Учебник английского языка «Survival English»




Culture File 33:

Describing people 1

In English-speaking countries, you should be careful when describing people’s ethnic origins and it’s best to avoid doing so, if you can describe them without mentioning ethnicity. You should always avoid words for color. If you have to describe ethnic origins, use these words:

African-American (U.S.), Afro-Caribbean (U.K.) Oriental (U.S., U.K.)

Asian — in the U.S. this usually means from East Asia, but in the U.K. it usually means from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh)


Hispanic (U.S.), Latin, Latin American (U.K., Latin America)
Caucasian (U.S.), Northern European (U.K.)
Mediterranean (U.S., U.K.), Southern European (U.K.)


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