Учебник английского языка «Survival English»





Culture File 14:

Titles and jobs

Only a few jobs have ‘titles’ in English. The most important ones are listed in the unit.

Professor is used for university teachers in North America, but in the U.K. a Professor is the head of a university department. Other teachers don’t have job titles (but those with doctor’s degrees, Ph.D., or D.Sc, are called Doctor…).

You can address some people by just their job titles. There are very few examples like this. You can’t address teachers as «Toaohor» or «Toaohor Smith» in English. Use the name (Ms. Smith, or Dr. Green). In North America, you can address professors as ‘Professor

In American English, write titles like Mr. / Mrs. / Dr. / Ms. with a period (but not Miss). In the U.K. most people don’t write periods after these titles.


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