сериал Billions (Миллиарды) на английском с субтитрами


1 сезон

1. Pilot

When an inside tip is received it sets off a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

2. Naming Rights

Chuck's probe is derailed temporarily; Axe makes an aggressive move.

3. YumTime

В беседе со своим трейдером Аксельрод рекомендует готовиться к падению акций транспортной компании Cross-Co. Вскоре он скупает 4,9% акций её основного клиента - производителя сладостей YumTime, декларируя желание перестроить компанию. В мемуарах жена погибшего коллеги Бобби рассказывает неприятные подробности о его сделках во время терактов, но Лара решает не допустить публикации. В ходе заседания совета директоров Акселю удаётся сменить руководство компании, в число которого входит любовница Чарльза-Роудса-старшего. Чак Роадс решает выйти на Акса через его знакомого и бывшего коллегу Пита Деккера.

4. Short Squeeze

After getting one of his Portfolio Managers out of trouble with the police, Axe takes a spontaneous trip to see Metallica in concert with his childhood friends. While there, he meets a free spirited young woman who makes him face the limits of his own freedom. He also must fend off a short squeeze-an attack on one of his important holdings-led by Chuck's father. Back in New York, Chuck has an epic day-long proffer session with Pete Decker, learning important facts about the inner workings of Axe Capital. But Chuck must also take action against his own father for his ...

5. The Good Life

Axe orders his traders to unload their positions, and he unceremoniously disappears from Axe Capital, plunging the firm into chaos. As Axe questions his life choices and plans a trip on his new yacht, Wags and Wendy struggle to maintain order and morale. In response to Axe's disappearance, Chuck intensifies his investigation, which leads him to a farm in Iowa, where he discovers a key witness to a questionable trade. Armed with the damning evidence, Chuck sends the FBI into Axe Capital to make a surprising arrest.

6. The Deal

The repercussions of the raid on Axe Capital ripple outward. Axe is spoiling for a fight, and plans a scorched-earth defense against this very public attack on his company-threatening his relationship with Wendy in the process. Chuck's interrogation of Dollar Bill does not go as planned, and political pressure mounts for Chuck to recuse himself in the face of a protracted legal battle. Wendy, caught in the middle, engages in deft shuttle diplomacy to facilitate a deal in the best interests of both men. But everything hinges on a fraught face-to-face meeting between ...

7. The Punch

The pressure from the US Attorney starts to affect Axe, who gets into a physical altercation with an acquaintance over an incident involving his kids. Chuck continues to conceal his involvement with the case while using the past to get the upper hand. Wendy meets with an attractive headhunter to consider a career change - and more than just job opportunities arise. And the case against Axe Capital gains a powerful weapon when Connerty turns a member of Axe's inner circle into an informant.

8. Boasts and Rails

News of an informant reaches Axe. Connerty struggles with the moral landscape of the case. Chuck contemplates cashing in. June's redacted chapter is leaked, releasing skeletons from Bobby's closet.

9. Where the F*ck Is Donnie?

A sudden and mysterious disappearance sends both Axe and Chuck spinning.

10. Quality of life

Axe and Wendy do some soul searching; Chuck suffers a devastating setback.

11. Magical Thinking

Axe deals with emotional turbulence after misreading a potential trade.

12. The Conversation

Chuck goes in search of Axe, which results in an explosive situation.

2 сезон

1. Risk Management

In the aftermath of their Season One confrontation, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod are digging out of the wreckage. Chuck faces scrutiny from within his office and from the Attorney General. Axe refortifies Axe Capital, and weighs his options for retaliation. The fund wrestles with a precarious economic landscape that threatens the very existence of Axe Cap. Wendy entertains an offer from a rival hedge fund manager. Lara intervenes in an emergency at her children’s school.

2. Dead Cat Bounce

Axe publicly spars with a rival hedge fund manager and with the help of a talented intern initiates a new financial play to hurt the competition. Chuck deploys his team to quickly find a high-profile case that might save his sinking status. Wendy navigates a minefield of questioning that could result in disaster for Chuck.

3. Optimal Play

Axe considers buying an NFL franchise and develops a new ally. Chuck begins a last-ditch case against a banking titan by developing a low-level informant. Axe Cappers attend the annual Alpha Cup Charity Poker Tournament. Wendy makes a controversial appearance at the tournament by accompanying Axe's competitor as his performance coach. Lara launches her new business.

4. The Oath

Chuck develops a new strategy when his case stalls. Wendy helps a tech billionaire assess a candidate for a special project. Axe considers pledging half his net worth to charity. Lara's business faces a rival. Axe and Chuck find themselves in a room together for the first time since their face-off.

5. Currency

Chuck must rely on an anxious insider. Axe scouts ideas for a quick play.

6. Indian Four

Axe negotiates with a timid seller. Chuck's deal with a defendant fails.

7. Victory Lap

Axe assembles a war room after a setback. Chuck capitalizes on a victory.

8. The Kingmaker

Axe faces opposition investigating Sandicot. Chuck digs up dirt on a rival.

9. Sic Transit Imperium

Axe is offered inside information. Chuck is pushed to end an investigation.

10. With or Without You

Axe deals with a family disturbance. Chuck gets vetted for advancement.

11. Golden Frog Time

Chuck finds he has much at stake in Ice Juice; Axe takes out a huge short.

12. Ball in Hand

Axe receives news from an unexpected source that he's in the crosshairs of law enforcement. While Axe moves quickly to safeguard his livelihood, Chuck arranges the last pieces of his long game in order to secure victory. Lara marshals her resources to protect what’s hers. Wendy and Chuck make a momentous decision about the state of their marriage. Season finale.

3 сезон

1. Tie Goes to the Runner

Chuck receives a mandate from a new boss. Axe braves a difficult choice following his recent indictment. Taylor generates a monster strategy. Lara threatens to pull her money from Axe Capital. Sacker strives to prove herself as Chief of Crim.

2. The Wrong Maria Gonzalez

Chuck tries to cash in a favor owed to him by an honorable judge. Axe orchestrates creative new avenues for conducting trades. Wendy helps Taylor weather their first major crisis. Connerty continues chasing down Ice Juice leads.

3. A Generation Too Late

Chuck faces a dilemma when he's given a perverse directive. Axe expands upon a secret venture. Taylor and Wags interview a different type of Axe Capital employee. Connerty and Dake close in on key witnesses in the Ice Juice sabotage. Axe and Lara consider an unexpected agreement.

4. Hell of a Ride

Axe explores the new arena of venture philanthropy and looks to neutralize old accomplices. Connerty’s scrutiny of Chuck intensifies. Chuck tries to reconcile with his father. Wags pursues an intensely personal real estate acquisition.

5. Flaw in the Death Star

Chuck trades favors with a co-conspirator. Axe and Chuck fight for the loyalty of the same witness. Connerty gets closer to the truth. Axe sends Taylor to Silicon Valley to explore new business opportunities. Dollar Bill plans a big short position on a pharmaceutical company stock, but not everyone at Axe Cap approves.

6. The Third Ortolan

Axe tracks down a critical piece of evidence that could destroy him. Both Axe and Chuck reckon with just how far they're willing to go to protect Wendy. The Ice Juice case comes to a head when a judge gives Connerty a difficult deadline.

7. Not You, Mr. Dake

Axe and Chuck face mounting evidence of their involvement in the Ice Juice sabotage. Taylor questions Wendy’s authority and motivations at Axe Capital. Connerty makes his case in court but comes up against unexpected witness testimony.

8. All the Wilburys

Axe tries for a fresh start at Axe Capital. Chuck asserts his political autonomy—and wrestles with whether to honor his word to a friend. Taylor asks for more independence at Axe Capital. Lara and Axe negotiate a new arrangement regarding Lara's money. Connerty adjusts to an uncomfortable situation.

9. Icebreaker

Axe makes a bold play to secure capital from a controversial source. Taylor chafes against Axe’s recent moves. Chuck recruits the allies he needs to move forward with a new plan. Connerty seeks out a career opportunity.

10. Redemption

Axe explores an unappealing investment at a desperate moment. Taylor makes a personal compromise for business. Chuck suspects a major foe may be on to his scheme. Sacker calls in a favor from the FBI. Wendy advises an Axe Capper to make bold moves.

11. Kompenso

Axe determines his employees' worth at the year-end "comp” meetings. Chuck advances a dangerous plan, but is distracted by a friend in need of help. Taylor and Axe argue over Taylor's place and worth at the firm. Wendy seeks Lara's aid with an internal Axe Cap problem. Connerty discovers a new, secret source of information.

12. Elmsley Count

Axe dominates a capital raise event, but is soon challenged by an unexpected competitor. Chuck looks to strike the ultimate blow on an enemy. Wendy reckons with past decisions, and chooses a side. Connerty confronts Sacker about Chuck's activities. Taylor takes a big position.

4 сезон

1. Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game

Season 4 begins with Axe closing ranks, determined to destroy Taylor. No longer U.S. Attorney, Chuck struggles to regain power. Taylor does what it takes to keep their new company afloat.

2. Arousal Template

Axe, still focused on wrecking Taylor and their new company, hits it off with a venture capitalist. Chuck sets his sights on a new position. Wendy asks Chuck to make a change.

3. Chickentown

Axe has to step in when a tip from Dollar Bill goes south quickly. Chuck faces a threat to his new career aspirations. Wendy and Axe develop a plan to derail Taylor’s business. Taylor receives an important guest.

4. Overton Window

Axe Cap suffers an attack at a crucial moment. Taylor considers going into business with an unexpected partner. Axe asks for Chuck’s help. Chuck makes a bold move to advance his own career.

5. A Proper Sendoff

Chuck begins work in a new position. Axe is surprised by a visitor from his past. Wendy deals with the consequences of Chuck’s actions. Taylor goes after an organization that has a history with Axe.

6. Maximum Recreational Depth

Axe discovers a trap set for him by Taylor. Chuck and Wendy navigate marital issues. Wendy rekindles an unlikely friendship. Taylor pursues a new business venture. Connerty formulates a plan to go after Chuck.

7. Infinite Game

Axe and Wendy plan a new attack against Taylor. A favor Chuck did turns out to be a liability. Taylor makes a difficult choice for the good of their company.

8. Fight Night

Axe helps Rebecca with a business venture. Chuck faces off with US Attorney General Jock Jeffcoat. Taylor ignites a public battle with Axe. Wendy suffers a blow that could jeopardize her career. Axe Capital and Taylor Mason Capital compete in an unlikely arena.

9. American Champion

Chuck makes a dramatic move to help Wendy and Senior. Taylor goes after Axe by trying to sabotage someone close to him. Axe contends with difficulties at Axe Capital. Chuck reveals his priorities.

10. New Year's Day

Wendy and Taylor each prep for a big day. Wags gets in touch with his sensitive side. Axe and Wendy’s bond solidifies as he recalls a pivotal moment. Connerty reconnects with a figure from his past.

11. Lamster

Wendy weighs her options. Senior makes a shocking discovery. Taylor offers an unlikely solution to help their business. Chuck launches an attack at an enemy. Axe contemplates a risky move.

12. Extreme Sandbox

Axe makes a big decision. Connerty gets closer to the truth. Tensions rise, and dynamics shift. Season Finale

5 сезон

1. The New Decas

Бобби Аксельрод достигает важного рубежа. Чак изо всех сил пытается сориентироваться, и они с Венди переходят на новую норму. Высока напряженность на топор шапке форума, что Тейлор Мэйсон вернулся. Топор противостоит новому сопернику майку Принсу. Тейлор борется с решением.

2. The Chris Rock Test

Axe chases a play at Mike Prince's conference. Chuck wrestles with his demons and chooses a new path. Wendy takes the lead as Axe Cap faces a threat. Taylor confronts a figure from their past.

3. Beg, Bribe, Bully

Чак возвращается в свою альма-матер, чтобы воспользоваться представившейся возможностью. Крупное предприятие Axe отодвинуто на второй план семейным кризисом. Тейлор утверждает свою независимость с помощью рискованной игры. Чак ставит Венди в неловкое положение.

4. Opportunity Zone

Последнее движение Axа возвращает его к своим корням, но ставит его на линию огня Майка Принса. Чак вступает в новую роль и знакомится с интригующим коллегой. Тейлор пытается спасти упущенную возможность. У Венди появился новый интересный клиент.

5. Contract

Axe must reckon with his past to secure his future. Chuck plots against Axe with the help of some old associates. Chuck and Wendy both try to move on, but get forced together by an emergency. Wendy and Taylor embark on a new venture.

6. The Nordic Model

Axe's plans are threatened when an old scheme resurfaces. Chuck wages war on a new front, but a dangerous gambit tests his budding relationship. Taylor looks to make an impact in an emerging field.

7. The Limitless Sh*t

Axe makes big plays with an unconventional source of inspiration. Chuck goes to desperate lengths for family. Tensions rise in Wendy’s relationships. Chuck and Sacker manipulate a past collaborator. Taylor steps up and takes charge.

«Миллиарды» — это сериал с актерами высшего уровня во главе с Полом Джаматти, который играет роль Чарльза «Чака Роудса», прокурора США в Южном округе Нью-Йорка. В сериале Чак изображается как безжалостный искатель правосудия с особым отвращением к богатым преступникам, которые пытаются найти выход из судебного правосудия. Интересно, что характер Чака в значительной степени основан на Претиндер Сингх Бхарара, который служил прокурором США в Южном округе Нью-Йорка с 2009 по 2017 год. К Джаматти присоединилась Мэгги Сифф, которая играет роль жены Чака, Венди Роудс. Психиатр и штатный тренер фонда Ax Capital, Венди, изображается как мотивированный и чрезвычайно успешный профессионал, который тесно связан с заклятым врагом Чака, который также является ее боссом 15 лет.
Дамиан Льюис играет роль заклятого врага Чака, Роберта «Бобби» Аксельрода, который является миллиардером и основателем Ax Capital. Роберт изображается как серый персонаж, который происходит из скромных начал и пережил атаки 11 сентября. Чрезвычайно щедрый на публике, у Роберта есть несколько благотворительных фондов, но он попадает под прицел Чака из-за его инсайдерской торговли и взяточничества для создания своего состояния. Как и персонаж Чака, персонаж Роберта основан на реальной личности Стивена Коэна, который основал хедж-фонд SAC Capital Advisors. Рядом с Льюисом находится Малин Акерман, которая играет роль жены Роберта, Лары Аксельрод. Лара, изображенная как женщина из синих воротничков с трагическим прошлым, чрезвычайно предана своему мужу и своим детям.


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