Family Album USA 26 — Opening Night

Смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве курс английского языка — сериал Family Album USA 26 серия “Opening Night” с английскими субтитрами, словарями и упражнениями:

In this episode, you will study…

autograph (verb and noun)

idioms: sets the tone
a dream come true
common practice
scared to death
Keep your fingers crossed.
run out of
understanding the meaning of sounds
responding formally to an introduction


  • Who was Ansel Adams?
  • What are Pulitzer Prizes?


  • Who is a famous photographer in your country?
  • Have you ever won a prize? If so, what was it for?

Упражнения и Дефиниции (глоссарий) к 26 серии Family Album USA:

art gallery: a room or building for showing or selling works of art

exhibit: a presentation, or showing

further: more

sets the tone: prepares people to feel in a certain way

enlargement: a larger copy

a dream come true: a dream that has become real

critics: people who write their professional opinions about books, music, plays, or artworks, as for a newspaper or magazine

reviews: articles in a newspaper or magazine that tell about a work of art and give the writer’s opinion of it. People who write reviews are critics, or reviewers.

preview: a chance to see something before most other people do

sales: selling

promote: to make popular by advertising

autograph: to sign (my) own name on. Here, autograph is a verb.

opening: a first showing, often of artworks

common practice: something usually done

autograph: a person’s own signature. Here, autograph is a noun.

refreshments: food and drinks for a small meal

scared to death: very afraid

stood by: supported; been helpful during difficult times

syndicated: published by many newspapers

what it says to me: my own reaction to it; how I feel about it

Mm-hmm, hmm, uh-huh. Mitchell Johnson is making these sounds as he examines Richard’s photographs. It is not quite clear exactly what he is thinking.

intern: a student who gets practical experience by working in his or her chosen profession

compliment: something good that is said to show praise or admiration

favorably: positively; to someone’s advantage

come out: are available

Keep your fingers crossed. = Hope for the best. Use this expression—and/or the action—to mean that you hope for a good result.


Ansel Adams (1902-1984) is probably the most famous American photographer. He is well known for his black-and-white photographs of the American West. Adams took large pictures of landscapes, including the great forests and mountains of America’s beautiful national parks.


Who is a famous photographer in your country?



Mitchell Johnson, the newspaper critic, doesn’t talk while he looks at Richard’s photographs. But he does make some sounds that show his thoughts. For example, when he says, «Hmm,» he means «I’m thinking.»

Do you understand the meaning of other sounds? Draw a line from each sound at the left to the correct meaning at the right.

1. Uh-huh.2. Uh-uh.

3. Huh?

4. Ah-hah!

5. Yuk!

6. Ho-hum.

7. Ooh!

8. Aww.

a. No.b. Now I understand.

c. I’m getting bored.

d. Yes.

e. I’m disappointed.

f. I don’t understand.

g. This is terrible!

h. I’m excited!


The critic, Mitchell Johnson, doesn’t tell Richard and Mr. Carlson whether or not his review will be favorable. But Mitchell does say some things that seem positive. In the script, find four positive statements that Mitchell makes, and write them on the lines below.

  1. “______________________________________.”
  2. “______________________________________.”
  3. “______________________________________.”
  4. “______________________________________.”

show business: the business of theater, movies, television, and other kinds of entertainment

a cuff link
a cuff link

recover: to become healthy again

nervous breakdown: a condition when someone is so nervous that he or she is not able to do normal daily activities

(I’ve) run out of . . . = (I) have no more . . .

stalling: delaying

Charmed. = I’m charmed. This is a formal, old-fashioned way to respond to an introduction.

hors d’oeuvres: small things to eat before a meal; appetizers. This French expression is common in English. The English pronunciation is or durvz.

fruit punch: a sweet drink made from fruit juices, often mixed with wine or liquor, and served in cups from a large -bowl

Help yourselves. = Serve (the food and drinks) to yourselves.



Why is Richard so nervous about his opening night? Read the sentences below, and check each reason that Richard mentions for being nervous.

__  1 . The opening is too much like «show business.»
__ 2. The critic might hate his work.
__ 3. He has to autograph copies of his book.
__ 4. He doesn’t like his own photographs.
__ 5. His new shoes are not comfortable.
__ 6. He arrived late at the gallery.

Richard’s wife and his publisher both try to make him feel less nervous. Write each of the following statements above the correct speaker.

1. «Just relax and enjoy it.»
2. «You can feel very proud of your grandson….»
3. » . . . stop worrying!»
4. «You’re going to be a great success.»
5. «You look very attractive.»
6. «They’re going to love it.»


remarkable: unusual; extraordinary

overwhelmed: feeling completely controlled by a deep emotion

faith: trust; belief; confidence

settle for: to be happy enough with

wonder: something so unusual that it causes the feeling of surprise

humanity: all people

flattered: feeling complimented by someone

Pulitzer Prizes are awarded each spring by Columbia University. These prizes are given for excellence in journalism, literature, history, and music of the United States. The journalism prizes are awarded for reporting and photography that have appeared in U.S. newspapers the previous year.

The Pulitzer Prizes were established by Joseph Pulitzer. Pulitzer (1847-1911) was an immigrant from Hungary who became one of the greatest American publishers. He was also the founder of Columbia University’s School of journalism.


  • Have you ever won a prize? If so, what was it for?
  • Have you ever taken a photograph that you think should win a prize? It so, what is it of?



Use the clues to complete this crossword puzzle about the Stewart family, their friends, and their business associates.


2. She works as a nurse for Dr. Stewart (Episode 24).
4. Charles ____  is the editor of the Riverdale newspaper (Episode 18).
5. ____ Waters planned a college reunion for Grandpa and his friends. (Episode 16).
6. He planned a farewell party for his good friend Alexandra (Episode 24).
7. Susan Bennett’s maiden name is ____ (Episode 19).
9. He photographed street performances (Episode 17).
10. Mr. ____ published a book of photos called Family Album, USA. (Episode 26).
12. She wanted to be elected to the school board (Episode 18).
14. She works for a toy company (Episode 21).
16. She’s the daughter of 18 Across (Episode 21).
17. Mr. ____ is the boss of 14 Across (Episode 21).
18. He’s married to 14 Across (Episode 19).
20. ____ Mae owns a boutique (Episode 22).

1. Harry ____ is an accountant (Episode 21).
2. Grandpa’s first name is ____ (Episode 16).
3. Richard and Marilyn had their first and second honeymoon at the ____ Inn (Episode 15).
5. He and his wife began a reading program for children (Episode 20).
8. She designs dresses (Episode 22).
10. Harry considered taking a job for a large company in this state (Episode 21).
11 ____  Baker, Grandpa’s friend, organized meetings about the new community center (Episode 23).
13. Alexandra returned to ____ after spending a year in the United States (Episode 24).
15. She helped Robbie study math (Episode 23).
16. He stayed with his grandmother while his parents went on a camping trip (Episode 25).
17. Robbie’s friend ____ helped decorate the living room for a farewell party (Episode 24).
19. Bill ____ offered Harry a job (Episode 21).

According to Act III of this episode, what are Richard’s plans for the future? Circle the letter of the correct choice

a.  He will take a job as the editor of a new photography magazine.
b.  He will become a photography critic.
c.  He will continue taking pictures.
d.  He will win a Pulitzer Prize.

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