5 серия — The One with Frank Jr.

"Эпизод с Фрэнком-младшим." Фиби проводит время со своим кровным братом Фрэнком-младшим. Джо мастерит и сооружает огромный стеллаж. Друзья составляют списки знаменитостей, с которыми хотели бы переспать.
blow disappointment
cubby small room
dingy dirty and not bright
fanny ass
flattering making sb. look more attractive than usual
freebie sth. given free of charge
goofy silly
gouge make a hole in sth.
noogie rubbing your knuckles on a person's head to cause annoyance or slight pain
out of your league too good or too expensive for sb.
power saw petrol-driven tool with a sharp edge used to cut wood
pry open sth. with difficulty
regular person who often goes to a particular place
reimburse pay money back to sb.
snug very tight
spin turn around quickly
waistband strip of material at the top of a skirt that goes around the waist
way too (used to emphasize how extreme sth. is)
wedgie pulling up sb.’s underwear tightly between their buttocks as a joke

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3 thoughts on “5 серия — The One with Frank Jr.

  1. 0:08 tick off — имеет более подходящее значение «разгневать, выбешивать»
    2:33 fox = A term used to describe someone thought of as very attractive/sexy. Can be used for males or females. А то как-то странновато и непонятно звучит, что Чэндлер лисенок…