Учебник английского языка «Survival English»




Culture File 39:

Paying over the phone

When you pay by credit card over the phone, they will ask for your name ‘as printed’ on the card. This must be exact. For example, Jack Smith could be: Jack Smith / J. Smith / J.D. Smith / Jack D. Smith / J. Daniel Smith

And some people put a title in front (Mr.) and others don’t.

On U.K. cards, some men put esq. (esquire) at the end instead of Mr. at the front. It means the same.

Expiration date is expiry date in British English. If you have to telephone your credit card company, they will want to check that you are the correct person. You may be asked for a password. This is often your mother’s maiden name (her name before she was married) and your place of birth.


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