with Max as a ________ mother.
a. part-time                b. full-time

4. Marilyn _______ that her boss will keep her job for her.
a. is sure               b. isn’t sure

B. Richard tries to make Marilyn feel better. He mentions three things that might help Marilyn decide what to do. Which of the following ideas doesn’t Richard mention? Circle the letter of that item.

a. Ellen and Grandpa are home to take care of Max.
b. Rita Mae will wait until Marilyn is ready to go back to work.
c. Richard will get a second job.
d. Richard can change his work schedule so that he can take care of Max.

Act 2


 Being a mother is not easy. You can also say  «It’s not easy to be a mother.»

raising: helping a child grow up. A synonym for this meaning of raise is bring up.

wound up: full of nervous energy and excitement

pressure: demands that need immediate attention; strain or stress

versus: against; and on the other side

to the best of my ability: as well as I can

establish: to start; set up

do the (selling): take the responsibility for (selling)

benefit financially: to get a positive result by receiving money; earn a profit




gerundsThe subject of a sentence is sometimes a gerund (-ing) verb phrase.

Example: Being a mother is not easy.

You can also say the same information by putting the word it in the subject position and by using an infinitive phrase (to + simple verb) after the main verb and its complement or object.

Example: It’s not easy to be a mother.

Write each of the folowing sentences in a different way. Follow the example above. Write the new sentences on the blank lines at the right. The first answer is given.

1. Caring for a child takes a lot of time.       It takes a lot of time to care for a child.

2. Playing with a baby is so much fun.     ________________________________

3. Working at home would be wonderful.    _______________________________

4. It’s great to be in this family.    _______________________________

5. It’s always so easy for me to find someone who will listen.    ________________________



What did Ellen do when each of her three children were younger? Write a or b in the box below each of the photographs.

a. She hired a baby-sitter and taught music outside the home.
b. She took care of the babv herself and taught music at home.


Act 3

 That’s a good sign. = That means something good probably will happen.

anxious: excited for something to happen; eager

My, how he’s grown! = He has grown so much! (Here, the word my shows surprise.)

You shouldn’t have. = You shouldn’t have brought a gift; it wasn’t necessary to bring a gift. (In Episode 24, you will study more about the use of this grammar.)

I’m all ears. = I’m ready to listen.

If I had a child . . . Use the past verb form (had) after if to refer to a present unreal condition (Rita Mae doesn’t have a child). (In Episode 24, you will study more about the use of this grammar.)

custom-designed: designed for a a special order

pricing: deciding about the prices of things to sell

a big market: many people with the desire to buy a certain item

expand: to make (the business) bigger


As recently as 1970, public-opinion polls indicated that most American men did not want their wives to work outside the home. But today, most husbands approve of their wives having a job. In fact, the majority of American wives now work outside the home. About 60% of mothers with children under the age of six are now employed. And about 70% of mothers with school-age children are now working, too.


  • Do many mothers in your country work outside the home?
  • How do men in your country feel about having their wives work?



Use the clues to complete this crossword puzzle.



1. Many mothers of young children ____ offers for jobs outside the home.
3. It is a big responsibility to ____ a child.
5. A mother often sings a ____ to help a baby fall asleep.
6. Because of financial ____ , or strain, most families need two incomes.
7. New mothers sometimes feel _____ about whether or not to take a job outside the home.


2. Like Marilyn, some mothers are able to ____, or set up, a new business from the home.
4. Many mothers are ____ with the question of whether or not they should stay at home with their young children.
6. Marilyn will ____ her career as a fashion designer.


Marilyn will design wedding dresses for Rita Mae’s boutique. Will each of the following actions happen at Marilyn’s home or at the boutique? Circle the letter of each correct choice.

1. designing the dress
a. at home       b. at the boutique

2. making the dress
a. at home       b. at the boutique

3. fitting the dress
a. at home       b. at the boutique

4. pricing the dress
a. at home       b. at the boutique

5. selling the dress
a. at home       b. at the boutique 

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