Behind every cloud is another cloud.

- Judy Garland


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За каждым облаком есть другое облако. (Перевод от google)

За каждое облако есть облако. (Перевод от яндекс)

Внимание! Так как перевод механический, он может содержать ошибки. Только для ознакомления, как помощь в общем понимании фразы.

“ Behind every cloud is another cloud. ”

“ We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality. ”

“ I was born at the age of twelve on an MGM lot. ”

“ I can live without money, but I cannot live without love. ”

“ You are never so alone as when you are ill on stage. The most nightmarish feeling in the world is suddenly to feel like throwing up in front of four thousand people. ”