сериал The Blue Planet (Голубая планета) на английском с субтитрами


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1. Ocean World

Experience the power of the blue whale - the largest mammal ever to grace our planet. Learn how the sun and moon help control and tame the ocean. Travel far and wide - from the Eastern Pacific to Alaska, from the Bering Sea to the shores of Southern California - and begin to understand the complexity and power of our oceans.

2. Frozen Seas

An environment where only the toughest survive, the Arctic and Antarctic are unrelenting habitats. Only in spring does life begin again. Plankton blooms and feeds fast hordes of migrating fish, walruses rake the seabed for clams, and minke and humpback whales gorge themselves on gigantic swarms of krill. But it is a brief spring feast - the ice soon returns and pushes life back into the ocean.

3. Open Ocean

In the immense space of the open ocean the sea bed is a staggering five miles below the surface and the nearest island is over 300 miles away. Yet here live many of the most spectacular predators in the ocean. Marvel as you experience ruthless and beautiful battles between hunter and prey.

4. The Deep

A place of mountain ranges, perpetual night, pressures extremes and cold... and the weirdest life forms on our planet. Dive into the depths of the ocean, an eerie world where predators with teeth so large they can't even close their mouths, chase bio-luminescent creatures of the deep. Discover the spectacular smoking chimneys of the hydrothermal vents. Go deeper down than you have ever been...

5. Seasonal Seas

As the days grow longer, billions of microscopic plankton bloom under the blazing sun. Here in the temperate seas, three-ton basking sharks graze among forests of giant kelp - the fastest growing plant in the world. The forests harbor thousands of other animals, including sea otters, brilliantly colored anemones, squid, and exquisite leafy dragons. But as the year wears on, storms rage in the icy sea... a desperate challenge for the animals that remain.

6. Coral Seas

Bathed in bright sunlight and warm clear water, the coral reef is a rich oasis of life - the rainforest of the sea. Bizarrely adorned harlequin shrimp carry off a starfish several times their size, while haunting songs reverberate around the reef, heralding the arrival of humpback whales. Shimmering schools of brightly colored fish battle for territory in this competitive world where you have to stand out to survive.

7. Tidal Seas

The sun and moon move billions of tons of water with every turn of the tide. The strongest tides empty entire bays, smash trees on riverbanks, and strand sea creatures on suddenly dry land. Weaker tides control the movements of huge numbers of fish, coaxing stingrays though astounding underwater arches. And as the water recedes, the tide can create unbelievable landscapes - like a sparkling world of salt crystals inhabited only by tiny shrimp and bright pink flamingos.

8. Coasts

From rocky cliffs to gentle dunes, the coasts are always changing. Day in and day out, they are battered by crashing waves. Seabirds come here by the thousands to nest, while baby turtles hatch and race to the sea, pursued by hungry predators. Young sea lion pups are born and play on the sand - until a killer whale attacks, crashing in on the surf. But when breeding season is over, life returns to the sea and the shores are empty once again.

The Blue Planet — это британский документальный сериал о природе, созданный и выпущенный BBC. Премьера состоялась 12 сентября 2001 года в Соединенном Королевстве. Об этом рассказывает Дэвид Аттенборо.

Описанный как»первая когда-либо всесторонняя серия по естественной истории мирового океана», каждый из восьми 50-минутных эпизодов исследует Различный аспект морской жизни. Подводная фотография включала существа и поведение, которые ранее никогда не снимались.

Сериал получил ряд премий Emmy и BAFTA TV awards за свою музыку и кинематограф. Исполнительным продюсером был Аластер Фотергилл, а музыку сочинил Джордж Фентон. Аттенборо рассказал об этом сериале, прежде чем представить следующую в своей серии программ «жизнь», жизнь млекопитающих (2002), и та же самая производственная команда создала планету Земля (2006).

Продолжение сериала, Blue Planet II был показан на BBC One в 2017 году.

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